Started V Diet Yesterday, Pre-Turkey Feast Go Time


Sucks to be sick anytime, but just wanted to say “Keep up the progress!”


Thank you Sir - going to try to keep this going thru the new year, see where I get.


Day 22 Monday 11/19
I felt OK yesterday - I feel OK today - still a lot of head congestion but I think I feel good enough to at least get a full NEPA walk in today and possibly some weights just to test the body out. Weigh in was 170.8 today, so the goal of <170 before Thursday is still in sight.


just an update here - weighed in at 172.8 this morning - been sick for over 2 weeks, had a cold turn into a sinus infection traveling over thanksgiving and got antibiotics Monday. Shoul dbe able to resume some training by end of next week.

Couple of thoughts:

  1. Getting sick was one of my main concerns, as it does seem to be a trend when i go very low calorie. been happening since high school. In this instance, i believe it was the cold weather and being out there for almost 2 hours after the VBurn and jut wasn’t bundled up like i could have been. Extra nutrients / micronutrients / vitamin C, whatever your choice is in immune system support is probably a good idea on this program, especially in cold weather.
  2. the habits with food have had a lasting impact, including my relationship with alcohol. I have a great amount of respect for how hard it is to really make some changes. For anyone who doubts the HSM and changing your future with food and eating, I can say it worked with me.
  3. the training reminded me the importance / effectiveness of different set / rep schemes within a single week of training - at least once a week do a different kind of workout - which usually for me means instead of doing 3 or 5 sets of 3-5 reps, do a 3x12 or 4x8, etc, push your rest periods. hell, do a week of crossfit then go back to heavy for a week or two, etc. i’m not saying train like this all year round, all the time… but feel it out for what’s right for you. in my experience i’ve seen better results mixing it up and I had lost that the last year or two.

Will stay focused.


Hey man, sounds like overall you got some good feedback from following the plan even though it sucks that getting sick tripped you up towards the end there.

In that last set of pics, I can definitely see a bit of difference in the side comparisons more than the front. Did you take any ending measurements to compare to the start?

If you want another way to stay on track going forward, you might want to keep a log over in the T Nation forum. But in any case, with the nutrition approach you’ve figured out and the training realization, it sounds like you’ve got a handle on where to head next. Good stuff.