Started V-Diet 3-1-09

Day one down wow let’s go. 294lbs today BF around 30%
Neck 17
Shoulders 57 around 25 just back
High chest 51.75
nipple 51.25
mid waist 48
Waist navel 51.5
waist biggest 52.25
Hips 45.5 I think I’m in the right place
Thighs R 29 L 29.5
Calves R 18.75 L 18.75
Ankles R 11 L 11
Bis R 19 L 18.75
Forearms R 14.2 L 14.2
Wrist R 7.7 L 7.7

I’m f’ing Fat. Pics on the way took them today hope to post this week. Oh I just Dropped from 345lbs to 294lbs but stuck there all last month. Even though I did drop a inch from my waist and chest at my size I should have lost more so it’s time to bring the pain.

Not all that painfull my friend. I’m on day 4 and so far the only issue has been buzzing from the HOT-ROX. You can do it!

how did your day one go?

I started on 3/1 too! How are your first couple of days going?

Thanks guys Good so far. A little hard to fall asleep other then that seems all good. I had to weigh my self today I just could not say no and glad I did because down to 290. That’s huge because I was stuck a 294 for a whole month. So far very easy

Good day 2. No cravings so far not hungry at all guess I had cals cut to far back last month because I have to shove these shakes down even though they taste good. Staying on the message boards to make sure I make this happen. Oh yeah Light headaches today I guess from lack of sugar because went away after post workout Surge. Workout little easy but I was sweating so I guess all good.

The headaches will pass. I had a little trouble sleeping too but melatonin really helped me.

Thanks diver I need to try ZMA see if that helps.

Keep it up!!!

I know what youre going through, Im on day 2 of round 2… I used to weigh 315… started at 245 (as of sat)

Remember that this can be done! and YOU CAN DO IT… seems you have the motivation, and on here you have the backing…

Cant wait to see your results,

Just live one day at a time, tell yourself every am that all you have to do is make it through today… If it gets really bad and you think youre going to cave in, just get to your next shake…

Another day down… Boo-ya!

Day 3 down. Easy so far. With tomorrow comes my fist test I work till 2am I’ll make it but it will be hard. Oh did my pb md early today because I had to run out was great mid day shake might like it more then at night. Everyone thanks for checking in.

Day four gone First day at work and a close. I’m a manager at a fast food place so I was truly worried but it was not hard at all. Day 3 workout wow kicked my ass I had to take a 1 min break in between my last 3 sets of push press or I was going to lose it. I would have pushed and puked if I didn’t have to work right after that. Puke during a workout earn a badge of honor. Football day’s all over again.

Day 5 done. Sweet!!! Diet is still real easy I’m always full. Doms from last workout killing me. It’s really hard not to weigh myself every day. I feel very good lots of energy.

Keep moving! Almost one week in!

Day 6 was easy. Today was day 7 and my meal.
Weighed 290.8lbs -3.2
Neck 17 same
Shoulders 57 same
Chest Hi 51.5 -.25
Chest 50.5 -.75
Waist mid 46.9 -1.1
Waist belly 50 -1.5
Waist biggest 50.5 -2
Hips 45 -.5
Thighs R 28.75 L 28.75 -.25 and -.5
Calves R 18.75 L 18.75 same
Bis R 19.2 L 19 +.2 and +.25
Forearms R 14.25 L 14.25 same
Ankles 11 same

  • 6.85" and gained .45" on arm’s great week

V burn was supper hard. Off to work

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