Starting 03-08-09 - Last Chance

Starting the V-Diet today.
2 months ago:
244 lbs
bodyfat: ??

Starting V-Diet:
218 lbs
bodyfat: 38% self caliper 3spot
Beginner workout
pics in profile

Been doing a paleo type diet for past 2 months, plus full body circuit training and slow cardio. Ready for more.

My goals are to get rid of that tons of fat (about 20 lbs) before focusing more on strength. While I think the progress I’ve made the past 2 months is good*, I don’t want to keep dieting 2 or 3 more months before switching to focus on strength and GPP. I’d like V-Diet to help me shorten that time.

As you can see from my join date I’ve been reading for a long time, and have yo-yo’d up and down in weight, fitness, and strength over the years.

I am telling myself this is the last time, I’ve said that before but I have to mean it this time. I’m 37, each time it gets harder and hurts more. I feel like this is my last chance or I’ll die sickly, weak and alone.

*Now on the V-Diet i realize i was not eating nearly enough, so have no idea how much muscle I lost. so maybe progress was not nearly as good as i thought. gotta get a trainer to measure my bodyfat accurately.

DB Bench: 30 x 11,10,8,5,6 (too light)
DB rows: 30 x 10,10,8,6,7 (too light, but last rep on last 3 sets were bad form)
DB squat: 20 (2 dumbells) x 8,8,8,8,8 (can probably go up, but rested too much between sets)
front plank- 10s, 10s, 10s, 10s (these are starting to get easy now)

romanian deadlift: 60x 12, 10 (quit because of bad form, rounded back at bottom)
stiff legged deadlift 60x 10,10,10
(change to these until can get someone to help with form)

pulldown and press finally used fast speed and 45 second intervals, both felt good

underhand grip lat pulldown: 70x 12,13,12,13 (light go heavier next time) (used 2 cable handgrips 35lb each)

overhead dumbell press: 15s x 12,12,12,8,3 (ok weight, 2nd to last set was hard)
side plank: on elbows, left side still can do it on hands for only a few seconds, right side can hold on hand 8 sec

Felt better when using some Surge Recovery pre workout, but still didn’t hit it hard enough again. Need to work harder!

contacted gym trainer about deadlift form hopefully get an appointment within a week.

sugar cravings starting to come back, maybe all the sucralose in Metabolic Drive? or maybe it’s my carbs dropping more than before. OR maybe it’s because i’m eating more now on V-Diet than I was eating before and hunger coming back maybe my metabolism was slowed down. I didn’t have a food log (do now) and sure feel like I am “eating” more.

Have to remind myself to take shakes i am not hungry

flatulence is awful, even my dog thinks so. what the heck it’s like something is dying down there

Friday workout:
Sumo deadlifts: had to substitute used backward stepping lunges body weight: sets: 6,10,9,8,6, not same but really focused, glutes felt really hit hams a little less so think it was good just not the program. Starting to think i’m not strong enough / too beginner for the program.

Incline db press: (used cable machine)
25x 12,8,6,2 20x8,8,6 (25s were too much reps were too slow. went down to 20s these were faster like the program), not very focused on this one again need to get psyched

lat pulldown widegrip: 85x8,8,8,6,4 good speed and weight, good focus
planks: (seconds held) 22,15,12,10,6

food: hungrier now, maybe metabolism is picking back up.

saturday V-Burn: did only 4 sets, took 45 minutes, wtf, i got really fed up with my lack of fire
monday: much better , worked hard, don’t have the numbers here to write down but pushed pretty well, worked with someone which helped

food: still feeling like i’m force feeding myself to get all the calories in. a few days was off by 1 shake (200 kcal)

end of week 1: (forgot these measurements last week):
weight: 214
bodyfat: 27.7% (impedence -measured after workout ) from now on do all using this at same time
neck: 16.4
shoulders: 46.5
chest upper: 44
chest lower: 43.5
abdomen: 44
waist: 41
hips: 42
upper arm L: 13.25
upper arm R: 13.25
lower arm L: 11
lower arm R: 11
upper leg R: 26
upper leg L: 26
lower leg R: 16 1/8
lower leg L: 16.5
ankle R: 9
ankle L: 9.25

It’s starting to feel a lot easier. Not the workouts, but feeling like I’m cruising along.

