Started Yesterday

I started the V-Diet yesterday. I have only been working out for the past two years and don’t have a lot of size (very little) but want to burn the excess fat off my frame. I am a former fat boy.

Age: 39
Weight: 192
Height: 5’9"
Measurements, Resting
Neck - 15.5
Shoulders - 49
Chest Upper - 44.25
Chest Lower - 44.5
Waist at navel - 39.25
Left Bicep - 12.5
Right Bicep - 12.75
Ankles - 9.25
Lower Legs - 15
Upper Legs - 21.75
Hips - 39.5

I will post pics later because I don’t have them with me now.

Yesterday went perfectly … no issues with significant hunger, good workout, and was able to follow the plan to the letter.
Today I was a little slow to start and didn’t drink my first shake until a little bit later in the morning. I did eat the flax seed meal when I got up but was not hungry for anything more. I should be back on schedule with the afternoon meals. I walked 1.5 miles on 2% grade at 4 mph. I will walk another 2.5 miles after work on the same settings.

Don’t laugh

Ugh … embarrassing …

The after pictures are going to be much better … I promise …

So I missed one of the shakes yesterday on my non-workout day. I am going to keep a better schedule today and not miss a shake. Overall I am doing well. My busy lifestyle is making it difficult to do, but so far I haven’t slipped once. This weekend will be more difficult. I have a date on Saturday night and am going to the Colts game on Sunday. That will be more challenging, but I believe I will be able to do it.

Well $hit … I keep missing a shake each day … got the workout in along with a 4 mile walk … got all the supplements but missed one of the shakes today … by the time I finally got to the gym it was late and after drinking my Surge, I just couldn’t drink another one before bed …

Other than the missed shake, everything else is on target … good workouts, good walks … feel good …

Day 4 went well … only did a 2 mile walk, but managed my shake intake much better … all’s well so far … now the hard part … the first weekend … wish me luck!

I’ll wish you succes instead ;)!

Do, or do not. There is no ‘try.’ - Yoda

How’s everthing coming along HF? You didn’t quit did you? :wink:

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