Starting the V-Diet

I just started the V-Diet today and had my first challenge with a luncheon at work with one of the heads of Finance. My stomach is growling! I need to pick up some FiberOne tablets after work. School starts back up in Two weeks.

I will post the measurements I took last night. Planning on doing the intermediate workout.

My stats are as follows:
Neck 16.25
Upper Torso:34.75

I actually weighed 195 before I started adding shakes into my eating habits for two weeks I added more and more shakes and I lost about 10 lbs. I started my V-Diet today. I have alot of fat to lose.

During my first weight training session doing the intermediate workout I ripped open a calous while doing the deadlifts. I left my chaulk in my bag so the bar rolled in my hands on the second to last set.

welcome to the V-Diet! That cut looks pretty rough lol, get yourself a nice pair of gloves to alleviate that issue (unless you have a problem with them). I’ve been out with friends and watched them eat cheeseburgers and cheese fries in front of me (1 day before my solid meal no less!). Tough it out, your mind is stronger than your stomach growls! Keep us updated


Day 3!!!
So I finished my second session of weights for the V-Diet. I was very winded my chest still hurts from breathing so hard. I was very humbled on how little weight I could move at a fast tempo. I found out today the worst thing I have ever done. PLANKS! They suck so bad… I am also not very well at Front squats as I have not done them in several years. My legs are already very sore, and I am very tired. I had to wear a glove on my hand that I ripped open.

It is very hard not eating, and seeing and smelling all of the foods everyday is a challenge. I have had to deny several dinner outings. Tonight I definetly need to get rest.

I have been adding milled flax seed to my supper shake. I tried natural peanut butter the first day mixed with chocolate shake, and didnt like it very much.

I am very much looking forward to my Solid meal… I think I am dreaming about steak.

I have been doing full shakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and I have also been splitting a shake in between these meals. I have been taking about 3-4 Fiber Choice tabs a day, and I still feel a little hungry. I have been trying to keep up with drinking two gallons of water a day.

Is there any methods of making myself feel fuller, or in tricking myself into feeling full?

Any suggestions would be helpful!


I try to make some of my shakes super thick (lots and lots of ice) so that it takes me forever to drink one. That usually holds me for a few hours.

And when all else fails, chug some water, go for a walk, just get up and move around.

Hang in there Spike–it gets better!

New Stats:
Chest-39 (might have been flexing a little in first measurement)
Upper Torso-34
Lower Torso-35

Overall I feel these results are pretty good. The workouts have really been killing me. My third lifting workout I almost passed out and felt a little sick. I didnt get to finish the last two sets of B.

Today I am going to eat a huge steak and lots of greens.

I was very upset yesterday when my girlfriend got really mad at me when I told her I was on this diet. She said it sounded very unhealthy and that I was going to be anorexic or something. Basically I told her she was a feakin idiot and was not a nutrition expert.

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