Starting the V-Diet June 08, 2009

Okay I have been putting this diet off for months. I have tried many other diets and none of them work. We are in the middle of a weight lost contest at work, and my weight and body fat % seem to be up and down weekly. When we started I weighed 192 and Im now down to 182, but its like I have lost the weight in the wrong places, including some muscle, but the body fat has barely changed. Starting at 23% and Im now at 19%! I would like to get this to at least 10%. I work out almost 4 days a week every week. So lets see how this works out. Im choosing the intermediate status for the diet. I work out at home, so the dips, and pull-ups will not fit into my program.

I have a full bench set, so I can perform the rest of the excercises. If anyone has any suggestions of variations of excercies I can substitute for the dips, and chin-ups please let me know!

Okay here are the beginning measurements!
Weight: 184
Stomach at belly button:36in
Waist: 32 1/2in
Arms: L 14.5 in R 14.5
Legs: L 23 R 23
Calves L 14 R 14
Neck: 16

I will upload beginning photos later!

good luck… today is my start day too!

so how are you doing so far?

[quote]bankerboi25 wrote:
If anyone has any suggestions of variations of excercies I can substitute for the dips, and chin-ups please let me know!

For dips, you can use two chairs put side by side.

For pullups, I use the IronGym ProFit:

Hey thanks for the info! Im doing fine so far! The second day i had to have a plain chicken breast instead of one of the shake! But i continued with the shakes! They taste great! I love mixing the chocolate and banana! YUM! Im really enjoying the work-outs they are a nice change of pace! I really hope this helps my physique as my belly needs the work! Putting on muscle is fairly easy for me if i could just loose the belly! I will update more later! Hows it going with you all?

yumm me too love the banana and chocolate together :slight_smile:
And seems im in the same boat EASY to add muscle
but cant seem to lose the flab LOL

I have found that putting my shakes in little
sealable bowls ready for the day the night before works great!!
So if your on the go
take it with you with a bottle of water and
a mixing bottle, then you never have to miss a shake!!!
I numbered my bowls so i know which one is next…
Planning it out… seems to make it easier for me

have a great day

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