Started the V-Diet... Again


Today I just started the V-Diet. I did it last year (all the way through) and had amazing results. Last fall, I got combo’d with losing my job, vacationing in SE Asia, celebrating my 30th birthday in Vegas and spending Christmas at my families place… all in just 2 months. I ended up putting back on about half the weight I’d lost while on the diet.

So, I’m doing it again… going to keep it all off this time.

My girlfriend was going to do it with me as well, but after the first half day she said she couldn’t take it and quit… so now it’s just me.

But I’m resilient. =]


Well Done fella, I am doing it the 2nd time as well at the moment, but i finish in the next couple of days, but trust me it will be easier for this time,

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