Started Velocity Diet, but Have to Modify

OK I am 34 years old and I just started the Velocity Diet on Monday. I am 5’11 and starting weight is a flabby 191 lbs. Today is Friday and I have been doing well. Already lost 5 pounds. However, my problem is well…life. I’ll explain. I am at work at 7am every morning and dont get home til 6:30 PM and then I take care of my 9 month old son for an hour til he goes to bed.

I had wrist surgery about 9 months ago so I cannot lift very heavy if at all. Dr. advises against freeweights altogether. Plus I am exhausted by the time I get done with all that. Not making excuses, just letting you know what the dealeo is. My wife and I do many family and friends outings on the weekends (dinners, lunhes, etc.)

So what I was thinking about doing was to be 100% strict from monday thru friday and then as best as I can do on the weekends while eating as lean as possible when we go out to eat and having shakes when possible. Will these solid food meals hurt me to the point of not even continuing to do this diet, or should I not worry as much, just if I eat lean enough.

Can you also suggest some workout excerices I can do because of my wrist. My goal is to get to 175 lbs, but I have to be “realistic” because of my situation.

Any suggestions, thoughts??



I admire your conviction to go on the Velocity Diet, but the more mods you make, I think the less results you will see.

I’m in a similar life situation (except for the injury) – two young kids, active social life, high stress job with long hours. To fit the V-Diet in, here is what I have done…

  • Fit the NEPA in no matter what – go for a walk at lunch, wake up early, walk after dinner – whatever it takes. If you are serious and have the money, get a treadmill (or even rent / beg / borrow / steal one for a month) and walk while your 9 month old plays in an exersaucer or watches an educational video

  • If life is hectic during the week, use the weekend to be strict. You have more time to be focused and dedicate yourself to the diet. If you are serious about losing weight and making a change, let others know (i.e. friends and family).

This leverages up the pressure to deliver results. You won’t just be accountable to yourself, but your friends and family will be interested in your progress. Last weekend we had friends over and I had to go pick up the Thai food! Tough, but everyone was supportive and viewed it as a challenge.

  • There are lots of bodyweight exercises you can probably do without stressing your wrist (i.e. squats, lunges, etc). You might want to talk to a trainer or do some research here.

Good luck! Stick to it. I’m at the start of day 7 and down 9.8lbs. This system works.

thanks for the advice. I can easily do the NEPA and during the week and can easily be 100% strict on the diet. The hard part will be the weekends. chugging a shake before we go out to dinner with friends and then just drink water while everyone eats will be hard to say the least. but…

Sorry to be blunt, but no one said it was going to be easy. Either do the diet or don’t. Your excuses aren’t going to do you any good. Why not save your 1 HSM (a week) for when you go out to eat with friends. If you happen to go out to eat another time then drink water.


I agree with chisholc - get your NEPA walks in, that you can do for sure. What about leg work? Plenty of things you can do there. You might need a little assist with loading plates on some. I would do what you could with weights and wrist. Just don’t overdo.

Number one thing is that you are moving forward cleaning up you diet. Think the V-Diet way 95% of time and I would think you could make some nice progress, may be a little slower, but it does work. Re-thinking what you put in your mouth for the rest of your life is one of the main goals I think with this program, making the switch and staying with it. I am trying to make my mantra and keep repeating in my head -“don’t let that cookie, candy or sweets pass my lips, it poison”. LOL!!

Hang in there when you can. I think watching your carbs on the weekends and trying to stay within your calorie limits will help. yes that means writing down what you eat. Plan it and figure it. You will have much more sucess.


I appreciate all responses and understand it sounds like I’m whining a bit but I can assure I am a dedicated person and will do my best. As far as my HSM is a grilled chicken salad with dressing on side kewl? Love carbs high protein low fat. What would happen if I have 2 of those a week? not too much I presume. Just got my new 5 lb tub O Protein and ready to rock! Thanks again

I am going to be the jerk of the group I guess.

Quit complaining. You haven’t even been on the diet a week and you are already making excuses.

So what, your life is busy. Who doesn’t have a busy life? I have a career and am a full time student. Most weekdays I leave my house at 6am and don’t get home from class until 9 or 10pm. If anything, having shakes is easier when it comes to time constraints. You just mix protein and water.

Your wrist is screwed up? Why does that stop you from squatting heavy, doing heavy lunges, and step ups? Why can’t you use lighter weights and more reps for things that require your wrists, super setting and cutting rest time down to 20 seconds or so? You can still do planks, swing a sledge hammer, and do back extensions.

