Starting the V-Diet Soon. Any Suggestions?


I ordered my stuff today. Any helpful afvice would be very appreciated.


I have been on diet a few days.

The post work out drink is a bit challenging. :slight_smile:

Trust a bit and you get that you aren’t really eating out of hunger. The challenge is dealing with friends or family. If you are married, then you have kids and spouse that have some crazy idea about eating solid food. If you are single then choices have ot be made aobut going out with friends, drinking, etc.

As a counterbalance, what I great quick and safe start this would be right? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to get this massive jump on physique improvement??

Last, personnaly, I recommend reading a book (or Audio book) on some form of personal change. For me, the audio book on the way to work is a good focuser.





Thanks for the advice. Like you, I have realized that a lot of the times I would say “I’m hungry” were all BS, and I was eating out of boredom rather than hunger. Today is the third day of my diet and I dont ever really feel too hungry. I noticed that I am a little sluggish in the gym. My max weight/reps have dropped a little, but I am chalking it up to transition. I have lost about 10 lbs so far (unbelievable right?) Down from about 210lbs to around 199lbs. I am going to say that it is mostly water weight, considering I stopped my creatine intake.

Luckily, I am deployed to Afghanistan and I dont have the rigors of dealing with family, friends and their temptations of delicious food. Only negative to that is that it will be a challenge to get a HSM out here on my “cheat” days. I will make it work though!

I havent really gotten discouraged yet, I just always think about my scoop of peanut butter at the end of the day and focus on my HSM day. I know I can hold out to eat until then.



Been on the Diet for 5 days now. Weighed myself before the gym earlier and I am still at about 199lbs. Didnt feel too solid after the gym so I took it very light and rested a little afterward. I deviated a little today since I felt sick and skipped a shake, not so bad as cheating and gobbling down a candy bar, but not healthy at all either. Tomorrow will be my first HSM and I dont think it could have came at a better time. I feel like I may crack soon if I didnt have that coming up. Planning on eating a chicken breast, whatever decent veggies the chow hall has and hopefully a sweet potato if they have it. If they dont, i dont know what my healthy starch will be.

Aug 26 - 210lbs
Aug 31 - 199lbs

Pray for me!



Stay off the scale please. See instructions.


Will do, thanks Chris.


Day 6

I just had my first HSM and it was GLORIOUS, just as I suspected it would be. I had Grilled chicken Kabob with a veggie salad. Afghan Style. The only thing I couldnt really manage was a healthy starch, so I just skipped it. Trials of the deployment, I suppose. I am proud of myself, I ate until I was satisfied and then tossed the extra. I hope this is the actual effects of the diet and not just me being optimistic. I suppose the two go hand in hand though.

I did work out today but I got a little sick about halfway through, so I ended up taking the last set of the circuit pretty easy. Hopefully I will adjust better next week and can push myself a little harder than I did this week.

Even though today is my HSM day and I am supposed to, I’m going to wait to weigh in until next week. Like Chris explained above, I should not be weighing in everyday, so that I can minimize the discouragement.

Eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s workout in hopes that my HSM will give me some of my old burst back!



Be sure and take the tape measurements too. Body comp changes (less fat, more muscle) are often not reflected much in the scale.


Well since I did not have a tape measure, before I started I measured with lengths of string. I have them in my buunk and they are labeled. So that should serve the same purpose.

Yesterday was a rough day, I had cravings for cashews and pistachios. I did not buckle though, I had my shakes, - 1 because I slept in considering it was my day off, and awaited my peanut butter.

Hopefully today is an easier day. I’ll check back in tonight after my workout.