Starting Indigo-3G, Carb Concerns

I will be starting Indigo-3G sometime this week (when it arrives in the mail). Im 19 and roughly 212 lbs and am worried that the high demand for carbs will put on fat (which im hoping to lose with taking Indigo). Should I just test the waters first? -Thanks

I think if you could post your current diet and your current training Chris can better answer that question.

Many of people have lost fat while on Indigo-3G consuming more carbs than they thought, but are also training like caged beasts. If your training isn’t on point and diet isn’t in check Indigo-3G wont give you all the results you want.

Good advice from corstijeir above. Also, see this if you haven’t yet: <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G Carb Guide.

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