Starting Indigo, Dose Questions

Alright lets start this off quickly and briefly…first a question regarding Indigo: After you start an 8 week full dose then back off to maintenance what warrants a second full dose run? Do you ever need to go back to a full dose if you break from the product?

I’m currently 12-15% body fat and able to maintain this easily year round with a decent clean diet. However my fat cells blow up when carbs are significantly added throughout the week. I would say very carb sensitive. Which is why I think this product will be beneficial and killer for me.

Secondly, I will be purchasing a rice cooker. lol

Some people choose to do a second full-dose run if they’re, say, doing a big mass phase where they know they’ll be cramming in lots of extra calories. But label directions have most people well-covered without the need for a second full-dose cycle.

Current Diet Routine: Basically have been doing a Pulse Feast style diet having two pulses for breakfast and lunch, mixed nuts in the early afternoon, Anaconda (2 scoops) Peri-workout, then home for huge kale/mixed greens salad, table spoon olive oil dressing, another 1/4 cup nuts with salad, and a good portion of chicken breast. After Dinner I have a serving and a half of oatmeal mixed with a scoop of Metabolic Drive, and a couple cups of almond milk.

I eat this way 6 times a week, and love it. On Saturdays this is my free afternoon, high calorie eat whatever I’m feeling. This is usually a fast food meal, or serious comfort food at a nice restaurant. Maybe a couple pizza slices with chicken, raviolis/pasta with chicken, cheeseburger & fries, and always, always a dessert, then later that night some oatmeal and MD Protein to wind things down. I enjoy this free afternoon once a week and have been able to actually lean out and add a bit of muscle, and/or keep my current BF percentage.

Now lets get to the new diet modification…

On non training days my dosage times will be breakfast and dinner. For workout days will be breakfast and 5pm pre-workout. Obviously on non-workout days the Peri-Protocol will be out.

*Breakfast will be Indigo oatmeal and MD Drive. (fish oil and Vit D)

*Lunch will be MAG-10 Pulse.

*Afternoon snack may be a serving of mixed nuts (will see how the day feels).

*Pre-workout will be Indigo with FiNi Bar, Plazma (2 doses), and another MAG-10 Pulse after.

*Dinner will be rice, chicken breast and large kale/mixed greens salad with nuts and olive oil dressing. Oatmeal and MD Drive for dessert. (fish oil, vit D and Elite Minerals)

My Saturday Free Afternoon Munch Session will stay in the program.

CS: Any adjustments here?

I am concerned with two things here:

  1. My veggie intake without my usual Superfood addition.

  2. What amount of daily carbs should I shoot for on workout and not workout days?

Do a quick and dirty carb count just to make sure you’re 300g or so per day at least. Then ramp up and find that sweet spot.

Oatmeal is fine for most people, but be sure to check out the other options here: <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo Carb Guide

I’d ditch the cheat meal if you’re still planning on having it. It’s really doing you no good and a higher amount of clean foods will have the same benefits with no drawbacks. Think refeed, not cheat. A cheat gets more and more harmful as we age, so best to get out of the habit ASAP.

The important thing with Indigo-3G is to modify diet as needed. Remember, Indigo is going to change and improve your core physiology, so take advantage of it. Usually this means you can eat more clean carbs, more overall calories, train harder and more frequently (especially with Plazma as part of the mix) etc.

  1. Eat more veggies. It’s easy. Plenty of recipes in our recipe section. No raw broccoli required!

  2. Experiment. More than you think, is the best answer.

Should my non workout day carbs remain the same as workout days? Just taking out the periworkout? This makes it really easy if so…around 300g (starting) minus peri workout would be for non days.

Also what do you recommend for breakfast, peri and dinner carb amounts. Lighter for breakfast, around 100g for peri and dinner fill the remaining post workout?

Most Indigo users don’t make any adjustment to training vs. non-training day when it comes to carbs. Think about it: you still need to fuel recovery on non-lifting days. Carbs may end up being a little lower naturally because you won’t be taking workout nutrition supps, but you don’t need to drastically decrease carbs on off days or anything.

I don’t count carbs myself. I choose clean ones and eat them whenever I want. That’s one great thing about Indigo-3G: you don’t have to micromanage. Really, if you’re taking care of workout nutrition, everything else just falls into place, assuming you’re choosing good foods.

…And with that, I’m out.

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