Starting My V-Diet Challenge


Day 1 seemed pretty easy. I wasn’t hungry didn’t want to eat real food. Went on my walk with my dogs and wife. Did my workout. I liked all the shakes.


day 2 every going good. so far


Great positive attitude! keep up the good work, when you have those cravings, anxieties and such just remember those positive feelings and all will work out. The 28 days will be over soon enough, then the real fun starts!
Good Luck!


All right today is day 6 not to bad so far. Workouts are going well. Haven’t been hungry. I have been sleeping better than I have in years. I still haven’t wanted to eat real food yet. But I did notice out of habit that I unconsciously went to refrigerator at certain time of the day. Like in the middle of the night when I get up to go to the restroom. Before I would go back to bed I would get a glass of apple juice or orange juice or cola on my way back. But I haven’t slipped yet.

Also while watching TV i didn’t realize how many commercials are about food. The other thing that was weird is that I didn’t realize how many times I get offered food at work. Now most the people I work know what I’m doing. They had lots questions. There excited to see if I can complete this challenge. I went to grocery store with my wife yesterday that was also a experience. The store I go to never has samples. But yesterday they were everywhere around the store. What was really funny there was products I never noticed before and would never look at. Also it appeared like the food company’s knew I was doing this challenge there was so many new products out that I would have liked to try made out the stuff I like.

Anyway unuf about the food. I’m really enjoy the nepa walks with my wife and dogs. I have also been hiking with my dogs 2 miles more than I did previously. Also the nepa walks and hikes are absolute must. For some reason once you do it you really good. I have even went in the rain. Today I’m going on Mountain bike ride with some friends like I do every week. I had to clean out my camel pak of the bars , gels that I usually carry. I going to put my blender bottle in there with my meal for that time. Also yesterday is day my wife and me take care the house stuff , pay bills, shopping the usually stuff you do on your day off. We usually are gone most the day. So I had to pack my meals for the day and bring them with me. My wife was going to do this with me but some stuff came up and only one of us was only able to the challenge. So she got some food and it something I liked but when I smelled it. It didn’t smell as good. I have also notice some other things that didn’t smell good anymore.

I have met some toxic people too. People that I would have never guessed would have a opinion on what I doing. I have been checking into this challenge for years but never knew anybody that did it. My brother did it and had good results and I said if he could do it that I would try it. I told my friend about and he is doing with me which is good we talk about it all the time. Well I write more tomorrow it will be weigh in and measurements and the long awaited HSM for one meal.


Well I went on my weekly mountain bike ride that I run. This had to be my worst ride yet for fitness. It was my route that I setup for the group and I couldn’t even lead them. Lucky some of my good friends were there and i was able to direct them where to go and wait at a stopping point. I was very embarrased on my ride.

The new guys and some of other guys that aren’t as fit as me on the rides were making me like a newbie. We went on 13 mile ride which should of took us a hour and half took 4 hours. It was like I was there but didn’t have the gas to go I willed myself though this ride. I don’t understand how this could happen. The week before I started the V-Diet I was good to go. Where did all my fitness go. They thought I was sick or something. But I told them what I was doing. So does my body need to get use to it or is this normal?

Anyway today is day 7 of the V-Diet and weigh in and measurements and HSM are happening later today after I get off work. Workouts are still going good. Drinking the shake are fine. Just excited to see measurements and weight. I will attach some pics of last weeks before and this weeks measurements later.


[quote]abhemet wrote:

Also while watching TV i didn’t realize how many commercials are about food. The other thing that was weird is that I didn’t realize how many times I get offered food at work.[/quote]

Yeah! I noticed the same thing. Food is such a social thing so much so that I haven’t seen some of my friends that I usually see just to go out to eat. My wife and I usually go out to eat about 3 times a week. After the diet I’ll have to start inviting them over for some HSM’s


[quote]Jakeneller wrote:

[quote]abhemet wrote:

Also while watching TV i didn’t realize how many commercials are about food. The other thing that was weird is that I didn’t realize how many times I get offered food at work.[/quote]

Yeah! I noticed the same thing. Food is such a social thing so much so that I haven’t seen some of my friends that I usually see just to go out to eat. My wife and I usually go out to eat about 3 times a week. After the diet I’ll have to start inviting them over for some HSM’s [/quote]

You can still go to restaurants and eat HSMs. Obviously some types of restaurants are better than others. For example, steakhouses are pretty easy. Order a steak, steamed vegetables, a salad and stay away from the baked potato/fries and you are all set. Italian places are a lot harder. Most dishes are laden with carbs so they can be challenging.

