Started V-Diet 6/16/08

Started V-diet today. Hopefully all will go well. I am dreading it.
height- 6ft 4in
weight- 235
waist 38 in
Body fat 17%

I will get measurements tonight and try to get some pics up. Lets see what happens. I use to fight and grapple at 200 so lets see what happens.

Good Luck Stay both mentally and Physical strong!

[quote]youthp wrote:
I am dreading it.

That type of mindset won’t get you very far.

[quote]Kurlie26 wrote:
youthp wrote:
I am dreading it.

That type of mindset won’t get you very far.[/quote]

Agree! You’d better change it as not meaning to make it sound bad… but the first few days are tough and you need the right attitude!!

I looking forward to starting mine.

Think of it like this, in no particular order:

-You are saving money by just using supps (I am, even by living in the UK)
-You going to be challenged and you are going to bust through it no matter what.
-Your diet is probably going to be more balanced than ever before even though the diet is different
-You will reclaim your tastebuds
-You will be saying goodbye to your sweet tooth
-You are going to be on the way to a most hot looking body.

Keep this updated with pics and stats…

I’m starting my own in a month and you and I have very very similar stats…

It’ll give me extra motivation when you’re 4 weeks in and umpteen pounds down… and I’m sipping through my first day

We are starting our V-diet next week. Keep it up. Focus on each day. Don’t think about tomorrow today. Hey Kurlie 26 thanks for the info for my fiance.

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