Started V-Diet Yesterday

Hey I’m 64 years old_ worked as a contractor until I could no longer work. 15 years ago i have 5 disked in lower back that are flatten out. I started working out to strengthen my lower back Over 8 years my weight went from 250 to 380 then did Rx liquid diet back down to 260 changed gyms and worked real hard. One of the trainers noticed my work ethic and asked if I wanted to be his workout partner trained real hard for 3 years Went up to 330 @23% body fat_. I quit lifting 6 tears ago when in moved to nor cal. I’ve had 6 surgeries in that many years.One of the surgeries was a bariactic sleeve. back down to 260.
Last year my wife told me of a new back doc went to see him about lower back and ended up with 5 disks fuzed in my neck .Was in a rehab hospital for 6 weeks lost a lot of balance and lower back still sucks. I will do all that I am able to as far as the workouts. But will have scale them to my disability.

weight 255
ht 6 ft.2 inch
neck 17
shoulders 54
chest 48.5
51 u 54 m 50 l
hips 47
upper arm 15
lower arm 11
thigh 25.5
calf 17.25
kettle bell 45lb 9-9-9 lower back pain leg press 75 lbs.7-7
incline smith 0 added 9-9-9-9-4
chest su…].)pported row 0 9-8-8-8-7
10min recbrent bike


Hey man, just wanted to see how things are going.

Major congrats for coming as far as you have already.

Hi Chris
I am doing good down 6 lbs.
I have not workout since the first day. The diet is ok not having good luck woth the solid meal. I need to work that out.
Thanks for the interest.

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