Started V-Diet Yesterday! Whatsup?

Ok well hello! My name name is Brom from Miami Florida. I’m 18 years old and weight about 205 lbs @ 6ft1. Probably 13/15% bf. I’ve been lifting since I was 15 and seriously lifting since I was about 17. Well now It’s time get in shape for summer and I figured I’d try the V-Diet. So far everything has been going great for me!

Not hungry at all, although I had the strange craving to drink BBQ sauce straight out of the bottle around 4pm yesterday afternoon! The workout yesterday was great. Very intense and I was sweating like a pig by the time I was done. Thanks so much for putting this great program up for free! I appreciate it along with so many other people. Looking forward to the results



You’re going to be SHREDDED.

Keep us posted!

Thanks Chris! I for sure will. Here is a back pic that I forgot to put up earlier

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