Starting the V Diet

So I finally am beginning the V Diet. I have read about this for a couple years but figured I could lose the body fat I needed without doing this (I’m only 20 years old.) I still have the body fat and I’m tired of being the fat out of shape person trying to play sports. I’m 6’7 and 271lbs starting out and close to 22% body fat. I’m hoping I can make it through the 28 days because I have a hard time keeping myself motivated.

The first few days can be tough for many V-Dieters. Good luck on it and be sure to keep your log updated. We find that this is one of the key elements in reaching your goals on the diet. It helps keep you accountable to yourself and is also a great way for us to follow your progress and help out if you need anything.

Good luck, the fact that you’re doing this shows you’re ready to take control. As Starr said, definitely update your log, there’s a huge community of people here to support you.

Regarding your issue of motivation, try not to think of it as “I have to do this for 28 days,” just think, “here’s what I need to do today.” Make one right decision at a time, and just keep making the right choices. in my opinion, people rely far too much on “being motivated” to do something. Motivation doesn’t knock on your door. There is rarely an opportune time to do anything, so just get it done. Always think about “why am I doing this?” THERE’S your motivation. Then it’s just a question of how much you really want to change your life. If you want to change your life and your health more than you want to eat bad food, then you’ll accomplish your goal.

As Starr said, the first few days are tough especially depending on your current diet. Food is literally quite addicting, especially sugar, so if you’re used to eating junk and fast food then the first couple days may be mentally more challenging than the others. But again, just remember, we’re talking about food here. It’s not “Easier” or “harder” to eat one food than other.

One thing you can rest assured is that the VDiet obviously works. So, you can know that as long as you’re following it day-to-day, it’s working, and you WILL accomplish your goal.

Keep us updated, you can accomplish anything you want! Let’s do it!

i am on the last day of week 2
one day at the time, helped me
beginning was hard and challenging , but that’s now past too. keep logs. I got good help from other users of v diet
good work

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Good luck on your v diet journey! Just stay positive and if you start to lose motivation…come here and post about it and we will help keep you on track! Keeping a log on the forum each day really helps with accountability too…that kept me going when I felt like falling off the wagon a couple of times. Plus, after the first week you’ll start seeing results and that is great motivation as well.

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