Starting the V-Diet Jan 4th

Hello everybody. My name is Jonny, I’ve been around here for alittle while attempted to start the V-Diet last yr but without the right stuff. Now I have enough money and im finally ready to start. I just want to make sure I have everything right befor I order everything. I am 284 lbs at about 35% bf and I need to lose more than 35 lbs so that means I need 1500 cals min and 1800 cals max on my work out days.

With those figures I need to order 14 Metabolic Drive, 2 Flameout, 2 HOT-ROX and 2 Surge.

If I did everything correctly 5 shakes is 1000 cals, 2 servings of my flax seed is 180 cals, 1 serving of Natural PB is 190 cals and then 3 servings of fiber choice is 48 plus the Flameout which is 52. Add all that up and its 1470 cals a day. Work out days are the 1470cals plus Surge which is 340, equals 1810 cals a day. I think thats all.

I just wanted to make sure that I have everything right and that looks ok to you guys out here. Ill take my pics and measurements on day one. I plan on starting on Sunday Jan 4th 2009 provided everything I order gets here in time. Thanks to everyone that takes a look at this and offeres me advice.

I’m in the same situation as you, and will be starting the V-Diet on the same day, so it would be good to swap notes.

I’ve had my stuff for a week or so and have been doing a transition into the V-Diet by basically reversing the transition off.

Meaning I started with a couple of solid meals per day with the shakes+supps for the others, and now down to 1 meal per day with the rest shakes.

Things I have noticed.

  1. When you get your supplies, double check the calories on your Metabolic Drive. Mine was 110cals per scoop, so you’ll have to factor that into your calculations.

  2. On the Surge, it says 3 scoops for over 200lbs body weight. I’m sticking with 2, so I keep the 340cals and carbs correct.

  3. When I went down to just lunch, I did notice a carb crash effect in the morning where my mental focus was very low. I augmented with 400mg Acetyl L-Carnitine, which helped to diminish the effect.

  4. Careful with the HOT-ROX Extreme. I didn’t notice anything really with my morning dose, but taking the afternoon dose after 2pm screwed up my sleep later that night. I’ll need to tweak timing/dosage.

Surprisingly I still feel really good on just 1 meal a day, so I am hoping the transition to the full V-Diet on the 4th will be smooth.

I’ve also added in BCAA’s, to help preserve lean muscle mass.

On a good note. Although I haven’t done the measurements and initial weight yet, I have noticed a weight loss just doing the 1 week transition. Clothes fit looser, etc.

Good luck with the V-Diet. I first did it when I was 250+ and now I keep around 185 lbs. It was a great way to kick start my fat loss program. Stick with it and you’ll see great results.

I’ll be doing it against starting 1/4 as well since I got a bit slack about my diet over the Christmas season.

I did it for a week before but with different protein, so I know what to expect. I was just making sure my math was right when it comes to ordering and stuff. I dont have the problem you do with HOT-ROX. I could pretty much take it right before bed and fall right asleep. Not saying I would take it right before bed. Just saying that it doesnt affecte all people the same way. My cals will be the same b/c I did it based on chocolate and thats the lable they have up on the store site.

Also not to many people really need the extra BCAA’s. You will already be getting in alittle over 200g of protein a day. Thats more than enough to maintain muscle mass. Well best of luck to you as well.

nice! I am starting this coming Friday so will be bouncing between all of your posts to see how you are doing and get feedback. I too was using a transitionary style of intake and workouts to get ready for my V-Diet and I lost 8.5LBS. I have the restless non-sleep issue at night though which I am not happy with so may get the supplements to help with that. I also ordered BCAA’s to retain my muscle and gearing to get lean. Good luck guys and look forward to our results.


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