Started V Diet Yesterday, Pre-Turkey Feast Go Time


I’m glad to see people are still doing this diet almost 10 years later. I’ve never tried it but need to give it a go and figured the 4 weeks prior to Thanksgiving would be as good as time as any. Will post the pics, measurements, and workout log later (by Friday).

About me:
31 year old male, 177.5 lbs, approx. 30% BF. In general I’ve been in the ~25% range the past few years based on a couple DEXA scans, BodPod, and calipers. Most likely 30% is pretty accurate, despite how shitty that feels.

Training background - Played sports basically year round in high school and been lifting weights ever since. Gone through bouts of shin splints, small nagging injuries as I’ve gotten older. Started going to a starting strength gym last year when I moved cities. The low-bar back squat started out well but after a few months and increasing weight it’s destroyed my left elbow/brachialis region to the point where i had to stop lifting with the exception of deadlift and vertical press. This went on for about 6 months and after tons of time tweaking setup, form, stretching, coaching, etc. i just decided to go back to high-bar a couple weeks ago. So far so good. The inconsistency hasn’t been great for maximal strength but current #'s for calculating workouts in the program:
DL 325 , Squat 265, Bench 215, VPress 145, PullUps - ~8 BW reps

Day 1 was OK - coming off a somewhat unhealthy weekend, the shakes during the day were fine and a welcome HSM at dinner (8 ounces grilled chicken breast, 1/3 salad kit, sauteed mushrooms. The workout felt pretty good, but it’s going to be adjustment getting the weight and rest intervals down. I’ve been going to the SS gym, so my rest periods have been more in the 3-4 minute range. 30 seconds was basically nothing. I went a bit too light on Squat, but then again the rest intervals were hard to keep at 30 seconds. I tried a few heavier sets for lower reps at the end just to play around with what might work. The bench press seemed spot on but man did the rest intervals get me - towards the end one rep would go up very easy and the second one i had to have a spotter. I’m assuming the conditioning will get better.
Squat - 185lbs for 4 x 5, then a few at 225
Bench Press - 7 sets at 185 to get 20 reps
Pull Ups - 7 sets at BW to get 20
Abs - a couple sets of crunches / leg lifts.

As far as walking goes, there’s a greenway connected to work, so an hour long stroll is no problem. About the only easy part for me, so that’s good.

Day 1 thoughts (waking up on Day 2) - can’t i be shredded already? lol


Day 2 was good. Not much to report, felt like I had a decent amount of energy in the afternoon and didn’t really crash or anything. My current superfood is expired so I ordered more that should be here Friday. A couple days w/ out that as part of the shake, will plan on a nutrient dense salad with dinner tonight.

Measurements: Man my waist is higher than I was expecting. As far as goals for this program, looking better is #1, but I think it will be directly related/correlated to getting my waist / love handles down.

Chest: 42.5"
Waist (3 fingers width above navel): 36 3/4"
Waist across navel: 38"
Waist (3 fingers width below navel): 38 1/4"
Hips / across ass / widest part: 40.5"
R Thigh: 23"
L Thigh: 22.5"
R Calf: 13"
L Calf: 13"
R Bicep: 14.5"
L Bicep: 14 1/4"

Took pictures this morning, will upload them tonight.


Before pics


Day3 - Wednesday -
Diet wise OK, got crunched at work so my lunch shake became my lunch / afternoon snack shake on the way to the gym. Halloween man, took an hour and a half to get to the gym and another 30 minutes to get home. Wife made some sheppards pie unexpectedly which was great, but ate about half a serving size to try to keep it to 500 calories. Well needed though after the workout.

Overhead press, bb row, reverse lunges, db curl, crunches

Overhead press started out great but these rest intervals are tight. I had 115lbs which went up easy for 9,6,6,3, 2 reps (26 total) then had to go down to 95 lbs. Seemed like a better idea. I still did 95 at 4,3,3,2,2 reps, so pretty low rep wise per set.
For rows i just kep the 95 lbs and that was probably too easy, did all 5 sets at 8 reps. Went up to 115 and did a couple sets in the 4-5 range to feel out for next time.
Lunges: used kettlebells and overall probably went a little too light. warmed up with 25’s and then used 30’s and then up to 35’s, completing all sets at 5 per leg / 10 total. Will move up next time to 45’s or more.

I don’t think i’ve ever been as excited to eat a salad as I was last night. With out the superfood, i think my body is craving more nutrients and by the end of the day I’m craving whatever fruit / nutrient dense food i can get my hands on. So from that perspective, definitely a win craving the healthiest thing I can possibly find. Due to getting home so late, I did not have a pre-bedtime shake. After eating dinner I was pretty beat and just got in bed. ZMA’s are the best damn thing ever.

Am keeping an excel workout log. Food log is an app. Should I be posting each workout / food log in detail here? If anyone really wants it, lmk. I’m also weighing myself everyday and logging that in excel just for data purposes.


“Should I be posting each workout / food log in detail here? If anyone really wants it, lmk. I’m also weighing myself everyday and logging that in excel just for data purposes.”

