Starting Off the Year Right

Kicking off my V-Diet starting tomorrow.

Getting a Bod-Pod test for accurate body fat %, will post before photo and measurements tomorrow.

Let’s do this.

I’ll be using a couple methods to measure body fat % for before/after comparisons.

The first method is the Bod Pod. I got the following measurements:

Weight: 210.3 lbs
Fat weight: 51.7 lbs
Lean Weight: 158.6 lbs
Body Fat Comp: 24.6%

Next will be Calipers this afternoon.

The measurements were kind of janky because I was doing them myself… but I guess it’s another data point:

Shoulders 21
Neck 15.5
Chest at armpits 46
Chest at nipples 44
Waist at Naval 39.75
Circumference at butt 43.5

Thigh at balls 27.5
calf 15.75
bicep 14.25
forearm 12

Thigh at balls 27.5
calf 15.75
bicep 14.75
forearm 12

Full half inch larger right bicep? And they said choking the chicken wasn’t a good workout…

Pictures to follow.




Looking forward to seeing your progress

12/29, day 1:

1 HOT-ROX morning and afternoon before workout

Drank breakfast shake normally

Drank a lunch shake and a Surge after the workout

Had a friend in town, so I went out to eat with him. I had grilled mahi mahi, a little bit of lobster and spinach, and grilled vegetables (albeit with more olive oil than I would’ve liked on them). Considering it was a Mexican restaurant known for fajitas, I think I did pretty good. No beans, no rice, no cheese, no tortillas.

Kind of sucked “cheating” on day 1, but I can’t sacrifice my entire social life. I’m confident I stayed below the benchmark calorie limit shown on the site.

hit about 80 golfballs at the range for NEPA

12/30, day 2:

HOT-ROX in the morning
Breakfast shake
HOT-ROX in the afternoon
lunch shake
snack shake
dinner shake
treadmill walk for 40 minutes while working
nighttime shake w/ almond butter.

I went out and bought pickles, okra and pepperoncinis. I need some savory flavors to balance out the constant sweetness of the shakes. The calorie content is extremely low and although the sodium is a bit high I can’t imagine why it would have a large impact on the diet.


I did it! A NYE with no drinking (save two sips of champagne as part of a toast).

Morning Shake
Lunch Shake
Snack Shake
did my work out (I’ve been mostly a 5/3/1 type strength guy in the past… those rest protocols are VICIOUS)
sipped one scoop of recovery shake during workout, one after
I skipped my dinner shake due to my going out plans but did have ~90 calories of beef jerky
added Flax to my nighttime shake

It was interesting… the two sips I had of champagne were DISGUSTING. It tasted gross and syrupy… my friends assured me that the champagne was not that bad. I think my tastes are already starting to change.

Anyways, onward and upward.


Today’s eating:

Breakfast Shake

Today, I went out to eat with one of my friends. I got a medium sized serving of chicken red curry (there were a couple small pieces of potato in it) and a side of black-eyed peas, without rice.


The HOT-ROX have been really helpful as an appetite suppressant. I find my hunger cravings significantly reduced with the 2x dose in the morning and afternoon.

I just drank my dinner shake - but only 1.5 scoops of protein because for some reason I thought I only could have two shakes on an HSM day - otherwise typical with flax/superfood. I did have about 8 cherry tomatoes and a spoonful of pickled jalapenos (again, savory). I also had about half a tbsp of almond butter, I’ll deduct that from my nighttime shake.

My friends went out to eat for Chinese food… I was so tempted to go with them. I figured I could order something healthy there, some chicken and vegetables without the teriyaki, no rice. But I fought it; it was difficult to resist, but felt good afterwards knowing I overcame.

Yeah, it’s day 4, technically I haven’t followed the diet strictly with the pickles/pepperoncinis/tomatoes/jalapenos and I’ve eaten two solid meals so far. On the one hand, when I’ve cheated, I haven’t gone full AWOL with a burrito or something. However, I’m not strictly adhering to the diet like I originally intended and NEPA has been a little less consistent than I would like. It feels all too early to have these lapses in discipline already.

Quitting ain’t an option. Just got to pick it up and keep going.

For the past two days, I’ve had a salad with a lean protein source during the day that replaced 2 of my shakes. I guess now I’m on the Velocity Diet Lite. I’ll be weighing in tomorrow morning to get a picture of how successful it’s been so far, and I’ll post 7 day progress picture as well. I don’t expect a huge difference over the course of 7 days but I figured it’d be nice to have a gradient to compare.

I’ve been doing the Velocity Diet Light - keeping my calories within the limit prescribed, no carb, but plenty of fiber and other supps.

Well, it’s day 11.

I’m following v-lite plan, ~3 shakes a day with the supps and one healthy relatively ketogenic meal at night.

I weighed in today at 205.5, ~5 lbs shy of my day 1 weight. I think the progress is visible.

I’m posting pictures from day 7 in the next 3 posts.

back day 7

I’m going to take another set - I don’t like how these didn’t line up exactly with the other pictures.

side day 7

front day 7

Still staying strong with the diet thus far.

The workout program is really beating me down… I’m sticking with it so far but the volume on the deadlift is WAY above my usual and separately an old bicep tendonitis issue is flaring up. I’m going to stick it out for the rest of the month program but I’ll probably go back to more of the push/pull posterior/anterior chain upper/lower body workout plan, maybe with a bit higher volume lower weight programming than my previous 5/3/1 stuff.

That said, I weighed in today at 203.5, 8 lbs below my starting weight (used a different scale than the bod pod, was 211.5 on that scale when I started the plan), which I’m very happy about. It appears to be in all the right places as well. Coming up on the two week mark this is very encouraging indeed.

Been doing pretty well still.

Not keeping up with NEPA as well as I probably should, and sometimes I overeat calorically on my solid meals, but all in all I’m happy with the results thus far.

My scale-weight has stalled at 203.5, but the mirror test seems to be pretty positive.

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