Starting Out


I started Velocity on the 09-22-11. My first few days have had it’s ups and downs with hunger cravings, but I am doing well overall. Here are my starting measurements:

Height: 74"
Weight: 228 lbs
Neck: 16"
Waist @ navel: 39.5"
Waist @ largest: 40.5"
Shoulders: 52"
Chest Upper: 45"
Chest Lower: 42.5"
Upper Arm Rt: 14.5"
Upper Arm Lf: 15"
Upper Leg Rt: 24"
Upper Leg Lf: 24.5"
Lower Leg Rt: 14"
Lower Leg Lf: 14.5"
Ankle Rt: 9"
Ankle Lf: 9"

I am keeping a journal of my meals and how my body is reacting to the change of not eating solid foods. I will try to post an update every week of my journal and see if anyone is having the same kinds of withdrawls or reactions that my body is having. Thanks for the support and everyone keep up the good work!


Weekly updates to come


1st Week

I won’t lie, my first week on Velocity was tough! I started on Thurs Sept. 22 and the day before I fell to a high ankle sprain while trail running. I debated on postponing the diet, but I had already gone through my mental preparation, so I decided to go ahead and bite the bullet. I was off work with lots of free time and lots of hunger cravings.

The first 2 or 3 days would prove to be some of the toughest. In short, I went to 2 birthday parties, 1 football party and a family dinner. Down here in the South, we love our football and our FOOD!! I don’t have a real sweet tooth but I like my beer, my cheese dip and my fried anything. These parties had an endless supply. I got alot of support from my friends that are like minded. I got alot of that confused look people give you when you tell them you are voluntarily doing something extreme.

They would say, “That’s just stupid!” or, “Why are you doing this, you don’t need to loose weight!” You shouldn’t say that to someone who is having a hunger craving while you are stuffing your face with some fried goodness. I pictured my hand going upside several heads, but never actually did it (I guess that’s a good thing). I survived and never gave in to my cravings. I just kept waiting on my first HSM.

Finally, Day 6. My first HSM. Before that I had my weight in. I was shocked to see my weight down from 228 lbs on the first day to 215 lbs on Day 6! DAMN!! I was proud and that helped me get through the rest of the day waiting on the HSM. My girlfriend and I made the West African Chicken Stew out of Chris’s cookbook. (On a side note: My girlfriend has been wonderful and supportive through all of it! A good support base helps alot if you’re fortunate enough to have it. It is even helping her to eat healthier.)

That stew was nothing short of AWESOME!! I even noticed my taste buds changing in regards to my salt cravings. My girlfriend actually suggested adding some sea salt, and I said it didn’t need it. That’s highly unusual in this house! With Week 1 in the books, and some healthy solid food in my stomach, I was feeling pretty good.


Week 2 came, and I felt renewed. The HSM seemed to carry me through the next several days. I think I needed to realize that: 1. You will not die not eating solid food for an entire week 2. This diet WILL work

I kinda coasted through this week. Had another football party, but this time it wasn’t nearly as bad. The food looked good of course, but I wasn’t dying to have it. Went back to work on light duty (I am a police officer) and watched several of my coworkers eating fried this and that. I just drank my shakes, ignored the ridicule and rocked on.

You can’t have soft feelings in my work environment. You will get eaten alive. Workouts were rocking along. I’ve had to adjust due to my ankle injury, but still getting great results. I know I am not focusing much on the workouts in my posts and that is because those are some of the most enjoyable parts. They are nasty hard body building workouts (Which is not my typical type of workout) and I am having fun doing them again after several years.

Believe me, while you are on Velocity working out won’t be the hard part for you mentally. If you’re doing this diet, I would think you are like me and love throwing some weight around the gym. I try to focus on the parts that are going to be hard for potential V-Dieters to come.

Before I knew it, Day 12 HSM #2. Weigh in… 205 lbs! It’s falling off and I am seeing all my abs again! Talk about motivation! Tonight’s HSM: Cauliflower Crust Pizza. FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!! Ate 4 or 5 small pieces and was suprised how quickly I felt satisfied (Before hand I would eat an entire extra large meat lovers pizza myself!!) My girlfriend is a culinary wizard and we had to do some expiermenting with this one.

We made two pies, one from fresh cauliflower the other from frozen. She and I ate off of the fresh one and she has been snacking this week on the frozen one. Both seemed to hold up fine. Two suggestions: 1. Add some milled flax seed to your dough 2. After you cook the cauliflower, let it cool before processing it (will help it bind better)

One hiccup…I fell asleep and accidentally skipped my bedtime shake after my HSM. DO NOT make this mistake!! It will throw you completely off the next day and you will feel like it’s day 3 again!! I got back on track and am rocking along once again.

Today is Day 14, the half way point. All down hill from here. I have my Ortho appt tomorrow and will hopefully get the all clear to get back to my training. God’s Speed to all those getting started, and I hope my posts are of some help to you.


Took my half way point measurements. Here they are:

Neck: 15.5" -0.5"
Waist@ Navel: 37.75" -1.75"
Waist@ Largest: 39.25" -1.25"
Shoulders: 50.5" -1.5"
Chest Upper: 45.25" +0.25"
Chest Lower: 41" -1.5"
Upper Arm Rt: 15"
Upper Arm Lf: 15.25" +0.75"
Upper Leg Rt: 23" -1.0"
Upper Leg Lf: 24.75" +0.25"
Lower Leg Rt: 14.25" +0.25"
Lower Leg Lf: 13.5" -1.0"
Ankle Rt: 9"
Ankle Lf: 9"

I found it odd my left upper leg gained size but it was the one booted the past two weeks for the ankle injury. Also, the the upper chest gained, but the lower chest shrunk. Haha, too much incline?!! Do these numbers look good overall? I am definitely up for any input. Thanks everyone!