Starting the V-Diet

After several years of meaning to try the V-Diet, I’ve finally started. As someone who loves food too much and relies too heavily on a decent metabolism, I need to fix my overeating and reset my habits. And what better time to do it than on the eve of my 30th year?
I’m currently a 5’7" woman, weight 140lb. Measurements:
Neck 12"
Waist 31", 36.75"
Hips 41"
Butt 40.25"
Arm 12"
Thigh 24"
Calf 15"

I’m hoping that this blog will help keep me accountable, as I tend to dive into a pint of ice cream the second I get a “craving”. Thanks everyone!

Day 3 of the Velocity diet, things are going pretty well. I definitely miss eating real food all the time, but I’m surprised that I’m less hungry than usual.
I haven’t been lifting recently, so getting back to it has been great. I’m getting a little messed up with my workouts this week since I have 13-hour days the next two days and won’t make it to the gym, so I’m doing my Wednesday workout a day early.
Got a NEPA walk in for the first time today. Definitely need to make more time for those!

Day 4 on the books. Today was the first day I felt more hungry (probably the lifting catching up with me), and I had some crazy food cravings. Hoping those were just due to lack of sleep and that tomorrow will be better. Didn’t get a NEPA walk but walked around a lot during my 12 hour shift, so don’t feel too awful about missing it. I’ll get one in tomorrow during my lunch break though. I also forget how quickly the calories can add up for the HSM! I usually end up around 500 calories, but hopefully I’m overestimating how much oil I ingest eating the lightly marinated grilled meat and sauteed vegetables. Drank all my shakes before the HSM (I go to bed and wake up pretty early) and liked how that went, so I’ll probably continue doing that. Hoping tomorrow is a little less rocky!

Ending day 5. Super hangry all day, but felt better after my HSM and bedtime shake. Got a 20 minute walk in plus lots of running around at work.

Day 6 today. Officially the longest I’ve ever stuck to a diet! It makes me chuckle that the past few days I’ve been all “I don’t look any different! This isn’t working!”, even though I know perfectly well that that’s a ridiculous thought on so many fronts. At least I recognize my crazy. Looking forward to measurements in a couple days.

Went for a 77 minute walk/4.8 miles after doing the Friday lifting program. Will also get another 3 miles in by the end of the day walking to social events. Tonight will be my first real challenge- a happy hour then a dinner at Buddakan with friends from out of town. I plan to have club soda (fancied up with lime and mint) instead of alcohol, but that’ll definitely be tough! Buddakan has a great sashimi appetizer and a nice pan seared sea bass with haricots verts and butternut squash, so while I may exceed the calorie count for the evening, I have reasonable choices. I’ll ask them to go easy on the oil for my dish and hopefully my extra walking will help mitigate the excess calories. Anyone else have experiences on how they handled social events while on the Velocity Diet?

Day 7 Measurements
Weight 139 (-1lb)
Neck 12" (no change)
Waist 30" (-1"), 36.75" (no change)
Hips 40.5" (-0.5")
Butt 39" (-1.25")
Arm 11.75" (-0.25")
Thigh 24" (no change)
Calf 14.75" (-0.25")

I’m not sure whether it’s reasonable or not, but I’m a little disappointed in the results so far, especially since I have been really good at sticking to the diet (although I probably went way over my calories last night). I feel like I’m leaner, but I tend to feel that way even I “diet” for two days. On the other hand, I either lost (very small amounts) or stayed the same on all the measurements, so it’s not like I’m doing badly. I also feel way better since I’ve been eating clean for a whole week.
I’ll probably start cutting back on my HSM just a little, and up my NEPA. I already did a 43 minute walk this morning.
Any advice or thoughts? Much appreciated!

Days 8 & 9
Did the V-burn challenge yesterday, felt a little tired but made it through. Lots of cravings the past two days. Hormones are a bitch.
Ate a larger HSM today so skipping my bedtime shake. Still ended the day around 1380 calories/ 174g protein. While I’m really trying to cut down on my HSM calories, it was a great mental break- splurged on 1/4 cup cheddar cheese on my potato and had a long-craved string cheese. Walking on the wild side over here.
Will get back on the straight and narrow tomorrow.

Day 10

Great day today. Felt good, satisfied by the shakes, and Plazma really gave me the energy I needed to get to the gym. Had a good lifting session, then got a nice 30 minute NEPA walk in (on top of the few other ~10 minute ones I got throughout the day). Ate an egg/spinach/asparagus/mushroom scramble for dinner that was pretty decent and really filling.

Day 11
Another good day on the books. Still really hard to sit at lunch and watch my friends eat while I drink my shake, but the good news is that the salads and healthy options look amazing, while the processed crap they eat looks like…well, crap. I also realized today that I don’t remember the last time I craved a sweet- probably a record for me.

Had a good workout today. So in love with Plazma! It’s mildly annoying that my schedule hasn’t been allowing me the MWF or TTSa, but I’ve been ok doing two days in a row and spacing out the third each week. It was pissing rain today so instead of walking on the treadmill I did the elliptical (very light) for 30 minutes just to change it up. Honestly, I’m just proud of myself that I’ve made this commitment to get the workouts in, so I do. Amazing what you have time for once you make the time.

Day 12

One more day, four more shakes. Was especially hungry today, likely because I lifted the last two days. Also my coworker ate pasta in front of me at a meeting and I wanted to stab him with a fork and scarf that pasta down, but I restrained myself. Although my sweet craving is pretty much gone, I’d do unspeakable things for a plate of homemade macaroni and cheese right now. Had avocado salad and sushi for dinner which was delicious and not pasta at all.

Got in a couple 15 minute walks plus a 25 minute walk after dinner. Hoping my carb craving decreases tomorrow!

