Starting My V-Diet Today


Here I go for round three of the Velocity diet…first one was a success, lost 28 pounds and finished it out…second time…decided to go to mexico and drink a ton of booze and eat everything in sight…shockingly it didn’t go well in round two.

Have been in and out of the gym (mostly out) for the last three years…fortunately, my other half got off her butt and decided to do a bikini/figures contest and has been working really hard. About two months ago I finally caught the bug and have been back in the gym consistently over that time.

SOOOOO in support of her monumental efforts, I decided that I would get on board and do the velocity diet while she preps for her contest…that way she won’t have to see me eating pizza while she maintains a strict diet.

I was planning on starting next week, but the supplements showed up and I got impatient!!!

Looking forward to a successful V-Diet, this is a gift to my other half, and myself for my 40th birthday…quitting is not an option!

I will post pics and stats ASAP.



Good luck to you and your “other half”! We are enjoying doing this as a couple! Think its great for a relationship to work so hard for such healthy goals! I look forward to reading your journey!


Just back from the gym first day, first workout.

here is what I did:

  1. front squat 5 sets of 4 at 185 pounds…thought my fitness might be an issue…was pretty easy and I will have to move up.

  2. pull ups 6 sets 4, 4, 4, 3, 3, 2 at body weight…think I could have done it in one less set…oh well, next week.

  3. dumbell press 4 sets of 5 at 75 pound dumbells

  4. ab roller 4 sets of 5

I liked that it was a quick in and out at the gym…now that I know I will work a little heavier…

just have to choke my final shake down…the first week is the hardest for keeping food down for me…such a change from my regular “diet”


front pic


side pic


back pic


weighing in at 225(ish)…dont think I will bother with measurements as the pics will tell all!!!


Day 2 done…did a 35 minute NEPA walk…threw a 25 pound plate in my backpack and went as I knew i wouldn’t be out for an hour.

Back to the gym tonight, will report my results later. Not feeling great this morning, but this was expected and I will power through.


day 3 done,

workout was:

1 leg squats (substitute as i was doing them prior and wanted to include them)
40 reps in 5 sets

bent over row 135 pounds
40 reps in 5 sets

push press 115 pounds
40 reps in 6 sets

barbell curls 60 pounds
40 reps in 4 sets

reverse crunches
40 reps in 4 sets

was absolutely bagged today so I was sipping on surge on the way to the gym and during my workout…finihed it within 5 minutes after workout…I feel like it gave me the boost I needed to get through.

day 3 in the books though so I can’t complain!!!

25 to go!!!


day 7 nearly in the books…had to go out of town for a day and a half this week and i brought all my food with me but forgot a shaker bottle…kind of comical to sit on the side of the road and pour protein powder into my mouth and then water, commence gargling to mix…yuck!!!

Got all my workouts done…did only 5 rounds of the vburn workout…took me 25 minutes and it was MUCH harder than i expected…I will get all six next week…not too concerned…I will take small victories at this point!

Had my solid meal today…left the healthy out as I had a brushetta mix (fresh tomatoes, onion, garlic and basil with balsamic vinegar and olive oil) and a burger with salad and fresh veggies…burger was overwhelmingly large…would have pounded that and more easily a week ago…took my time and it honestly took me a whole half hour to finish it. Didn’t feel great afterwards.

But week one is in the books with no major collapse, leaving 21 days to go…got a good handle on the workouts and I will bust it out this week and try to make some workout gains.

Think I am down about 5 pounds…will do pic at the end of next week to measure my progress.


even after a week of HSMs, my sunday family meal left me lying on the couch absolutely stuffed yesterday… after eating less than i normally would for entre! amazing how quickly you fill up on a normal serving of food with the V-Diet

great first week!


I went out of town one weekend last year when I was on the diet and dutifully measured out all of my protein into snack baggies and labeled them “Shake #1 Saturday”, etc. I had to watch my husband and child eat Quizno’s while I drank a shake! But I did it, and felt proud of myself for sticking with it.


Awesome that you are putting yourself out there in the pics. I need to get brave and post the pics I took!


Day 8 in the books…finally don’t have to look at a number of days left that starts with a 2_ only 19 to go!!!

I am not proud of the pics, thats for sure!!! But I think it is important to make yourself accountable during this process so there I am!!!

Workout yesterday was good…felt a little flat after I warmed up…had a really easy time with the front squats at 185 last week and I thought I would move up to 205…decided to stay at 185 and move up next week…there is still 2 more weeks and I am trying to build some success into my lifting days.

Here is what I did:

Front Squats:
185 for 5 sets of 4

Chin ups at body weight
5, 4, 4, 3, 2, 2

Dumbell bench press
80lb dumbells
5, 4, 4, 4, 3

Ab wheel rollouts
5, 5, 5, 5

NEPA tonight…I think instead of a walk I am going to do some (very) light yoga, stretching and warm-up and by that I mostly mean it will look like a fat guy rolling around on the floor in pain!!!

I have almost completely removed the flax from this and I am trying to slowly put it back but it has been making me feel so sick to my stomach…still trying to find sugar free fibre tabs in my town…apparently they are not a popular item.


Day 9 done…

Admittedly I skipped my NEPA today…I forgot that I had an online course I had to complete before today so I had to dig in and finish that last night instead…

Back on track with a workout later today…the big challenge this week will be working my day job and bartending all night tonight, tomorrow and Saturday.

Seem to be on cruise control right now…hopefully it stays that way. Not saying it has always been easy, obviously I am having cravings…but they are not too overwhelming!



Front day 14


side day 14


Back day 14


I dont really know if I see a large improvement in the pics, but i know I am already in pants that have not fit in a while…down at least ten pounds. I will be honest and say I did cheat this saturday…went golfing and had several drinks and a hot dog…bounced back quickly though and back on the shakes…and I am standing at the top of the hill starting the descent!!! 14 to go!!!

can’t wait to get into single digits to go.


“I dont really know if I see a large improvement in the pics”

Go back and read your logs and see how many “small” things that you are compromising on and altering. They add up in a big way. Commit yourself to doing these next 14 days absolutely strict and focusing on killing your workouts.

Also, the 30minutes to an hour of NEPA a day is really important. It’s not an area you want to be substituting other light activity for more than 1 or 2 times a week.

Good luck, I hope you crush the rest of it! I’m on day 2 today.