Starting The Diet (Champ Status)

Hey I am Jeremy. Today is my first day of the Velocity diet. I think it has been going really well. I have done everything correctly, and the work out was awesome. The work out was short but really intense. (Intermediate) I weigh 241 pounds and I hope to be down to about 215 after this diet. I have done things to make me lose a lot of weight before, but then I went to college!!! Haha I am going all in on this one though.

I went on a walk this morning, but I don’t know if I am supposed to use the HOT-ROX before I do that or after. I only took one after. I don’t know how often I take those, and I really want to know. Give me tips on how to make this go as well as possible! Thanks, and I will update every day!

here is a side picture

I will get another person to take pictures of me next time so that they are better

I did 205 pounds on front squat 4 sets of 5
I did 215 pounds on lat pull down 4 x 5
I did 75 pound dumbbells on bench press 4 x 5
I did 4 x 5 on ab roll outs

Hey New Beginning 33!
Im by no means an expert, but I’m currently on my last week of phase 1. I’ve found that if I take the HOT-ROX with a glass of water then go on my walk I’m not as jittery later. I have my first shake when I get back. Just an idea! Looking forward to your progress and good luck!!

I always took my first HOT-ROX before the walk and then second one early afternoon sometime. Had first shake when getting back from walk. I lost about 20ish pounds on each of my last two V-Diet runs so it worked pretty well for me. Good luck man, and stick it out since it works!

Thanks! I am super sore today! I love that feeling. I got a shin splint though real close to my knee. I tried doing a lunge and it is going to suck if it isn’t gone by tomorrow. I am icing it so it feels better. I woke up at like 8:15 and went on a thirty minute walk at 8:45. I took the HOT-ROX before my walk like y’all suggested and came back and had my first shake at like 9:30. I’m not feeling really hungry or anything. Would it be bad to stack Super HD Cellucor with the HOT-ROX? I am still super excited about seeing results throughout this whole experience!

I got pretty hungry at different times in the afternoon today. I did’t stray from the plan though. I have a slight head ache going to sleep. I did last night too.

I would try rolling out your shin and calf area with one of those roller sticks and see if that helps. Also I wouldn’t stack any other fat burner with HOT-ROX, just save it for after you’re done with it and use it then, will do you more good

Thanks money24! I am on my fifth day. I haven’t cheated once. I have been doing the workouts and all on intermediate. I have been so sore! Haha I love it.
Reverse Lunge: 45 lb dumbells 5 sets of 8
Bent over Row: 50 lb db 5 x 8
Push Press: 50 lb db 5 x 8
Barbell Curl: 60 lb 3 x 8 and 50lb 2 x 8
Reverse Crunch: 5 x 8

Fri: (today)
Dead Lift: 225 lbs 5 x 8
Decline Bench Press: 75 lb db 3 x 8 and 65 lb 2 x 8
Lat Pull Down: 185 lb 3 x 8 and 165 2 x 8
Hand Walk Outs: 40

The work out today was super hard. I always feel naucious when I am drinking the post work out shake. I bet that is because of my fowl eating for the last few months and my body is trying to get rid of everything bad. I feel leaner. When I pinch the fat on my body, it is tighter. I came home from University of Arkansas, just for the semester, to take online classes and get into better shape.

I want to go back and have my friends in awe at my new accomplishments. Since I am at home, my family is always eating around me. Not necessarily bad food, but food is food… I am eager to see the end result. I will take more pictures on Monday and put them up. My lower back is so sore. I go on the walks in the morning and when I make it back home I stretch. My sister says my muscles are already more defined. She wants to start doing the program too. I told her, you better start as soon as possible, because when I am done and you are still going I am gonna give you hell.

When I typed in my weight and everything on the Velocity diet screen and it gave me my diet plan and cost of buying everything, was that just for 4 weeks or is that for all 6 weeks? Cause it is gonna suck having to pay for more of this!

Thanks for feedback!!

And also, can I drink Gatorade? Or is that too many extra calories?

I have enough for transition phase, but the easiest way to check is to calculate how many servings you have total compared to what you need. Im unfortunately going to run out of recovery shake so I’ll be ordering that while its on sale. I don’t think Gatorade or anything else with calories is allowed. You may be able to do Gatorade zero though if you don’t mind the taste. I’ve been drinking crystal light. Keep it up!

Keep up the good work man! You should tell your sister to be your accountability partner now and then when she’s on you’ll do it for her. That way you can make sure the other person isn’t cheating. What I did when I was absolutely dying (oddly enough was usually non-workout days) was have 1-2 eggs at night if I had all my shakes and was still deathly hungry.

You may or may not have enough for transition phase. I didn’t so ordered more the next time around. Or just didn’t do it the exact way they prescribed, but I’d try it how they say to do it.

Would say no to Gatorade. I usually sip on BCAA’s when working out and that seems to help. Also last time I was on V-Diet had Surge and MAG-10 (because I wanted to experiment) so was a little different. Can always start drinking your Surge in the middle of the workout if need the boost

Ok! Thank you! I was just at my sisters place for a while, and I didn’t bring shake material with me. I was soooo hungry, and I couldn’t get my mind off of food. I just chugged water. That made it better. I just got home and drank my shake though. I can’t wait till Sunday, when I can have one meal. I have pills for BCAA’s. Is your stuff powder or what?

Yeah I have some Scivation Xtend, love the stuff. Drink it at the start to middle of workout then start sipping on surge. Feel really good when working out, even if haven’t eaten

Ok I will check that stuff out. I did the V-Test today. I did intermediate. That was so hard! I did it outside and I was sweating so much! I didn’t do the post work out shake. I went on my walk with my HOT-ROX, came back and immediately did the work out. So I went inside and had my breakfast shake.

My lower back is really sore. I slept really well last night. I definitely feel leaner. I will do all the shakes today as usual. Keep suggestions coming! I really want to lose as much fat as I can on this. My first V-Test time was 26:54.

Keep up the good work. I’m new on here and just about to give the V-Diet a go from Monday when my delivery arrives. Needing a good kick to get back on the wagon!

Even after six days I can tell you this works so well. It is difficult though. Just stay mentally tough, since most of it is mental. Create a thread! It really helps you stay on top of things!

I didn’t have a postworkout shake on V-test days either. Some people do, might be the best day to have your HSM though.

Second week will most likely be the hardest. Just set the goal of making it to next week and don’t look ahead of that. Just stick it out and it’ll be worth it plus you’ll feel awesome that you made it through

So I had an excellent tasting meal on Sunday. I will do my HSM on my v-challenge day this week. I didn’t know that I was supposed to. Thank you though. I have not cheated at all. I am doing everything as I should. I worked out today. It went a lot smoother than the first week. I am was less tired after.

Front Squat: 125 lbs 4 sets of 5
Lat Pull Down (underhand grip): 195 lbs 1 x 5 and 210 lbs 3 x 5
DB Bench Press: 75 lbs 4 x 5
Ab Wheel roll outs: 20

I did less weight on front squat than last week so I could perfect my form. It felt easier and I got more range of motion and drive, on this one. Next week I will definitely go up in weight on most everything. I feel stronger and better looking. Definitely more confident. Here are some pictures. I don’t know if they do me justice, but I definitely look smaller than I did before when I see myself in the mirrors.

Side view

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