Except of course feeling like I’m shoveling food into my mouth. I still have trouble feeling like I’m eating too many calories but my weight is slowly going down, but more importantly my clothes are all loser, a lot of people are commenting on how different I look.

Started working with a trainer at my gym to make sure my form is correct. Of course it’s a gym where they don’t want you to squat to parallel and everything else, but at this point it’s still better than me doing it alone when every workout my lower back would be killing me, at least now I feel good (though beat) after workouts so I know i’m not hurting myself.

I forgot my log to post but been working hard the last few workouts. Feel like i’m a lot more motivated, been reading through some sports and other books that help get me psyched up and angry.

end of week 3: Mar. 30
weight: 210
bodyfat: ???
neck: 16.4 -> 16 3/8
shoulders: 46.5 -> 46.5
chest upper: 44 -> 43
chest lower: 43.5 -> 43 3/4
abdomen (navel) 44 -> 43.5
abdomen (largest): 44 -> 44
waist: 41 -> 40
hips: 42 -> 41.5
upper arm L: 13.25 -> 12 7/8
upper arm R: 13.25 -> 12 7/8
lower arm L: 11 ->11
lower arm R: 11 -> 11
upper leg R: 26 -> 26
upper leg L: 26 -> 26
lower leg R: 16 1/8 -> 15 3/4
lower leg L: 16.5 -> 16 1/8
ankle R: 9 -> 9
ankle L: 9.25 -> 9.25

So you’re feeling full and yet losing pounds and inches? Heck, that’s great!

Keep us updated!

Doing really well chrisb71. Keep posting so we can watch you transform :wink:

Final measurements:
Ht: 6’2"
Weight: 218 -> 214 -> 209
Bodyfat %: ?? ->27.7% -> 23.8% (impedance )
LBM: 155 -> 159

Not great but not bad, impedance has some error but still though I didn’t lose a lot my new clothes I bought are already too big and I am stronger.

neck: 16.4 -> 16 3/8 -> 16.5
shoulders: 46.5 -> 46.5 -> 46
chest upper: 44 -> 43
chest lower: 43.5 -> 43 3/4 -> 43 1/8
abdomen (navel) 44 -> 43.5 -> 43
abdomen (largest): 44 -> 44 -> 43
waist: 41 -> 40 -> 40
hips: 42 -> 41.5 -> 41
upper arm L: 13.25 -> 12 7/8 -> 13
upper arm R: 13.25 -> 12 7/8 -> 13
lower arm L: 11 ->11 -> 10 3/4
lower arm R: 11 -> 11 -> 10 3/4
upper leg R: 26 -> 26 -> 25.25
upper leg L: 26 -> 26 -> 25.25
lower leg R: 16 1/8 -> 15 3/4 -> 16
lower leg L: 16.5 -> 16 1/8 -> 16 1/8
ankle R: 9 -> 9 -> 9.25
ankle L: 9.25 -> 9.25 ->9.25

In my pics (on my profile) i can barely see a difference, but I can feel the difference.

My main problem was I was much more of a beginner than I thought and could barely do squats or deadlifts without back pain or knee pain, I had a real hard time balancing during single leg work like lunges. So I had to change the excercises and focus on getting my core and glutes stronger, otherwise I might have been more successful had I been able to do everything as proscribed. That’s kinda why I didn’t update so much.

But I’ve been working with a trainer focusing on my core and glutes (yeah lots of bosu ball heh) in the end it helped a lot with feeling the right muscles contract and learning good form. I can finally front squat below parallel, back squat and dumbell squat is not at parallel yet, my bench is still my biggest lift but my squat is finally catching up and will pass it up soon.

10RMs: 6 weeks ago -> today
Bench: 75 -> 115
front squat : 35 -> 65 (this is mainly limited by my wrists due to the clean grip, still learning)
deadlift: 40-> 95
Overhead/military press: 20 -> 45
Push press: 40 -> 95

For now my goals are to get my core and glutes strong enough until my squat and deadlift are more normal, it’s not my quads or hams holding me back but everything else. After that not sure, I want to get bigger and stronger but I still have a lot of fat. GPP is a big goal too.

A great side effect was my dog lost 5 lbs too due to all the NEPA walks. I feel bad I let him gain weight along with me the last few years. We’re gonna keep working on it together. He’s down to 78 he should be 60.

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