Starting the Program

Probably wrong spot, but my I.T. guy said I am on my own here

Weigh in this morning #237 (first time under #240 in over 20 years)

Dexa Scan in an hour.

Old School Trainer going over Chris’s material. (we call him that because he passed 70 years ago, and still is the most athletic strongest man we know)

Program Fuel should be here by Monday, Launch Day Monday

Program Supplements, adding Curcumin, and Alpha Male, (I mega dose Turmeric now, live in shakes, pills, and tincture if Blood Pressure elevates under heavy stress) Am curious if Curcumin will live up to its marketing. I track Turmeric directly against my BP so am pretty familiar with its instant, and long term affects on my body).

Only Modification to program is to continue stick fighting on off training days. Seems swinging heavy sticks is exercise, who knew, just thought it was fun.

Only concern is Sugar in Program Fuel, Have cut out all processed sugar for over two months. God I Miss Scotch and Beer, almost as much as Mac and Cheese.

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