Starting the V-Diet Tomorrow

Hello all, first post here for me. Two large cardboard boxes showed up today and my first V-Diet starts tomorrow.

My background: I am a professional athlete and I just completed my season yesterday. I play a sport in which one gets in progressively worse physical condition as the season wears on.

I started the year way back in mid-February at 215 lbs and 10 percent body fat according to the 3 caliper test that our strength coach administers. I ended the year roughly seven months later at 226.5 lbs and 16.5 % body fat according to the same test. Needless to say I feel and look like crap.

We play nearly every game at night, travel weekly, and my eating patterns have greatly eroded from the guidelines that I adhere to in the off-season. I think this is due mainly to my lack of effort. After the game the last thing I crave is a healthy meal. I usually pair a couple silver bullets with some pasta and chicken then move on to a skinny cow ice cream cone. Not exactly the pinnacle of diet achievement.

Last year I used Dr. John Berardi’s Precision Nutrition program to attempt better eating habits and was successful until competition began.

I will post pictures and measurements tomorrow.

Goals: My goals are very simple because I don’t know what to reasonably expect. I want to lose as much body fat as possible and regain proper diet habits in order to be a better athlete. I know I perform better at a lighter weight and less body fat can only be a good thing.

I have taken the last seven days off of weight training in order to feel rested for the training program, I will follow every guideline. I would love some feedback from V-Dieters about what kind of results I can expect from the first four weeks and then after the transition phase so that I can gain some more inspiration.

I appreciate all the support this forum can offer so please offer any advice.

Good morning

Here are the numbers, pics to follow later today

Age: 28
Height: 6’ 1"
Weight: 226.5
Body Fat 3 Caliper: Chest 12/Tricep 10/Subscap 19 - 16.5%

Neck - 15.5
Shoulders AC to AC - 16
Upper Chest - 44.5
Lower Chest - 41.5
Waist at Navel - 37.25
Hips Largest - 41
Upper Arm L - 15.5
Upper Arm R - 15
Thigh R - 25
Thigh L - 24 3/4
Calf L - 16.5
Calf R - 16 3/4

About to enjoy the first shake, Should I post pics today or take them and then wait until the end? Workout 1 will be up on this thread later today.


so what exactly sport do you play?

Anyhow, im on my first week on the VDiet. its going…good. i cant tell you exactly what to expect, but ive only read positive comments. I will say that to keep motivated on this program will require focus, and discipline. Read other training logs and before/afters to get an idea of how people handle it chances are theres someone on here that is exactly like you are or at least has the same goals. also ask questions and research. theres already a plethora of great knowledge on this site.

best of luck with it! cheers to day 1!


cheers to another Metabolic Drive shake in about an hour.

First day has looked good so far.

then… 3 scoops vanilla Metabolic Drive, L-Leucine, Superfood, 1 serving milled flax etc. I’m following it exactly.

NEPA: Walked the dogs for 45 minutes at a good pace.

I’ve had 3 shakes including the post-workout Surge, god it tasted sweet after the other 2.

Workout went well,

warmed up then

bent rows: 135x8 for a warmup the 185x5, 205x5 3 times

Overhead Squat: 95x5 4 times, probably could have gone heavier

Dips: BW plus a 45 lb plate x5 4 times

Ab wheel Roll out from the knees, 4 sets of 10.

Foam roll and some stretching, ABS are already sore

I am not hungry really at all and had trouble finishing breakfast.

I’m feeling a little weird but day 1 is going well.

Thanks for the help mreisworkout!

had a second HOT-ROX about 30 minutes before the workout

1st day down with 100% compliance to the rules, felt like I consumed too much to actually be on a diet. I haven’t really been hungry and the shakes seem to take like 30 min at a minimum to drink.

1 down 27 (or is it 41??) to go.

Wow Day 2 and I am sore from what I thought was going to be an easy workout.

I think the only thing funny about this diet is how much I know I’m going to hate Metabolic Drive by the end of this Journey.

3 shakes down, 2 more to go.

2 days down, 26 to go. Can’t wait to workout tomorrow

yeah the workouts are more work than i thought.

