Started V-Diet today - Day 1

Day 1

I started the V-Diet today to hopefully build some muscle and reduce body fat so I feel more comfortable in a bikini for a trip to Cancun. I haven’t taken a before photo yet but hopefully tomorrow. I have only been able to drink 3 shakes today and could barely get down the Surge Recovery after my workout. Everything is SO sweet.

I know I am supposed to drink all five shakes but I don’t have an appetite, which very much surprises me. My husband bbq’ed some chicken tonight and which surprisingly didn’t smell appetizing at all. The HOT-ROX give great energy.

Weight - 125.2lbs
Height - 5’3"
Neck - 12.5
Chest across boobs - 36
Chest below books - 32
waist - 27
Hips - 37.5
Right thigh - 21.75
Left thigh - 21.5
Right knee - 14.25
Left knee - 14.5
Right calf - 13.5
Left calf - 13.75

I ate my serving of natural nut butter and will try to get down one more shake before going to bed.

Day 3 - Feeling good, haven’t been hungry at all. Found that by blending drinks they are not so sweet. Will try blending the Recovery drink with ice tonight after workout. It was just way too sweet the first day. My quads are pretty sore from Day 1 workout. I was down exactly 3 pounds this morning.

Anyone have suggestions on making the Surge Recovery not so sweet? Blending it with ice was a foam disaster. I can hardly stand to drink it.

I just chug it down and avoid breathing through my nose (or pinch it), it really takes the edge off the flavour. I’m not a fan of the after taste so the sooner it’s over the better.

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