Starting Diet this Sunday 8/12/2012


Hello everyone. Getting ready to start this. Taking pictures tomorrow.

Height 5’8
Weight 190 lbs
Body fat 17.3%
Neck 17"
Shoulders 49"
Chest-Upper 43"
Chest-lower 41"
Waist at Navel 37"
Waist at largest 37"
Hips 41"
Upper Arm L 16"
Upper Arm R 16"
Upper Leg L 23.5"
Upper Leg R 23.5"
Lower Leg L 16"
Lower Leg R 16"
Ankle L 9.5"
Ankle R 9.5"

I hope this is the correct place to post this. If not please let me know.

Wish me luck



Before 8/11/2012


Before 8/11/2012


Before 8/11/2012


So the day came and I started. Day one isn’t much fun but not bad at all. Slight headache but no real feeling of being hungry although I am looking forward to the nut butter tonight.


I have not been hungry at all…just had my first workout and felt great. The original Surge Recovery drink was terrible…any ideas how to make it bearable?


[quote]fleej76 wrote:
I have not been hungry at all…just had my first workout and felt great. The original Surge Recovery drink was terrible…any ideas how to make it bearable?
i basically watered mine down a lot. i’d chug the first half at the start of my workout and then refill my bottle with water. kept refilling it…


I have to share this… For whatever reason when I tried to drink the original flavor Surge recovery I couldn’t. The flavor just did not go well with me. Well I sent customer service an email and within just a few hours they called me. Not only did they offer to exchange it, they offered to send me the replacement immediately so as to be sure I did not have to go a day without it during my Velocity diet. Needless to say I was very impressed. Thanks for helping ensure that I could stick to this diet to a T!


Today’s workout was difficult. I am use to working out much harder and more often but this second workout was hard. Is that just because of the decrease in calories?


I agree that the drink is a little rough. What was the replacement they sent you? And props to T-Nation on customer service!!



They sent me the chocolate flavor. It is in no way what I would consider good but it is much much better than the original.


haha. Well, by the diet plan we drink it 12 times. I suppose I can do anything 12 times… and hurl.


[quote]RT wrote:
haha. Well, by the diet plan we drink it 12 times. I suppose I can do anything 12 times… and hurl.[/quote]

HA, good point. So I was interested on what my experience would be with Surge Recovery after reading your experience with it. I ordered the Raspberry flavor. And It wasn’t really that good. I’ve had worse tasting supplements in the past, so it is bearable, but that is one thing that I am not looking forward to during these 28+ days.


Good point…12 times is nothing.
I know I wasn’t suppose to weigh except once a week but I just jumped on the scale this morning (a day early)and have already dropped 9lbs.


that is straight bad ass. And screw the critics!!


So I just had my first real meal of this diet and it was amazing. I go to the store to buy the food and I swear my mouth actually started salivating!! Tilapia, Steak, Asparagus, a salad to start it off and I have grapefruit and orange slices for dessert, although I am way to full for dessert right now.

I think the mental aspect off this diet is going to turn out to be equally as important as the physical benefit.

I do public speaking at financial seminars and this past week was speaking to a group of Physicians (the seminar was at Shula’s Steakhouse and talk about self control, I didn’t even think about eating,) well after my show I was talking to a few who I told about the diet. I figured they were going to say it was unhealthy but to my surprise 3 of them started asking me where do they go to order the supps. Hopefully they buy it at I get a gift in the mail!


One more thing, I also checked my body fat at the gym today and it said I was down to 13.5%. That seems a pretty dramatic change in just a week… Any ideas on the accuracy or likelihood that could happen in just a week?


Day 9- I was so tired today…I had to literally make myself go to the gym. Normal? Anyone else have a day or two when they could really feel the fatigue?


I am no pro on this diet yet. But, I do suspect that a little more sleep is required than usual. I have had burnt days where my normal cutting corners on sleep won’t ucti it.

For the body fat check, did you use electro-impedience? Is it possible that the lesser water retention affects things?


I’ve haven’t had too much of a problem with getting tired yet.( and I wake up at 4:30 daily ).
I think if you find yourself overdoing it on your NEPA or adding too much to your workout, you could find yourself getting a little tired. So maybe consider if you are maybe doing a little “too” much here and there. I actually had this problem and had to tell myself that given the reduced caloric intake of this diet that besides the prescribed workout and NEPA, just relax and I don’t need to do a lot of extra. Let the diet/plan do its work.

DISCLAIMER just my 5 cents. by no means an expert on the matter.