Started My Real V-Diet 16 Apr 09

I completed the V-Diet in April of last year and to everyone that is going to begin listen to Chris when he states “pear-shaped bodies will end up looking like smaller pears” when it comes to the supplements that you use.

I used chain-store brand supplements and I did end up losing 20 pounds but all I did was shrink. Yes, my waist went down to 32 inches but my bench dropped to about 250 pounds, my squat went down, etc…

During phase 2 last time I decided to start (and later completed) SOB training and I lost another 10 pounds but was so weak that I didn’t get the results that I wanted.

Anyways… Here we go again. This time I’ve bought the recommended supplements and am following the training plan outlined.

Woke up, measured, weighed:
Height - 6 ft
Weight - 198 lbs
Neck - 15 in
Shoulders - 46 in
Upper Chest - 43 in
Lower Chest - 38.5 in
Waist at navel - 37 in (damn)
Waist at largest - 37 in
Hips - 36 in
Left Upper Arm - 14.5 in
Right Upper Arm - 14 in
Left Upper Leg - 23.5 in
Right Upper Leg - 24
Left Lower Leg - 15 in
Right Lower Leg - 15.5 in
Both Ankles - 9 in
Left Forearm - 12 in
Right Forearm - 12.5 in

I took each supplement/shake approx 4 hours apart and I liked them for the most part. The Chocolate shake doesn’t mix well but after putting it in a blender it was a lot better. The only thing I didn’t really like was the Superfood. It did taste like tea and I hate tea. But, that’s the way it goes, I’ll keep drinking it.

I did the workout today and that was hit and miss. I’m in the military and I have to participate in mandatory PT. Today’s PT was a 2 mile run with various calisthenics every 1/2 mile.

After PT I did the version 3 workout and it started great. Then I started the overhead squats. On squats I’ve started to go ass-to-grass but when I did this with a starter weight of 115 (I was a little concerned so I went light) I almost fell over. That one will take some practice.

Barbell Row - 135x5, 185x5, 185x5, 185x5
Overhead squat - 115x3, 65x5, 65x5, 65x5, 75x5 (I need to practice this)
Dips - 45 plate x 5, 45x5, 45x5, 45x5
Ab roller 4 sets of 5

I followed the rest periods for the first workout except for once during the barbell row. One of the guys at the gym wanted to talk about HSS-100 so I took an extra 30 seconds or so.

So, thats the beginning of round 2. This time I’ll follow it to the T and complete it once again. I’ll post my weights on M/W/F and measurements once a week, probably on Sundays. Pics are coming too.


Front shot… My wife was eating a cookie while taking the pic, nice woman.

Side shot
For some reason the pics aren’t showing up vertically

And back. I have no ass, thank God for belts.

Day 3

I had my shakes and supplements about 4 hours apart again and I was extremely hungry during lunch today but it went away after an hour or so. I did try something that I wouldn’t recommend. I don’t really like the taste of the Superfood so I tried a scoop straight up with a water chaser. Nope, won’t do that again.

After work we had mandatory PT again and once again we ran 2 miles… I know it’s not much but walking isn’t an option. I didn’t realize how much it affected me until I started my workout. My weights were down and the 45 seconds of recovery time flew by but, I made it.

Day 3 workout:
Pull Ups
Body Weight X 8, 5, 5, 4, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 3, 1

Incline DB Press
60x9, 60x9, 65x9, 65x8, 70x5
I am going to go up in this next time

Romanian Deadlifts
205x8, 205x8, 205x6, 205x5, 205x5, 205x5, 205x3

Barbell Curl
45x9, 65x9, 65x9, 65x7, 65x6
I kept it lighter so I wouldn’t cheat and it did make a difference

Leg Raise
9, 9, 9, 8

And I can’t forget yesterday. Yesterday I did my walk and my wife joined me. That actually helped out a lot and before we knew it we were out for almost an hour.


Day 5

Today I screwed up. I didn’t cheat but I screwed up. I had my first shake a little before 6 am and before I knew it I was at work, looked up, and it was noon. So, I pounded a shake knowing that I was late and since I was late I really felt it in the gym.

I ran out of steam early but I was able to finish the workout, and with only 30 seconds of rest time it was rough even though it was relatively short.

Here was todays workout:

Front Squat
135x5, 135x5, 135x5, 135x3, 135x2
I don’t feel too bad about this weight. When I was doing SOB training last May/July I was doing front squats of 160x10 for 3 sets but I wasn’t going ass-to-grass like I am now.

Close Grip Bench
155x5, 165x5, 165x5, 165x5, 165x5
This is where that missing shake kicked in and I was sweating my butt off and losing steam

Body Weightx5, BWx5, BWx3, BWx3, BWx3, BWx3

Barbell Push-Press
45x5, 65x5, 65x5, 65x5
I will start with 65 next time and hopefully won’t be out of steam.

So, that was day 5. Right now I’m sitting here drinking a shake while my wife and daughter eat chicken pizza.

Chicken pizza isn’t very healthy but to be honest that’s about the worst that we ever eat (OK, the 6 pack on the weekends is worse but of course beer is not an option right now). Dinner is normally Salmon or chicken with veggies but instead of eating a serving I normally end up eating four servings. Hopefully this time I’ll re-set myself to not over indulge.