My personal favorite establishment is the Texas Roadhouse. The steak is great and they even give you peanuts to shell as an appetizer. They are also one of the few places I have found that have sweet potatoes on the menu as an option.


Well I did measurements after one week on V-Diet. 10 lbs lost 8.75 overall inches lost. Added a couple measurements for chest wasn’t sure of correct area. I had my first HSM tonight. I had 8oz. of water ,grilled chicken breast on my foreman grill, Salad, and Mixed Steamed veggies. It was way less than I usually eat. I focused on chewing 30 times and putting my fork down and making the dinner last for 30 mins. Usually it take about 5 mins for me to eat. I felt Buffet full at 40 mins. So next time I will try to make the dinner last for another 10 mins longer. I ate all the veggies. I don’t like carrots and there was alot in there. But I was surprised. That they weren’t that bad.

I usually try to eat carrots a couple times a year just make sure that I still don’t like them. Because I have tried other veggies that I didn’t like and to my surprise after years not liking them I suddenly do. I think I can eat carrots now so I don’t have to pick them out anymore. First week down new week tomorrow. Feeling good.


Day 8 was good drinking shakes was fine. But did something different. Mix the flavors of powders. Interesting tastes but liked it. Did my NEPA walk with wife and daughter and my dogs. Workout is going good. One thing I notice that going on walks is have to. You feel alot better when doing it. I like to do it in the morning. But I can only do that on my days off. Other wise I’m doing at night.

Going on some more mountain bike rides this week. I usually do that 2 to 3 times a week. But since I have been on this diet its really hard when I ride. I’m hoping that my body just needs to get use to it. So I’m going to do to ride this week. If its too taxing I’m only going to it once a week.

One thing I notice on this diet I have even energy though out the day. Still not hungry in between shakes. Food doesn’t phase anymore. I guess I will see at the end of this week when I eat my HSM.


Day 9 on V-Diet drank all 5 of shakes. The bed time meal that you add some kind of butter is really making it hard to drink. It takes me awhile to drink it. It tastes like I’m drinking a jar of what ever butter I’m using. It almost ruins it for me. Went on NEPA walk with wife and the boys for 3.50 miles in 40 minutes. Our best time yet. I think walking is getting faster.

day 10 is my dayoff from work which is today. I usually do a hike with my boys( my two black labs)its the most exciting days of the week when we go on hikes. Also I was thinking about going on a road ride today too. I need too I have a race coming up April 30 50 miles. This will be my first road race. I have recently started mountain bike endurance racing. This is one the big reasons for doing this diet. To shed some pounds, build some muscle and get on a healthy meal plan and also just about all the clothing for bikers has a different cut and the largest size i just can’t fit into.

Its goal for me to be able to get into that type clothes. I have purchased some shorts and jacket that I can’t fit into. I plan on being able to wear them by the end of this 28 days. I don’t look like the biker type and I get funny looks when I ride my bike and out on the trail everybody always asks if I’m alright. One day I was riding my road bike near my house I had three different people yell different comments to me. get off the road fat a@# and different weight related things. I have two very good bikes and can’t take anymore weight off of them and ride like freak on them but not as much since I have been on this diet.

Also people say I should be super skinny because i ride so much. Which I should be. All my friends I ride with are 150lbs to 180lbs. So doing this diets get me going in the right direction and control my eating. I just read the about three P’s(passion,Persistence, and Pain Tolerance of training and that’s how I train when biking. I think this diet will take me to the next level and rid me of the bad habits.


Hey just back from my hike with dogs. It was awesome morning to be out in fresh air. I’m going to post my before pics. I blurred my face. Don’t get scared. These pics from 3-20-11 day before the start of the V-diet. I’m hoping to get rid of some this weight.


day 12 Today I decide not use the HOT-ROX. I was actual feeling hungry. I almost ate hamburger. one of the things my wife I do is eat out together and try new place and we haven’t been able to that since I have been on this diet. Went on mountain bike ride with some friends. Pack my shakes and went. I drank one before the ride and one after at a taco shop while my friends were eating some good mexican. They felt really bad about eating infront of me. But that weared off after they took there first bite. These friends didn’t know what I was doing. So explained and they were alright with it.