Day 14 Measurements

Weight 137lb (-3lb from start)
Neck 12" (no change)
Waist 29" (-2"), 36" (-0.75")
Hips 40" (-1")
Butt 38.5" (-1.75")
Arm 11.5" (-0.5")
Thigh 24" (no change)
Calf 14.25" (-0.75")

Feeling pretty good about it!

Didn’t post yesterday, still felt pretty hungry. Got in three 15 minute walks plus the usual movement around work. Had a decent workout, but my left shoulder was hurting a little. Will keep an eye on it.

Today I have plans for a long walk to get some sunshine therapy!

Update: Went for an hour long walk which was lovely.

Day 15

Completed the V burn Challenge this morning. Little tired but got through it a minute faster than I did last week.

Feeling especially hungry and tired today. Looking forward to a steak, rice and vegetable scramble for dinner tonight.

Update: scramble was not delicious. More hangry than ever. Hoping some kombucha can help me feel full! It’s taking all the resolve I have not to go eat a bag of Goldfish (the snack that smiles back).


I started today, also a female looking to shed some fat before the new year to get into a healthier routine!

Thanks for posting regularly - so many people seem to give up after a few days, so this has been awesome to read!!

Aw, thanks for sharing! Definitely post on your progress- we can cheer each other on!

Day 16

Today was much better, not quite as hungry as the last couple days. Had a great dinner of baked chicken, potato, carrots and broccoli which really hit the spot.

Got in a couple 10 minute walks plus another 20 minute NEPA walk before dinner. Having to lift Tues/Wed/Fri this week due to work hours, but it’s been working out fine so far.

Days 17 & 18

Yesterday was a pretty good day, felt pretty hungry but not awful. Got in a 15 minute walk and a 25 minute walk along with my weight lifting.

Today I lifted in the morning and went into work a little later since I have a late day. Will get in a couple 15 minute walks but probably not much else. Looking foward to salmon, spinach and potatoes for dinner tonight.

I definitely struggle most with making time for the walks, but I really do enjoy this part of the program.

Also, I’m definitely seeing results in the mirror and I’m LOVIN in (but not in the gross McDonalds way). Since math is not my strong suit I didn’t realize when I started that Thanksgiving on Day 26 for me. So I’ll probably take a pause (sort of, I intend to stick with breakfast shakes at least) since we’re traveling to be with family and then get back on the program for another few days after we get home.

Day 19

Another hungry day. Almost had a stroke watching all my coworkers eat their delicious lunches at our meeting. But here’s what I find interesting. Every day for the last 29 years, I’ve been a slave to hunger. I tell myself “I can’t control myself, I can’t diet” because “I can’t tolerate hunger”. And yeah, it’s really uncomfortable sometimes. But somehow for the last 19 days, I’ve DONE IT. Granted some days were easier than others, some days I was so hungry I thought I’d lose my mind with cravings and other days were fine. But despite the hunger or not, amazing temptations or not, I’ve stuck to this diet. Like, almost to the letter (definitely not perfect, especially in terms of calories at HSM). I haven’t had a single bite of wheat or junk food and check it out, I’m still alive! It’s truly been a unique experience for me; very empowering and honestly kind of cool. I’m sure some people reading this are wondering what the hell is wrong with me that I could never control myself before, but I’ve never had (or thought I had!) that kind of willpower.
So anyway, not only am I feeling better about myself physically, it’s been a real eye-opener psychologically as well. I feel like successfully getting this far has been a real breakthrough for my personal growth.
Anyway, thought I’d share, especially for others who may have had similar experiences!

Had some shrimp green curry with lots of vegetables and some rice for dinner, and got in a 30 minute NEPA walk.

Day 20

I swear this thing gets harder the longer it goes! Still really hungry today. Incredibly hard not to cheat with a ton of bread or the Chex Mix that was all around during our conference today. Ate a Jimmy Johns tuna unwich and some rice for dinner. Did my weight lifting and two 15 minute walks during work hours and another 30 minute NEPA walk after work in today.

Day 21 Measurements

Weight 133.2lb (-6.8 overall) (-3.8lb from last week)
Neck 12" (no change)
Waist 29" (-2"), 36" (-0.75) (no changes from last week)
Hips 39.75" (-1.25") (-0.25" from last week)
Butt 38" (-2.25") (-0.5" from last week)
Arm 11.25" (-0.75") (-0.25" from last week)
Thigh 23.75" (-0.25")
Calf 14.25" (-0.75") (no change from last week)

Despite minuscule and/or no changes from last week, I’m somehow down almost 4lb in one week. I’m disappointed about the lack of movement in measurements, but pretty happy about the weight loss (even though I know numbers on the scale don’t mean much).

Anyone else have weeks like this?

I can tell today will be another super hungry day. I’ve got plans for a long walk in the sunshine and a massage :grinning:

Definitely counting down the days til Thanksgiving…

Day 22

Today I had a great time at the gym. Seriously cannot get over how awesome Plazma is; gives me great energy and it’s almost impossible to get sore!
I also got in a couple short walks (~15 min each) plus a nice 3 mile walk.

Looking forward to beef kabobs with veggies for dinner in a few hours. Still feeling really hungry…can’t wait for Thanksgiving! Although I’m looking forward to going back to a less restrictive diet, I definitely don’t want to lose the progress I’ve made. I’m going to stick with the shakes for breakfasts- I’m so much less hungry the rest of the morning than with other foods. My carb craving hasn’t gone down much, but I think that after over 3 weeks of only having healthy food, non-wheat carbs, and protein shakes, most of the stuff I love will probably make me feel pretty crappy in comparison.
Anyway, just 3 days left after today!

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