Starting the V-Diet Round 2, 2+ Years Later

Basically I am starting the V-Diet again I had done it once before in 07 i believe it was and ending failing right at the end due to getting weight lifter’s migraines now that they have mostly subsided I will try again. I had already ordered supplies back in March of last years but then I was getting medically discharged and needed to be on a normal diet for all the final out-processing tests (I was in the Air Force for 6+ years) for my stress-fractured shins that have refused to heal in 6+ years (basically got them running about 7 months after joining)

So now that I have the time (I only work on weekends I am going to start again) I have had my fill of real pizza (live in NJ) and am ready to stop treating myself to horrible and fattening foods and start doing it right. I will post my measurements in a little while but first a few questions.
I tried to start today but ever since the first shake I have been nauseous had intestinal cramping (it’s lower than my stomach) and, this is graphic, nasty nasty watery #2’s that also hurt. This all off of one shake 7 hrs ago and I still feel woozy and bubbling down there. I did not have the fiber tablets but did do the flax seeds, even though last time I had no flax seeds and was fine. I had black coffee for the first time (I love Coffeemate) and it was good (pinch of salt thank you Alton Brown)

I really want to do this, in fact I need to because I’m looking pregnant, even though physically I’m kinda strong and OK flexibility wise (fat limits most of my range) but carrying around 70-80 lbs of fat (260) can’t be good. I really need the V-Diet for the behavioral and craving problems I remember this curing. I also quit smoking and the little drinking I did a month ago in preparation for this.

Any help for this would be appreciated, right now I’m planning on trying to ramp into it. ie 1 shake today, 2 tomorrow etc till I’m at 5, hopefully that’ll be the ticket.

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