Starting the Velocity Diet 7/11/12


A few years ago, I was 285 pounds. I lost about 100 pounds in a year through hard work consisting of training twice a day and running twice a day combined with proper nutrition. This left me with a lot of excess skin/fat around my stomach, hips and other areas.

Last Christmas, I was about 177 pounds and I was doing pretty well. Since then, I have gained 15 pounds of more muscle than fat. However, over the last month or two I have gotten sick of how my body looked because whatever I did simply was not getting rid of the excess I had. In frustration, I now turn to the velocity diet.

Height - 5’10
Weight - 190.4lbs
Neck - 15 1/16 inches
Shoulders - 47 5/8 inches
Upper Chest - 41.5 inches
Lower Chest - 37.5 inches
Upper R Arm - 13 inches
Upper L Arm - 13 inches
Waist Navel - 36.25 inches
Waist Largest - 37 inches
Hips - 37 inches
Upper R Leg - 24 inches
Upper L Leg - 24 inches
Lower R Leg - 14.5 inches
Lower L Leg - 14.5 inches
R Ankle - 8 3/8 inches
L Ankle - 8 3/8 inches

Here are the before pictures:


sorry for multiple posts, I cant figure out how to add multiple pictures at once.


Here is the last picture