Look, I’ll be the first person to act as a cheerleader for you if you are really trying to make this diet work…even if you try and fail. But it doesn’t seem like you are trying, it seems like you made it a couple of days and decided it was too hard.

What is harder to cope with? Four weeks of drinking shakes or slowly getting fatter and fatter until your wife finds you unattractive and you don’t have the energy to shoot hoops or play football with your son when he gets a little older?

I think you’re right. you are the jerk of the group. I am not complaining or whining, I am simply asking a question. Since I have never been on this diet I wanted to know if there are variations that one can do to get the same results and other workout routines that dont involve a wrist.

So what may seem as complaining it is merely information building. But thanks for the support and thanks fitness lady for some good advice

[quote]flubflub wrote:
Just got my new 5 lb tub O Protein and ready to rock! [/quote]

What kind of protein powder are you using?

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Double Rich Chocolate. 24 protein 1 fat 3 carbs 120 calories… tastes pretty of the better ones i’ve used.

Thats probably the worst protein powder you could have picked to use on the Velocity Diet. No wonder you are having trouble. Whey protein powder is great for post-workout nutrition, because it is fact acting. However, it is terrible for meal replacement. You want a slow digesting protein powder if your using it as a meal replacement such as casein or a protein blend that has casein in it.

Metabolic Drive is the protein powder you are supposed to use for the Velocity Diet, because it contains micellar casein which is an extremely slow digesting protein. This gives you a steady stream of amino acids preventing muscle breakdown and most importantly keeping you full!

i had no idea. I am obviously new to this so I will look into that protein. you see people, that is good advice without being an ass about it. thanks jlats! I think i need to regroup and restart this diet with a better plan.

Reading all the pertinent information.

I’ll chime in…just because. I went on the V-Diet a couple months ago…here’s what happened. I ordered ON’s casein powder but didn’t wait to get it before starting the diet…I only had whey.

After an hour I was hungry, felt like crap and in general didn’t like the lack of energy I had on those days. 3 days of that and I was stoked to get the casein. Now, I cheated here and there but in the first week I noticed 10 lbs. gone.

Guess why? Around 7-8 lbs. were simple water weight loss, as low carb-diets tend to do that. However, the other weight was all fat.

I did lift around 2-3-4 times per week depending on energy level and schedule. I ended up losing (after 28 days) 15 lbs. overall, but I had lost by fat-pinch test around 30 lbs. of fat.

Now, the first week is the hardest, but the best thing I did was have a pickle every other day (usually on workout days) to give me something solid, some salt and they’re almost no calories if you buy the regular unsweetened kind.

On the days I got to have a solid meal, I made sure it was decent, but it has to make your mouth happy too, so it varied from chef salad with vinagrette or sub sandwich, etc.

I also noticed that if I used ground flax seed (about 1.6 tablespoons per my weight) and Benefiber (about .5 tsp per my weight) along with fish oil caps with the Metabolic Drive shake, it helped me stay fuller and feel better.

I bought the little liquid tight containers from the store (Rubbermaid, whatever) and would prepare the shake powders before work…so all I would take with me is my algae tabs, fish oil caps, glutamine, shaker, protein powder, HOT-ROX in my lunch bag. It was really easy and you can ALWAYS take 2 min. to make a shake every 3 hours.

I work in a power plant with no breaks or meal times…it’s all on your own time when you can do it. I’m doing the V-diet again, to cut what I can, but it’s a little easier with the MD this time as I mix-match the protein powders for a mix of flavors…my fav is the choc. strawberry mix.

Now, you have to modify as you see fit, but cutting corners or not sticking to it WILL NOT HELP! Realize that you’re going to be slightly hungry throughout the day…it’s a crappy feeling but you’re trying to lose weight.

I even took my shakes to the bar with me…kept them in my car with a jug of water and when the 3 hr. mark hit, I went out and made a shake. Now, if you normally have your solid meal on saturday, but friends/family are going out to eat friday night, guess what?!, you can opt to use that night instead or go and drink tea and water.

You have to determine if you can keep up the effort…otherwise, you’re wasting money and time. I have been hitting the gym solidly for about 3 months and I can’t believe the amount of people that go in there and half-ass a workout…why bother? It’s all or nothing.

