Starting the V-Diet Monday

Hi Guys gonna attack the V-Diet tomorrow week. Trying to get altogether at the moment. I have just a quick question. I play the following game and we only have about 3 months off. Generally its back to training in January. Now at the moment I am training with 10 lads for a boxing event . Its 10weeks if I attempt this in the middle and follow a different training plan will it drastically affect the outcome. If so I might consider packing in the boxing but i have to say I really enjoy it and its getting me in great conditioning for next season. I really want to do the V Diet and this is my best chance Anyway your thoughts would be appreciated.


Chris is gonna tell you it’s a package deal- the diet is worked to go with the prescribed training. Follow it to a T.

Cheers I had an idea that was it. Can take up the boxing anytime anyway even during the season. Providing the supplements come it looks like Monday is d-day!

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