Started the V-Diet


I am on Day three of the V-Diet right now. I am taking it with HOT-ROX because I really want/need to loose at least 20 pounds. i have noticed that my lips are always chapped and was wondering if this would change over time. I am drinking between 5-6 liters of water a day, between the shakes and other water.

The tough thing is that i work in an office full of food porn. at least my coworkers are supportive.


Never heard of chapped lips caused by the V-Diet, not in 7 years. I can’t say it’s related.


I got chapped lips on the V-Diet, but I also get them anytime I’m drinking a lot of protein shakes. Try not to lick your lips, clean them with a moistened napkin, and apply lip balm liberally.


Thanks for the reply. It might be the protein if that is what happened to you.

Don’t worry Chris I will Not be changing anything in the diet. 28 days as written.

I have thus far lost gone from 239 to 229 having started this week. Its tough but Worth it. I will get my measurements up for you soon.

5PM Saturday I get to eat my HSM. Porterhouse Steak and a Sweet Potato. My mouth waters Just thinking about it.