Also, I forgot to mention that it’s not difficult to exercise…I did yoga, and I began training in kung fu, which is mostly isometric exercise.

Tai-chi can be another form. I didn’t do well on stamina based exercises and after a while, you’ll have no real reserves…I could lift for about 30-45 min, decent workouts and then felt like I had hit a wall…glycogen loss I guess.

The plus sides to this diet are increased overall energy level, weight loss, and I gained a “ton” of strength with the muscle gain and the weight loss. Don’t forget a Post-Workout-Shake of some type. I used 40-50g of Whey with a half tblsp each of Maltodextrin and Dextrose.

thanks Duargon. Here is an update. I appreciate everyones input. It’s been 1 1/2 weeks on the diet and I have modified only slightly and had total of 3 meals. HOWEVER they have been very low calories and very high protein and very low carb.

Basically I order a salad with grilled chick and balsamic on the side. I ate a quarter of it (maybe a half) That one big salad lasted me my 3 meals, so I think that’s ok. Still chuging shakes with the whey cause my other stuff hasnt arrived yet Hopefully today it will come. Even with the Whey I am NOT hungry. It’s quite amazing actually. I do feel a little shakey around 3-4PM but other than that I feel great. I am doing my NEPA. missed just one day. The only thing is the workouts, doing what I can,(Legs, abs, shrugs…etc…) but because of my wrist I can’t lift shit!

All in all I feel I am doing very well. Since the start I weighed in at 191 lbs. 1 1/2 weeks later I dropped 8 lbs. to 183. Even though it’s mostly water ( i will measure this weekend) I feel great with lots more energy. I feel I will be successful in finishing this diet. Hopefully the 2nd half goes as good as the first! Talk soon

Yea, I noticed an almost immediate increase in energy…as in the guys at work were contemplating sending me to take a drug test because of the tremendous change. Just keep it up and don’t forget to modify your caloric intake as you drop weight.

Once you get used to the overall feeling, you’ll be fine. The second half should go ok, just keep it up. I keep my shakes to 5/day, my friend (who weighs a WHOLE lot less and is in peak physical shape) uses 6/day.

Just don’t forget a PWO shake…will really help on the exercise days…just don’t make it too calorically hefty if you aren’t exercising heavily.

Your actually not supposed to adjust calories during the V-Diet.

I really don’t think he is doing the V-Diet. Too many mods made to it, but if it helps him lose, more power to him.


It’s the diet in it’s essentials, but as is the case in all things…genetics makes following a “en-masse” diet silly if you can’t listen to your body.

The first time I did the V-Diet, I found after 1.5-2 weeks, I would feel horrible after working out and craving salty…well, anything. You have no idea how good 1/4 tsp of table-salt can taste until you’re salt deficient.

I’ve noticed, over the years, to listen to my body’s cravings…not my mental cravings. As such, my health has improved dramatically.

I weigh near the same, though I’m losing now, that I did a decade ago in high school. However, my BP, Resting Heart Rate, HDL/LDL, recovery time, healing time, energy level, and on and on and on…they’re great for a “slim, healthy person”.

I’ve noticed that if I’m craving spinach or other dark leafies, I’m lower than usual on iron. If I’m craving meat, and the visual in my mind is usually bloody steak (though I HATE rare meat), I’m deficient in animal proteins. The list goes on.

Modifications have to be made to make this diet tailored to the person on it. I stick to the one HSM, I take some other supplements according to my own research (being a chemist and formerly working on supplement research along with working in a pharmacy for 5 years through college all helps) and modify my workouts to my activity type.

My body responds to lifting far more than cardio so I lift more and leave the NEPA to the 3-4 miles I walk throughout my work day. My friend, who put me on the V-Diet originally, finds a better effect from lots of cardio.

I will agree with JLATS, after reading the V-Diet again, it said nothing about modifying the caloric intake. Though it makes sense to me to change it as you lose weight, though it doesn’t change much if you round numbers.

A couple observation from the V-Diet the second time 'round…my energy level didn’t shoot up as much as I’d hoped. I also noticed that, with the addition of a little more sodium per day (1/16th tsp on regular days and 1/8th tsp on training days) helps a bunch.

I also noticed that, when I get busy at work and forget to drink a ton of water, I feel my energy level low and my body strained to work…may be from a protein and waste build-up in my system.

I know it’s a bit of a rambling, but this is a training/health site and figured I would put forth what has worked for my 4-4-1 somatotype.

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