Started the V-Diet

Hey everyone im a 19 year old university student who needs to drop weight!!! and get abbs. I have never had abbs and its now or never and the V-Diet has got me really motivated after reading other dieters posts. Im 222 pounds right now wanting to drop to 200.

I am going to post my eating plan. please let me know if i need to make any changes thank you.


7 am- walk 30 minutes with fat burner
830- shake one and 2 fiber pills 1 vitamin pill
11- shake two with flax seed and 5 fish oil pills
1pm - gym with post work out shake vitamin pill plus fat burner
3 30pm- shake 3 with 2 fiber pills
6-30 pm- shake 4 with flax seed
7pm- 30 minute walk
9 pm- shake 5 with 5 fish oil pills

Wednesday/ Friday

7- am walk with fat burner
8 30- shake one with 2 fiber pills and 1 vitamin pill
11- shake two with flax seed and 5 fish oil pills
1pm- shake three with 2 fiber pills
3pm- work out
4-30 post work out shake
630- shake four with flax and 5 fish oil
730- 30 minute walk
9 pm shake 5 1 vitamin 2 fiber pills

Tuesday Thursday and sat/ sun non work out days

730- fat burner shake and multivtamin
1o am- shake 2 with flax with 5 fish oil pills
12- fiber pills and
1pm- shake 3 and second fat burner
3- fiber pills
5 pm shake 4 with flax seeds and multi vitamin
7 pm go for walk
9 pm shake 5

i will be posting my mesurments soon!

What is your height and body fat%?

im 6’0 probably 20 %

Welcome j88 to the V-Diet Hell! This is a very tough diet and takes all your strength to do it. You’ll have weird dreams and emotions that jump all over the place, but if followed correctly, the fat will come off.

Positive things is that it reduces your craving for junk food and replaces it with craving healthy foods. That is one of the ultimate goals I think. Re-gearing your eating habits and cleansing your platte so that foods have a new and interesting taste again.

Good luck and get your measurements down and some pics even if you don’t post. It’s the changes that you will want to see.


You and I are about the same.
I’m 18, 6’2", (was 230) currently at 216.5 on day 10.
Freshman year at SJSU.

Same goal, too. I want to be under 200 again, and then my goal from there is 220 w/ <10% bf.

hey ya im on day 17 ive just been lazy with the post feeling great i have dropped 15 pounds and i do see a big differance…its hard but now i just want to get it DONE! and yes after this diet i will be going for the ripped and lean look its all about hard work. would love to hit 10 % body fat. I am down from 226 to 212 would love to hit 200!!!

I am also walking twice a day being a university student i walk at 7am for 30 minutes and 30 minutes at night …30 minutes after my work out on m/w/f . i also include in extra abbs.



Your results are fanstastic. 15 pounds wow!! This is atough diet and I am glad you have seen some good results. Hang in there, just a few more days left.


yup…im staying strong lol ive been dreaming about a nice salad with chicken breast all day today LOL…but my after workout Surge will take care of that…


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