Starting the V-Diet Properly this Time

Hi guys, just thought I’d start a post here as I’m starting up the diet properly this time. I did a 3-week bootleg version about 2-3 months ago and managed to keep off most of the weight I lost, but now I’ve managed to get the official products shipped over to me so I’m gonna do it by the book (other than the exercises, as I have to work around my damaged knee).

I’m a 28yo male, 6ft, 203Ibs. and my dodgy Tanita scales say I’m about 26% body fat.

According to my calcs for losing >30Ibs., I’m on 1180 cals on non-workout days and 1416 cals on workout days.

I currently wake up at around 4.15am, grab breakfast (single scoop, HOT-ROX, BCAAs, Rez-V & Flameout) then drive to work which starts at 6am. I work on a large construction site, so my daytime shakes aren’t a problem. I finish work at 6pm, then stop by the gym on the way home (if it’s a workout day, obviously!) and by the time I’m finished and have driven home, it’s usually about 8 to 8.30pm. Then it’s a shake before bed, then the same routine the next day. At the moment, work is pretty hectic so other than the gym, this is my schedule 7 days a week. It does mean that I only workout 3 days a week though, as I make sure I keep time aside to spend with my wife.

I have a missing kneecap following several years of on-and-off knee surgery (they gave up and took the whole thing out in the end), which has resulted in a severely wasted right leg. This lends a slight curvature to my body in all my photos, but it’s one of the things I’m trying to build up now that there’s nothing left of it to go wrong again!

I’ll get some pics and measurements up soon for any that are interested.

Oh, and Wild Raspberry Surge is dreadful - like liquid candyfloss!!!

OK, here’s the embarrassing photos. The front photo is pretty bad - I didn’t notice how awkwardly I was standing until I downloaded it from the camera!

As for the back photo - well, I suffer from hereditary stumpy legs!

OK, struggling to figure out the picture system here . . .

Day 1 went easily enough. I had several cravings, especially when the wife was cooking dinner for herself, but I managed to beat them all. So far so good :slight_smile:

I also discovered the joys of Banana Cream flavour MD mixed with natural peanut butter - if you mix it in the blender with about half the normal water, it sets in the fridge like a pudding. Yum!

Day 2 is going well so far, and my energy level seems fine. Had my vanilla MD with flax seed and cinnamon this morning which went down nicely :slight_smile:

Bob…glad your back, missed your avatar!
Good luck with this go round, we’ll be watching and pushing you if needed. I’m still hanging in with my extended, extended transition and life is good.

One day at a time and you got a couple days gone already. Time flies when your having fun, or something like that.

Oh Bob, I think you have a great start. Lose that extra fat and your wife will be chasing you around. All I can say is shake and chug and good luck.


Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Day 2 went without too many problems. I left work a bit early as things were quiet, hit the gym on the way home (my triceps are still burning!) then took the dogs for a 40 minute walk when I got home. All in all, quite productive :slight_smile:

Day 3 down, no problemo :slight_smile:

I was expecting more weight loss over the first few days though - I’m only lost 2 Ibs so far. Ah well, it’s better than nothing!

2 things I noticed so far today.

1.) Strawberry MD and flax seed does not a pleasant shake make

2.) If you forget to clean out your shaker after a vanilla shake, then leave it in the car in 100 degree heat for 2 days, the resulting smell is impossible to get out of the plastic and may even be classified as a chemical weapon.

Unfortunately, my other shaker was chewed up by the dog, so now I have to drink my lunch from the stinky shaker. Ugh. I think I may need a trip to GNC this evening.

Sorry to hear about your experience with strawberry shake and flax seed, I couldn’t take any flax seed in my shakes, although I like sprinkled on my cereal, when I eat my cereal. I like the strawberry with the chocolate Metabolic Drive. Good combo HMM! Wished I would have known about when I was in the stricter stage of diet. I stuck to the vanilla and choc. Gets kinda boring. I also found some Peach/Mango Green Tea by Crystal light mixes well with vanilla.

Yew to the shaker left in car. Thanks for the warning. I usually mix in my husbands Zero bottles. I threw one out from this weekend because it sat for a day and half in car. Just decided it wasn’t worth trying to clean.

Stay strong!


Thanks fitnesslady, I’ve resorted to using standard water bottles for the time being - I just get some very funny looks as I’m trying to funnel the powder into the top. Mind you, I get some funny looks anyway for carrying around little plastic bags of white powder!

