Started V-Diet


Started yesterday… will post my measurements when I get home.

HOT-ROX REALLY heats you up - holy crap I feel like I’m inside a seriously hot sauna !

Shakes are nice though mmmm - as is the original Surge Recovery.

I’m a fully converted Biotest user !

Also got some Alpha GPC - did 110kg Front Squat for 20 - freaking ow today REALLY OW


Starting again tomorrow had to fly to Germany at works request the day after back now with the view of no more flying for 60 days !


Measurements starting out in inches

Waist 38.5

Thigh 24 left 24 right

Calf 15.25 left 15 right

Neck 16

Chest 41

Shoulder 54

Arm 15.5 left and right … Small I know !


The reason why on doing this along with weight loss is the dedication it requires.

I have an all or nothing personality where I go full on and if I mess up I really mess it up !

My work is effectively my life I love my company and work in excess 90-95 hour weeks. However work life balance is needed to last so that’s why having to follow the program suits me.

Gym 4 days all shakes means no way to mess up and can improve my gym dedication as I’ll see the results.

Lifting heavy suits me as I’m easily excitable which draws me to powerlifting. If I could apply dedication I could lift some heavy weight !

Enough rambling browse image button doesn’t seem to work for iPhone will upload images tomorrow.