Started V-Diet 3.0 on 05/24/09

Decided to jump start my summer leaning out period with the V-Diet. I have about a month of 1800-0430 shift work to do so I thought I would take advantage of not having access to my refridgerator!

I havent done any tape measurements yet but I am starting out at 206 lbs at 5’8" and its not the good kind of 206… I stopped working out, for no apparent reason, two years ago and let myself get chubby. Prior to that I was following PN and using Dave Tate’s Maximal strenght training program. I was making excellent gains and staying well within the 90% rule of eating clean. I really dont know why I stopped but I am pissed at myself and I want to get back to where I was and this is the best diet program to get there fast.

I dont know how often I will update this thread but this is my second night and everything is going well! I will check back in on day four where the cravings really start! This is my second time on this diet so I know what to expect! Misery for the first week or so…

My wife was telling my mother-in-law that I was starting this and she said I was just going to get fat when I am back to solid foods. Ha! foolish people thinking I dont have a plan for my transition phase and the rest of my life!

Day or is it night 3??

NEPA walk was great today. Everything is going well and I haven’t had any cravings other than lookin’ good nekkid!

Went too long between lunch and my afternoon snack…got hungry, craved pretzels of all things! I dont even like them so I was confused but I saw a bag of them laying in one of the offices so I guess that is why the craving started. Mixed up my shake and all is good now.

I realized tonight that I am skipping/missing the last shake of the day. Working off hours is really messing me up but so far I haven’t been terribly hungry.

I forgot that I was running a 5K this Saturday so I won’t be doing the V-burn this weekend. I wont be setting any records in the 5K either! Ran this race last year in 21 minutes…hoping for under 30 this year lol!

Stopped to put gas in my truck on the way into work and discovered that I was down wind from a fried chicken and pizza place…enchanting aromas…

Remembered that lunges suck. I have hated them since high school and I still do! The rest of the work out went pretty well and other than the experience at the gas station the shakes are super fantastic!

I have basically made it through Day 4!!! All I have left to do now is drive home and go to bed! I was sitting with someother people while they were eating whatever you call a meal at midnight; felt like food porn or something of the sort. No cravings no wild ass thoughts about food.

Other than the experience at the gas station I haven’t really had any urge to break away from the plan which is very encouraging. This weekend will be a bit tougher with the 5K and the usual things that go on after the race but I will perservere!

Week 1 is OVER!

The weekend wasn’t the best, I had two beers with my dinner…felt a lot of shame and self loathing afterwards but I am a beautiful snowflake; or so I thought…

Official weigh-in: 199 lbs.
Decent reduction of the mid-section and upper thighs.

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