Had my night-time treat last night - 1 scoop choc, 1 scoop banana, 30g peanut butter. Only enough water to mix it together, then leave it for an hour in the fridge. Eat with a spoon and enjoy :smiley:

Day 4 down no problem, although I did suffer a huge energy drop in the gym last night. But then again, it was legs night last night and pushing my bad leg always seems to drain more energy out of me. Still, it’s improving - I managed 5x5 @ 90Ib per leg on the Hammer Strength leg press last night. Considering that 6 months ago I was struggling to do a leg extension with nothing more than an ankle weight, I’m happy so far!

Found my old Photobucket account was still open last night - still got a picture of my knee after the last op for anyone who’s interested - might put you off tacos though!

Silent Bob is Frankenstein. Geez, that was quite a train wreck on the knee. My hat is off to you to train and workout with such an injury and loss. I didn’t see any bolts in the neck so I assume everything else is yours? Keep pushing the metal and chugging the shakes and we are watching and right there with you.

Thank GoatMan :slight_smile: It was quite an interesting surgery; they simply sliced it open, sliced the tendon down the middle and popped that little sucker straight out! Then they double-breasted the tendon to make it more durable, and stapled everything back up again. I wanted to make the kneecap into a novelty ash tray, but they wouldn’t let me keep it :frowning:

Anyway, Day 5 today. The scales are telling me I’m down to 197 Ibs, which I’m really happy with!

I don’t know if it’ll be any use to people, but I uploaded my spreadsheet for working out various servings and stuff. I originally worked it so you can insert any supplement into the list to work things out. Anyway, if people want to play with it, it’s here:

Day 8 today and I didn’t even realise! I guess I’ll have to weigh/measure myself tomorrow morning :frowning:

Had my HSM (and my first day off for 3 weeks!) yesterday at the Butchers Shop and Grill - 12oz. aged fillet steak (medium rare, of course!) with a sweet potato and steamed asparagus on the side. Damn that was good!

I went to the cinema with wifey dearest yesterday which is where I slipped up - I didn’t realise until I was finished my 2nd handful of popcorn! Thoroughly chastised myself, then had to sit and drink green tea afterwards while the wife tucked into lunch at one of the nearby cafés. Not that I mind too much - she needs to keep eating as we’ve recently discovered she is 8 weeks pregnant with our first child!!! This just gives me even more drive - I will NOT be a fat dad! :slight_smile:

Weighed myself this morning and I’m down to 195 - 8 Ibs down! Woohoo!

This is my first venture below 14st for longer than I can remember!

I have to admit that the down-lighters are very flattering, but there’s no other type of lighting in our house other than awful fluorescent tubes! Besides, these photos were taken at 04:30 this morning!

Day1 and day 9 comparison

Well, it’s day 12 now and I’ve had a few slip-ups this week due to work.

I went a whole day without shakes as I got called out to an emergency situation at work at 01:45 in the morning and hadn’t prepared them the night before; then I did a full shift until 18:00 at night. Suffice to say, I had zero energy to go to the gym that night! I’ve also ended up working til late (shift from 06:00 to 21:00) the last few nights - this has meant that I’ve had no time to go to the gym at all and my sleep is really suffering. I’ve been to the gym once this week so far :frowning:

I’m getting plenty of walking in and I do bodyweight exercises every morning and evening to failure (super-setting wide grip pullups, dips, chins and press-ups) to try and keep my body burning fat.

I weighed myself this morning and my weight has gone UP to 196.5 Ib. Not happy.

My energy has dropped off to almost zero at the moment as well, despite returning to my regular shakes and HRX, and my motivation is really flagging.

Do not give up, going up 1.5 pounds isn’t a big deal. Do what you told yourself to do and you’ll reap the benefits in the end.

keep going, you’ll be glad you did in the long run. If you quit, give up, or fail…well you know you’ll be like everybody else. Weak willed, and unable to adapt.

Okay that’s the kind of thing that goes through my head when I have faced tough times on the diet. Not me being malicious, just some manly motivation…

SB…minor setback. MINOR. Sleep is a big factor and week two is when I crashed the most. Keep at it. Back on track and push thru. Even with proper planning life can throw a curve ball. HUGE difference in the first week pics, HUGE. Imagine the same results times four. You can do this. A good dump can make you lose 1.5lbs!! Almost halfway there already and that ain’t bad.

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