Starting the V-Diet in 2 Weeks

So I plan on starting the V-Diet, or what might be a slightly modified version I guess. I love my protein shakes with bananas and peanut butter and was wondering what that added amount of stuff would do to the diet. I’m thinking 1/2 a banana per shake, so is 2.5 bananas a day to many and much will this halt my results?

I’m 6 foot 171 pounds, if I had to guess I would say somewhere around 14 % body fat. Thanks for any info.

That would add about 2000 calories per week to the diet. It would also add 75 grams of sugary carbs per day to a diet where you’re not supposed to exceed about 100g per day.

How do YOU think that would affect a low calorie, reduced-carb diet?

I fell into a similar trap you did and think you need to diet down to practically nothing.

At 6’ 171 and 14% bf, you need to put on quite a bit of muscle, then maybe come back and do the V-Diet after a long bulk.

and the banana thing is stupid.

Shirataki noodles? These things sound like a miracle, with apparantly no calories and a chunk of fibre in each serving. I might be being an absolute skeptic, but they sound too good to be true.

Can anyone tell me if these things are genuinely sent from heaven for the carb sensitive of if they are in reality strings of body destruction?
If anyone can fill me in it’d be really cool.

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