Day 7 on the V-Diet

Here in about an hour I get my first HSM and I’m pretty excited. I’m going for some lean beef, veggies, and a salad. To drink I’ll just have water.

This weekend I’ve felt like crap (I just got over bronchitis about 2 weeks ago), I’ve had headaches, and even my daughter has been throwing up. But, the show must go on. I’ll post my Sat/Sun workouts later tonight.

As always I’ve been doing the shakes about every 4 hours or so and taking all of the other supplements along with it. And, since today is Sunday here are my week 1 results.

To be honest I feel like this might be too much for one week but since I don’t have a choice and have to participate in group calestenics and runs I’m open to suggestings and advice on how to work the workouts in on different days. As it stands right now on M/W/F I’m at the gym or running with the squadron for almost 3 hours.

Week 1 measurements:

Weight - 188 lbs (10 lbs lost)
Neck - 15 in (no loss)
Shoulders - stand by… The measurements were wrong
Upper Chest - 43.25 in (Up .25)
Lower Chest - 39 in (Up .5)
Waist at navel - 35.5 in (Down 1.5 in)
Waist at largest - 35.5 in (Down 1.5 in)
Hips - 36 in (no loss)
Left Upper Arm - 14…25 in (Down .25)
Right Upper Arm - 14 in (no change)
Left Upper Leg - 23 in (Down .5 in)
Right Upper Leg - 23 in (Down 1 in)
Left Lower Leg - 15 in (No change)
Right Lower Leg - 15.5 in (No change)
Both Ankles - 9 in (No change)
Left Forearm - 11.75 in (Down .25)
Right Forearm - 12 in (Down .5)

I tried to measure at the exact same spot again and went with the largest measurement that I could find for each body part.


Try as I may each time I modify the week 0 pics they keep reverting back to horizontal. Side by sides will be coming soon though.

All of the pics I’ll take will be in a relaxed position.

Side, day 7

I need to work on my posture too.

And back.

Today was much like any other day but I didn’t have to run so I had a little more energy to do my workout. I also did all my shakes and supplements 4 hours apart and am one shake away from finishing the day. Speaking of shakes, I should have ordered more strawberry rather than so much vanilla. Maybe I should mix it.

Barbell Row:
185x5, 185x5, 185x5, 185x3, 185x2

Overhead Squat:
75x5, 75x5, 75x5, 75x5
This got a little tricky towards the end and I really can’t get ass to grass yet like I really want to. I feel like I’m falling over when I get too far down and today I didn’t have access to a squat rack.

Weighted dips:
55x5, 55x5, 55x5, 55x5

Ab Wheel:
5, 3, 4, 3, 2, 2, 1
I extended further this time and it made a huge difference.

That’s it for today, I’ll keep it up and have more info on Wednesday.


Day 10

Well, remember when I stated that I was going to follow the V-Diet to a T? Dang… As always I’ve done the shakes and supplements each 4 hours and still have to do my bedtime shake but the workout didn’t go as planned.

Today for our mandatory PT the warm up started normal, just light running, and then it became something different from anything I’ve ever done. To me it felt like I was back in high school doing drills for basketball conditioning. During our running we were doing high knee runs, butt kicks, sprints, side hops, etc… Between each type of run we did some form of crunches or pushups and in total we ended up doing 12 different types of crunches and 4 different types of push ups. Some folks thought it was a version of the P90X, which I know nothing about, and I really don’t know what the heck it was.

Long story short… My hips are freaking killing me and I’m worn out from the cardio. LIke I said, it’s mandatory.

I’m now really looking forward to Fridays workout and next week I’ll be working in California and I will have access to the gym and will not have to participate in mandatory PT. So, long story short, next week will be much better.

I’ll let you all know what happens Friday.


You’re working really hard. I cant imagine doing all that cardio on this thing. I think it’s impressive! However…

Maybe you should put this mandatory cardio/calisthenics to the Ask Chris thread if you haven’t already? I remember seeing somebody else asking about it since he had to do some mandatory stuff like this and Chris gave him an individualized answer due to his situation. Wouldn’t hurt to ask and see if there’s some tweaking you need to do to accommodate all that cardio?

Anyway, great job getting started the right way this time with the right supplements and great job so far overall in the past losing the fat.

Thanks for the words of encouragement.

I didn’t post Friday or at all this weekend, I’m getting ready for a trip to California to pick up some equipment. Pics will be coming…

I did do a quick weigh in this morning and did 2 measurements.

Weight 189… I gained 1 pound…
Waist at navel = 34.5 (down 1 inch)
Waist at largest = 34.5 (down 1 inch)

One of my computers is acting up so I can’t take the laptop with me since my wife is in school. Trust me though, I’m taking all of my supplements and will hit whatever gym the hotel has. I return next Sunday and will post for the week.


I’ve spent the last 2 weeks working 12-15 hours a day with one of those weeks in California picking up equipment and the last week in the field. When in the field I couldn’t go to the gym and does anyone have any idea how hard it is to do only protein shakes when all we are supposed to eat are MRE’s? Anyways… The first week I failed miserably (but I did get to lift) and the 2nd week went OK until I didn’t have any of my protein shakers with me… MRE’s it was… Only roughly 1500 calories each but we burn a lot out there.

Anyways, tomorrow is another day and I’ll be the gym at 6am starting over with what I have on hand. Oh, and still at 189 lbs and my waist this morning was 35 inches.


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