Starting at a BMI of 28, Expectations?


Hello Chris, my name is Oliver. Just wanting to know if the V-Diet is for me. I currently weight 98.3 kilograms = 216.714404 pounds, my BMI is 28.1 which is in the â?¢Overweight = 25â??29.9 section. The time has come for me to lose the weight i have put on over the past two years of in activity. Ive been heavily reading the articles and the before/after posts on the site. It is very encouraging to see people that are getting very good results. Congrats to them.

My few questions are:

  • coming from a BMI of 28.1 if i do the 28 day program too the tee, any rough idea of what my bmi would drop too?

  • ontop of the set excersise have you had people pushing for further results, without starving themselves or feeling exhausted and not able to recover propperly intime for the next workout?

Thanks, and looking forward to a couple of awnsers before i start :slight_smile:

  1. BMI is bunk. If you’re 216 and all muscle the BMI index will still say you’re obese.

  2. If you’re following the diet to the letter and doing the workouts to the letter you’ll recover. If you’re not used to working out you might have muscle soreness the first week that’s worse than the next 3 but just push through it.

  3. Don’t worry about how much you’ll lose, the V-diet is going to strip fat off you AND it’ll fix your taste buds and fuel your body for continued fatloss.


What he said. :wink: