Started V-Diet - My Diet Log

Started the V-Diet on Sunday April 17th. My goal is to perform the diet and training exactly as laid out in the book. I’ve never completed a diet like this before without failing. Oddly, as an Athletic Trainer / S&C coach you would think I would be better at this. I’ve always had a fair amount of muscle and gained muscle easily but have never been really lean or had the desire to give up unhealthy food and drink. I was the classic “train hard so that I can eat pizza and drink beer anytime I want” guy. I have thyroid disease ( Graves Disease treated and now low thyroid ) and have high blood pressure. Prior to having thyroid issues I was 5’10, 210 @ 18%BF. Since thyroid disease, I run 245-255 at an unknown, but much higher BF%. I want to develop healthy habits and reduce my BP. The weight that I lose will be a bonus. I just want to be healthier for my wife and child.

Starting weight- 253 first thing in the morning, at 5’10.

Day 1- Did everything as directed. Schedule was a little off starting on a Sunday but started with the Challenge workout anyway. Was feeling tired in the early afternoon and took my usual Sunday afternoon nap. Woke up tired but started my Plazma and a few minutes later I was ready to rock. Good workout. HSM was great. Shrimp with Bay seasoning, Roasted Red Potatoes with Rosemary, and a mixed green salad with vinegar and oil.

Day 2- NEPA / no weights. Ate all as directed. Ribeye, grilled asparagus with parmesan cheese, mixed green salad with vinegar and oil. Energy level sucked, which I’m blaming on the lack of starch in the HSM.

Day 3 - Weighed 247.5 in the morning. Ate all as directed. Starting to crave crunchy stuff during the day. No cravings for sugar and feelings of hunger are very manageable. HSM- Rotisserie Lemon-Pepper Chicken, asparagus, roasted sweet potatoes with garlic and sea salt. NEPA and Weights as directed.

Thank you all for allowing me to use this as my journal of sorts.

Day 4- 246# Missed a shake and NEPA. Not a weight training day

Day 5- 243.6# My trouble has been during the day, my afternoon shake usually happens around 3:30-4:00, which is followed by HSM at about 5:00-6:00pm. Workout with Plazma at about 6:30, Last shake at 9:00pm and then bedtime by 10pm. Feels like all my calories occur after 4pm. I’m going to try shifting a scoop from my mid-afternoon and bedtime shakes to my breakfast and lunch shakes to help with hunger. We’ll see how this goes today, so far so good. Best number of all, systolic BP down 14 pts, diastolic BP down 11 pts, after 4 full days.

Congrats man, keep going! I’ve noticed most of my calories are later in the day as well. I use the HOT-RX and I think that helps with my hunger in the mornings. My first shake is usually, 745ish, then 1230-1245ish, shake 400ish, PLazma is 700ish, Dinner 8-9, and last shake 1030-1100 ish. So it sounds similar. Good luck!

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Been a while since I’ve checked in. I’ve just finished day 12 and going strong. I had a slight hiccup for 3 days. I became ill with kidney stones which left me incapacitated for the better part of two days. No eating, no working out, lots of vomitting. I took a day and half to rehydrate, and eat solid food so that my weight returned to what it was pre-illness. I don’t want my results skewed by illness.

Weight is down to 239.6 lbs, so I’m at about 14lbs in 12 days. Feels a little fast, but I feel good and don’t feel like I’m losing any muscle. Coming in, I was hoping for 20 lbs but would be happy with 15, so I’m on track for 20+ if things keep progressing. Down at least 3.5 inches in my three waist measures.

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