Oh this was 20mile mountain bike ride to about 4500 elevations. so it was really tough without my usually energy stores and be able to eat power bar or gel to get me though it only water. my furnace was really burning. Also it was record heat to boot 90 degrees or higher. So its been rough couple of days. Tomorrow another ride and another day on the diet. thanks for listening. here is picture of what I feel like from pic I found on simply shredded.


Day 14 still feeling good aboutt the diet. Yesterdays ride was alittle better. Still not riding as good as I was before. I decided to have HSM yesterday with my friends and wife after the ride. It was good time. The friends said I’m slowing them down. So I told them I will ride by myself until I’m done and eating regular. It kind of bums me out that i’m riding so poorly. But Im counting on it being worth it. I was thinking about not doing the 50 mile race but I already payed so I will have to suffer though it. But by that time I will be eating 2 hsm a day I think which will make it better. Today is weigh in and measurements. I weighed this morning and I was 280lbs 2 lbs. up from last sunday. I don’t know if you can gain 2 lbs of muscle in two weeks. is it possible? I will know for sure tonight when I do my measurements what happened. I had such great results the first week. Now this second weigh in is a little dissappointing. I no change in what I was doing.

Well its another week and I still have the product 1/3 of the way though. No turning back now. Wife said she was proud of me which is good. origingally she was going to do it with me. But some things came she couldn’t. Now that she has seen what I’m doing she said she wouldn’t been able to do it. She is my biggest supporter. On these last to rides was first time I have ever wanted to quit riding. my friends were very surprised. They did push me to go further and I did. But I never wanted to quit before. But they could see how out of gas I was which never happens. I’m usually one that is pushing everybody to go further and finish the ride.


Hey there,

It sounds like you are doing alright. I can understand how disappointing it would be to be to find something you usually excel at (bike riding) very difficult all of a sudden. I was actually surprised, reading your log, to find that you are doing such intense bike rides during your V-Diet time. The amount of calories (energy) you are taking in is not enough to sustain the amount of energy it takes for such strenuous activity.

From what I’ve read about the V-Diet, it seems like you are only supposed to do the weight training and NEPA, and forgo your usual exercise activity (your bike rides sound too intense to be considered NEPA) You just wont have enough energy to sustain those activities while on this diet, and it can take away from your ability to complete the weight training to your utmost capacity. I’ve read a lot of forum questions to Chris about people who want to continue with their usual exercise in addition to the V-Diet and Chris’s response usually seems to be “Don’t. Either do the V-Diet as prescribed, or don’t do the V-Diet”.

Perhaps you should take a break from the bike riding and focus on completing the V-Diet and weight training as prescribed. Then you can go back to bike riding when you are done, and be a leaner, more muscular version of you. This would also save you a lot of crap from your friends that think you are “slowing them down” <–that can’t feel good to hear. That’s my 2 cents anyways.

Hang in there!


Also, sorry about the GanhisCON posting above…that was my bad. My fiance was signed in and I didn’t realize it, so I originally posted under his name, oops! I couldn’t figure out how to delete it, so now there is just a period.


I can relate to the damaged ego you’re feeling, OP. My first V-Diet training workout was really subpar compared to my usual workouts. I second what KT suggests re: the break. I’m giving up my running for the next month and I’ll sorely miss it but, hey, I’ll just love it all that much more when I get back to it! Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that. And you’ll be in better shape to excel at it.

Well wishes sent your way. Keep up the good work.


Also, just wanted to add…it might be helpful to remember that NOT doing too much is MORE beneficial. Doing too much can zap/slow down the metabolism, lead to muscle depletion, which then further slows the metabolism. Part of this diet is to interrupt that vicious cycle.


I couldn’t see anything just a empty post. I’m not having trouble with workouts just my mountain biking. I guess I will stop for now.


Day 14 weigh in and measurements I gained 1.5lbs and but lost 5 inch more over all. I will take some pics maybe I can see a difference there. Well I guess maybe the bike riding slowed metabolism down. So no biking for 2-3 weeks. I didn’t think made difference. I guess I was wrong.


here is photos of week 2 and before comparison. To me not much difference.