I think since being on this diet, i feel the days seem longer and feel as if my time between workouts in longer. I love the NEPA walks on tues/thurs, but im so ready to get back to the gym the next day and pump out some sets. I could be the HOT-ROX “pump” i get. either way it feels good.

keep it up!!

Will do, getting ready for the NEPA then to head to the gym, first shake has been consumed and I took 2 HOT-ROX when I woke up, this may have been a bad idea as I’m a little wired.

Is it acceptable to add cinnamon to my shakes?

I was trying to break up the flavor monotony.

Also, I had 2 pieces of sugar-free gum yesterday as my shakes seem to leave me with dragon breath. Is this ok, or should I just brush my teeth five times a day?

[quote]jdbake wrote:
Will do, getting ready for the NEPA then to head to the gym, first shake has been consumed and I took 2 HOT-ROX when I woke up, this may have been a bad idea as I’m a little wired.

Is it acceptable to add cinnamon to my shakes?

I was trying to break up the flavor monotony.

Also, I had 2 pieces of sugar-free gum yesterday as my shakes seem to leave me with dragon breath. Is this ok, or should I just brush my teeth five times a day?[/quote]

i take 2 HOT-ROX as soon as i get out of bed. its helps to kick start my morning. i dont feel any side effects, so ill continue as prescribed.

Ive used cinnamon in the past, its a nice compliment to certain flavors. i dont see any harm. its merely a spice.

i stopped with sugar free gum because most contain aspartame also found in diet soda, etc… although its safe at low dosages, im just not a huge fan of it.

I used Cinnamon when I really needed a different change of pace. Tastes pretty good with the vanilla or the chocolate.

Brush 5 times a day, if you can. One of the side-effects I experienced was a significant amount of tartar build-up on my teeth. I started to recognize it after the first two weeks, scaled my teeth, and then brushed like a madwoman from then on out.

I chewed sugar-free gum on occasion when my urge to chew something was getting unbearable. It was the lesser of two evils between that and snacking on on my kids’ vegetables…

I have another question, do I have to blend my peanut butter into the last shake because last night I ate it off the spoon?

It was AMAZING btw

I couldn’t start the blender because I didn’t want to wake up my sleeping 2 year old niece.

Oh yeah for the workout

A) Wide Grip Pull-ups - 4 sets of 10 with bodyweight
B) Neutral Grip Incline DB Bench Press - 4x10 w/70lb DBS
C) RDL - 4x10 with 135 lbs
D)BB Bicep Curl - 4 x 10 with 60 lbs
E) Hanging Leg Raises - 4 x10 with Bodyweight

I was much stronger during workout 1, I think 2 days with out solid food took a serious toll. I nearly threw up after the 3rd set of incline db bench. This may have been because I ate (who am I kidding I mean FED) too close to the start of the workout and suffered throughout the entire thing.

I will plan it better on Saturday and I guarentee I’m stronger because of it. Currently forcing down my “dinner”.

Three shakes down today, planning the NEPA walk for later in the day to mix it up.

Funny I have only felt hungry once.

Is this a diet? I know the food selection is bland but I don’t feel like I’m not eating enough food.

day 4 almost done

Still in full compliance

Excited to workout tomorrow

Morning of Day 5, can’t wait to eat on Day 7

need some flavor combo ideas to mix it up

My favorite shake is Surge, I think I love the sugar in it

nutritionally the peanut butter eating method makes no difference but psychologically, you should be blending it. eating it off the spoon means youre having solid food every time you do it…but i couldnt resist either on a few occasions :o

god it was good

You can’t not lick the spoon after you put said PB into blender!!

Screwed up the workout today

Did 20 reps for my 4 exercises with 25 sec rest instead of 25 Reps with 30 sec rest.

I ate further before hand so I felt good through out the entire thing.

four sets of 205lb front squats with 25 seconds rest was NOT easy, the rest of it went really well.

CG Bench press: 135x8 wu, then 205x5, 185x5, 185x5, 185x3, 185x2

Chinups - BW x10,8,5,5

DB Push Press - 50lbsx4x5 I will go up drastically in weight on this exercise the next time I do this workout.

Full compliance of the diet despite attending a 6 hour family party with all kinds of food and “toxic” relatives questioning me.

2 more shakes to go.

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