I find that by posting my “outlined daily routine” vs “every little training/eating” detail, it keeps it a bit less redundant for me. I’m not a big fan of repeating data entry needlessly. However, I track my workout progress on a chalk board in my gym and snap a pic at the end of each workout, which I think keeps me accountable to the program and helps me track my progress. I think whatever fits your time/preference is what you should do.

Nice progress so far! I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the VBurn Challenge.


Day 4 - Thursday 11/01
Was definitely more hungry today than was the first 3 days. And while I’ve been squatting, deadlifting, and running consistently for over a year, my ass is real sore from lunges. really got that glute going. Another big salad for dinner and passed out.

Day 5 Friday 11/02
Friday’s are great scheduling wise, I get to work from home and thus a little extra sleep, a lot closer to the gym, and a lot of coffee in the morning.
Workout wise I’m still getting used to the short rest periods and what weight to use for each exercise. Incline press felt really good and i think i did about 12 total sets w/ warmups and fighting the right medium of weight and reps. Deadlift on the other hand ended up basically being a 6x3, with a couple much lighter sets at 8 to reach 40 total reps for the day. That was one tough. I’m not sure if I like it. I’m very used to heavy deads for 1-5 reps max.

Dinner: Wife was adamant about pizza at home. There was a frozen pizza in the freezer, so, i cooked it and cut into 6 pieces, which 2 pieces turned out to be 450 calories. I had 4 oz chicken breast w it and so it turned out to be about ~560 calories for dinner which isn’t too bad and in the range. Given the long walk, tough workout w/ heavy deadlifts, it was a welcome little carb boost.

Day 6 - Saturday 11/03 -
With the little bit of 'za last night, started with a fasted walk this morning with the dog, it was about 40 degrees out and felt good. Came back and had my first shake with the Superfood, pretty psyched to have that in the mix now. My biceps feel like they’re about to rip off from the pull-ups, bicep curls, lat pulldown from the workouts this week. Not looking forward to the V-Burn challenge today…


First of all thank you for the post, much appreciated.

Good advice on the logs - I keep an excel sheet, so maybe at the end of each week I’ll post a pic of what it was, and then just a few notes on the workouts overall.

I was thinking Friday I’d be up for just getting the VBurn challenge out of the way today, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was up early getting the walk in and I opted for putting together a new charcoal grill and some grocery shopping and football today. I’m going to do it tomorrow morning before NFL games. As an aside, I’ve done these VBurn type of workouts before and I friggin hate it. I did Orange Theory for a little over a year and my wife made me some of these “BBG” workouts too (it’s bikini body guide for anyone thats curious and it’s some broad from Australia i think). In any case, I’ll be pulling up the panties and knocking it out tomorrow so i’ll let you know - most likely a mix of beginner and intermediate - i know i can’t do 60 clap pushups, so those will just be normal pushups.


Day 7 Sunday 11/04
After that extra hour of sleep, had my cup of coffee in bed and then trying to live up to my word, i went and knocked out my first Vburn challenge. And it pretty much sucked / went as expected. I did a combo of beginner / intermediate (regular pushups, and i did hand walkouts from knees after the first two rounds). Time wise not too bad (i think?) at 32:30 seconds. Like I said in my previous post, I have some experience with these types of workouts so I know when to just keep pushing through, which exercises to rest after, etc. And much like other versions, it’s very front shoulder / tricep / shoulder stabilization heavy. Maybe mine are just weak / i’m too fat. Probably both. One thing I noticed was to really focus on form with the single leg deadlift - making sure i hinge, some arch/ flat back, etc.

On to breakfast shake and take the dog for a walk and then settle in for some football. Great day to be alive and taking sometime to be thankful and mentally relax during the walk today.


Day 8, Tuesday 11/06
I think Monday may have been the toughest day mentally so far. I was pretty gassed Sunday afternoon after the VBurn challenge and the walk ended up being longer / more tiring than I anticipated. I did about 5 miles and went to the local farmers market to grab a few things. Good trip but I was pretty tired. Sunday night I didn’t sleep hardly at all either, maybe 4-5 hours. So the food cravings were really setting in by 11 / 1130 am, but just downed the shakes, went for a walk and then was off to the gym and a HSM in might sights.

Workout wise this Monday was a lot harder than the first Monday - either due to the lack of sleep or just my body trying to recover. My chest / arms / shoulders were sore from all the volume, as were my legs. I used the same weights as previous weeks but the stamina wasn’t there. A lot more 2-3 rep sets. My abs were also really sore and couldn’t do the ab rollout.

The HSM was awesome, steamed broccoli, sliced tomato, cup of rice with chicken in a tikka masala sauce.

As an aside, i haven’t taken a shit since Friday, so i’m hoping that happens. I had salad sunday, broccoli last night… I think there’s a lot of food hanging out somewhere…


Day 9 Wednesday 11/07
Two dumps in 24 hours, so things are looking up.
Grilled up the steak i got at the farmers market with a caesar salad and mushrooms last night for dinner. Good stuff.
Feeling good thus far today and have the lunges / vertical press / row / abs workout tonight which should be a breeze, looking forward to it.

