Starting the V-Diet Next Week!

As soon as all my stuff arrives(it was ordered yesterday)and I go and visit my father for one big family meal before getting it going!

I’ve always tried to get healthier, always. But I always do it kind of half assed, and end up a bloody slob again in no time. I need direction, and to know exactly where I am going, which I haven’t done yet. I am hoping this will be able to smarten me up! My goals for this are to get some results, and to learn to be better. I know I can follow something radical, as long as I actually know exactly what I am doing, without any room for me to make up my own stuff, and screw it up.

I am a 21 year old male, 5’7, 179lbs, and about 20% body fat. I have read like crazy on this diet, but anyone have any quick last minute words of advice? :slight_smile:

Thanks alot in advance guys, I am really looking forward to this. I’ll throw up some exact measurements, and current photos a bit later.

PS - I live in canada, and read the international disclaimer about customs, anyone ever had any trouble getting stuff into canada?

Welcome Matthew :wink: Glad you decided to get started. This is perfect for you. I had the same exact problem with trying to “get healthier”, doing it half assed, sometimes losing a couple pounds but always gaining it back and then some.

This WILL smarten you up. More specifically, your resolve and your determination to continue with healthy eating and exercise habits will be strengthened beyond anything you’ve experienced before, if you ever have.

Needing to know exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it was key for me too. I dont know a THING about weight lifting and eating right and macro nutrients and timing and the list of all this stuff these veterans know. So you can definitely do this, if I can do this.

Just make sure you post here often. As often as you can find the time. Just doing that, just keeping up with your own thread and seeing how others are doing will help you tremendously. More than you can imagine.

Looking forward to a nice progression with you.


I am looking forward to it as well, I will conintually update this thread with my progress. Even just your bit of support here is great!!

Here are the pictures as of April 18, 2009:



Welcome aboard. Any Q’s for me, be sure to post them in the “Ask Chris” thread so I’ll be sure to see them.

Thank you Chris. So far I have found this site great, and I appreciate how helpful everyone is. I know I will be able to stick to this, and cannot wait to see what kind of results I can attain.

So I jumped in headfirst april 19th, and ended up totally fucking up on about the 3rd day. I then realized that mentally I hadn’t prepared myself. I gave myself a bit of time, and here I am on day 4 again, and doing great. The cravings have been interesting to say the least, and the fact that I have cut down my fat consumption from around 112 grams a day (holy shit) to 42 certainly has my entire body feeling somewhat different.

The chocolate and banana shakes make me wretch, especially with the Superfood in them, so I am just gonna suck those bastards down, and save my strawberry powder for the Superfood ones. The strawberry one is delicious.

I never put my Superfood in my shakes! EEW! Believe it or not, I really like the Superfood with a LITTLE water and make it a paste. It sounds kinda gross, my husband thinks I’m crazy, but I think it tastes like a fruit roll up- liquid style-
My husband mixes his Superfood in a separate shaker and slams it as fast as he can. He hates the stuff!

I totally think the Superfood would ruin a shake.

You are going to rock this diet!

I can’t do the Superfood in the shakes either. I mix it w/16 oz of water and drink it. Kinda tastes like red tea. I’m liking it more and more…and it makes want to drink tea, so that seems like a bonus.

I’m on day 5, so right there w/you!

I just went to my landlord’s house to pay rent. He is his kind old vietnamese gentleman. The bastard baked me a whole thing of pastries haha. I declined, though they looked delicious!

DUUUDE! I know how you feel. I work in the foodservice industry, selling food, so I’m at restaurants all day. Passing up good food all day long!
It sucks…but in the end it will all be worth it!

I saw something I haven’t seen in YEARS this morning. My upper abs!

MAJOR fuckup today. Horrible night at work, got invited for breakfast by my superior(his treat), and I accepted. I got about 3/4s finished a fucking disgusting greaseball sandwich before I couldn’t eat anymore.

Instead of dealing with this properly, I went home immediately, and threw it all up, before slamming back my last shake, brushing my teeth, and finishing off my day. Goddamn it. Lets hope thats the only fuckup I have.

now on day 8! I will attach photos in the next posts. Interestingly enough I am the exact same weight I was when I started.

hmm I just made a post but it does not seem to be showing up even on refresh… could it just be delayed?

ah there we are

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