Starting the Velocity Diet

Hi I just ordered the Velocity Diet last Friday. I am hoping i receive it in time to do it in June. I may begin with substituting Metabolic Drive with a scoop of whey which is roughly 7 calories more for a couple of days till my stuff gets here.Can I do IF on V-Diet, i realize it will be very difficult to consume all the shakes in 8 hrs …

the other question is can I still run on some days or should i restrict all cardio to walking?
Start weight 146lbs bf 34% bio electric impedance scale (30% calipers , may not be accurate as I measured myself).ht 62 inches female.
Goal eventually to be at around 120 current goal 135lbs.

Do not substitute anything for Metabolic Drive. Only Metabolic Drive is designed to work with the V-Diet plan. Numerous people have tried this and most have stories of diet failure and intestinal distress. I suggest waiting until the proper supplement is delivered.

For best results, follow the V-Diet workout suggestions. Also, read this:

And don’t focus on body weight. Take tape measurements and pics. Scales don’t measure muscle gain or natural water fluctuation, which is up and down all the time for a female. It’s okay to weight in sometimes, but the focus should be on the suggested tape measurements outlines in the plan. Go through all the taps in the plan and make sure you’ve read them.

And no, do not do IF on the V-Diet.

Please follow the plan for best results.

Hi Chris, Thanks for your reply. And I have been taking body circumference measurements. I will post then measurements taken night before Day one on V-Diet when the items arrive and I can get started. Thanks.

Day 2 on the Velocity Diet. feeling very good. NEPA day today.

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