Starting in a Week, High Activity Job

Hello. So I’ll be starting the diet in about a week. My question is I’m a bartender/server who works at a seasonal very high volume resort over the summer. I work 7 days a week and 3 of those days are about 14 hour days. I’m not sure the exact amount of calories I burn is but I know some days it’s a ton. It’s just the food we get for free there isn’t that great for you and it’s easy to overeat when you’re that active all day. My question is will the shakes and everything be enough calories considering my job?

“Probably yeah” is as accurate an answer as you can get because it’ll depend on a few factors.

What’s your current size (height, weight, general bodyfat)?

If you’re that active during the day, you obviously won’t need the added NEPA. You can also consider having the HSM for lunch (presumably during your work day) instead of waiting for dinner. There’s also wiggle room to add one scoop to your day’s intake if needed.

There’s really no room to shave down the workouts since they’re pretty barebones as-is, so it’d really just be adjusting things on the nutrition end. It’s not ideal but it’s definitely workable, especially if you’re on track monitoring progress weekly and make adjustments as needed.

And this is a normal double shift

My girlfriend is in town for two weeks staring today from the Czech republic…the day after she leaves I’ll be starting

When I start I’ll post pics

How’s it going?

Are you truckin’ along and halfway through or did something come up?

Got it yesterday. Although I didnt get the actual plan?? I thought there would be a book?? There was a link in my order but it didnt work??

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Started today. Weight 205

It should be an e-book. Check your Spam folder maybe?

Or send an e-mail to Or you can try getting it here and “ordering” it on its own:

I got it from customer service a few days ago. Thanks!

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