Starting, 4 Days In


First post, so, hello! I really let myself go a couple years ago, and have steadily been trying to fix it over the past year or so. One of the guys I work with told me about the velocity diet, and with a physical fitness test coming up, it sounded like a great idea. I was just under 230 at the beginning of the year, and starting weight on the velocity diet was 199, so I’ve definitely been making progress… just not fast enough progress, and was using mostly cardio to lose weight, so the image in the mirror wasn’t really changing that much.

I’m not sure if this makes a difference, but I’ll add it for completeness’ sake: I’m taking .05mg/day of synthroid for hypothyroidism treatment.

Everything came on Tuesday night, and I started the vdiet on Wednesday morning. It was a pretty busy week, and I didn’t really have time to take measurements and pictures until today. I’ve already lost 6.5 pounds (probably mostly water weight, there was a decent amount of beer, popcorn, and other junk last Sunday).

So, stats.
Height: 68"
Starting weight: 199 lbs
Weight when measurements/pics taken: 192.6 lbs
Estimated %fat: 20%

neck 16"
shoulders 48.5"
chest upper 41.5"
chest lower 40"
waist at navel 36"
waist at largest 37.5"
hips at largest 40.5"
upper arm L 14.5"
upper arm R 14"
Upper leg L 23.5"
upper leg R 24"
Lower leg L 16"
Lower leg R 16"
Ankle L 10"
Ankle R 10"


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Two quick questions. Is it alright to mix in Rez-V, or should I wait until the end of the V-diet? Also, my wife has a thing for littleneck clams steamed in white wine, served with whole wheat french bread. Is this an ok HSM as long as the alcohol used in the steaming cooks off and I don’t drink any of the wine, and keep the bread consumption to a minimum? Thanks!