Weight wise I checked in right at 173.9 / 174 this morning, down just over 3lbs. It’s actually been “stuck” at 174 since maybe Friday of last week. I think partially due to the fecal thing, so I’m expecting to go down a little bit tomorrow and Friday. I think if you had asked me when I started how much weight do you think you’ll lose in the first two weeks, I’d say hopefully 10lbs, but realistically more like 6 or 7lbs. I’d say if it’s not over 5lbs i’ll be a little disappointed. So any thoughts on the halfway point / expectations / progress are appreciated. Has anyone messed around with the placement of the HSM on workout days to do one before the workout and one after? Just thinking maybe an extra rice and chicken meal before hand might kick up the metabolism a bit more?


Day 10 Thursday 11/08
Workout last night went well, enjoyed it. Definitely needed to up the weight for reverse lunges and they felt good. 53lbs each.May go more next time, we’ll see.

Weight wise checked in right at 174 again. Kind of disappointing. Not sure why it’s been stuck at that for 4 days straight. So 3/3.5 lbs lost in 10 days.


Daily Log so far as reference. Will have separate workout log.


Added just some reference points here based on the table:
Total Averages so far: Protein / Carbs / Fat: 42%, 25%, 34%
Workout Days 38 / 33 / 28
Rest Days 47 / 16 / 37


Day 14 Sunday 11/11 - “So glad you made it”

Been a few days - haven’t fallen off the wagon, was just really busy friday w/ work and saturday some chores and loads of football and extended NEPA walk since it was finally nice outside. Thursday i only got about 35 min of walking in due to the pouring rain. I was soaking wet from the waist down, socks, shoes, the whole thing.

Saturday I had a cheat meal for lunch with my wife. I skipped breakfast, waited for lunch, had a burger and split some fries with my wife. Calories wise it was a 1k kcal meal, but i actually convinced her to let me walk home from the restaurant (sidewalks, suburban area, it was great) and i extended it to about 1.5 hours. Waited about 7 hours between then and dinner, grilled chicken w/ salad and broccoli, some dark dark chocolate for desert. Total calories ~1,800.

Sunday - coffee, ran some #'s on nfl games, and then fasted VBurn challenge. Crushed it. 27:30 which was 5 minutes faster than last week. Key difference was no resting between sets. Weight check in was 173.5 pre-dump. Took a shit before my workout and was ready to go. I’m extremely happy to see that 173.5, i’m hoping it will be even lower tomorrow and propel me into the final “full week”.
In addition to that small win today, i successfully avoided alcohol twice - friday night at sister/brother in laws and saturday night after dinner (my wife had a couple glasses w/ the chocolate as well. and if we’re counting, she had a beer at our favorite burger spot and i skipped on that too). To her credit though, she has actually lost some weight too, just by me being better - she’s much better at having 1 or 2 drinks, watching what she eats, and then jumps in on my healthy dinner prep.
While I’m writing a diary here, i’ll go ahead and say “fitter, happier” by radiohead is the theme of the day / month lol. Also, if you’re into it, play on Pats under 47, packers chargers rams ml parlay. bol.


Day 15 - Monday 11/12
Was very tired last night, calories were pretty low all day. Feeling ok this morning, but don’t have a ton of “eagerness” towards tonights workout. It’s in the 40’s and raining today, which will be the case all week per the forecast. Any tips / ideas on how to get NEPA in if you can’t walk outside? I don’t have the best rain gear.


I read that if you must NEPA walk indoors to use a treadmill at an incline around 4-4.5 mph. I imagine that you could also do stair repeats indoors.


Day 16 - Tuesday 11/13
Feel like I’m coming down with a cold. Pounding some emergen-c’s and hopefully I’ll be alright. Last night’s workout was lackluster - had no energy, abunch of congestion / scratchy throat. Weight wise I used all the same weights and actually felt a lot stronger. Energy just way down. Had a top sirloin steak with wild rice, mushrooms, salad.
Weight down to 172.7, so that was good this morning. It’s raining and cold as sh*t here, did about 25 minute walk this morning and not feeling too hot. Hope to get another 25 min or so in tonight with some better gear to keep me warm. Feels like it’s gonna drag to the finish line from here.


Day 17 Wednesday 11/14
Officially sick, feeling like dog crap. won’t get any workouts in today. bummer.


Day 18 - Thursday 11/5
feel even worse today… stayed at about 1200 calories yesterday… not really hungry, dehydrated yet craving massive amounts of coffee, go figure. maybe it’s the sudafed. my goal here is to get better and have a strong few days before thanksgiving but IDK. may be the official tap out here if I’m still struggling thru the weekend. I at least did some progress pics yesterday - front side hard to tell any change in the pics but I feel like I can see it a little bit in person. leave it up to the internet to decide. Still at 172.8 weight wise, so only 5lbs lost in 16 days.


Day 19 - Friday 11/6
Feel slightly better than yesterday. Kept calories at 1,100 yesterday, weighed in at 171.8 today. Hopefully keep making progress on feeling better this weekend and can hit some weights and cardio next week before Thanksgiving.