Started V-Diet

I was motivated by reading all the threads in this forum that I decided I had to give this a go. Order all my supplements last week and started today. Right not I am at 200lbs and 16% BF. I have never been in the single digits with by BF, so that is my goal. I plan to work on Tues/Thurs/Sat as those are my least busy days.

Here is a breakdown of my play for today

8:00AM-2HRX and 3BCAA
8:30-Shake 1
12:00PM-Shake 2 and 2 Flame Outs
2:00 2 HRX
2:30 Shake 3 and 2 FO
6:00 Shake 4 and Milled Flax Seed
9:00 Shake 5 and PB and MFS and 3BCAA

Should I spread out the Flame Out any more? Any other general tips?

Will update later with pics and exact measurements!

There’s no real need to spread out the Flameout. You can, or you can take four at once.

Good luck! My only two tips are to use the mirror frequently (think of it as cheat prevention) and drink lots of ice water.

Day 1 was very easy, I think it was the excitement oh starting a very challenging 28 days.

Today was just as good. Did the first workout this morning, and had my first post-workout shake. It was extremely sweet, and will use a lot less water next time so i can just slam it. Stuck to the diet perfectly today, that last shake with the PB is the highlight of my day.

I’m nervous about the weekends as all my friends like to go out, drink excessively, then eat fast food. I think for these 4 week I will just skip going out.

Good luck with the diet buddy, i’ll keep checking up on you. I’d suggest trying to go out and not drink.

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been so busy with work and school!

Days 3 was the hardest so far, but i think it was because I was around food for a good part of the day…i just thought about those abs and snapped that rubber band. Stuck to the plan all day and felt great when i reflected on the day.

Day 4 started off great! Man those HOT-ROX are really effective. Had some trouble getting down my Surge but just slammed it. Was so busy at work I almost missed my shakes twice, but remembers. I think my coworkers thing im crazy because i always have either a shake or bottle of water on my desk!

Day 5 today went alright. Even though i know im not supposed to I did some HITT and felt horrible afterwards. I learned my lesson the hard way. Have one more shake to go tonight, then to bed.

Looking foward to Sunday and my HSM.

I hear week 2 is the hardest part, any tips to help me get through it

Thanks everyone

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