Started 6/13/09 : Velocity Diet Girl

I started the Velocity Diet Saturday June 13th. I made a blogger page for my progress at:

I will update my forum here later today with my workout logs :smiley:

I was having a hard time figuring out the forums here even though it’s pretty simple. I can organize it better on blogspot.

So here is my starting stats using fabric tape measure:

Date 06/13/09
Height 65 inches
Weight 146.70
Neck 12.50
Shoulders 0.00
Chest- Upper 38.75
Chest- Lower 30.50
Waist - Naval 30.75
Waist - Largest 35.75
Hips- Largest 35.75
L- Upper Arm 11.25
R- Upper Arm 11.25
L- Upper Leg 23.40
R- Upper Leg 23.50
L- Lower Leg 14.66
R- Lower Leg 14.50
L- Ankle 8.50
R- Ankle 8.50

man I even posted my pics… maybe when I finish I will show my face LOLOL

YAY I knew my waist looked and felt smaller!

Date 06/21/09
Height 65 inches
Weight 141.2
Neck 12.50
Shoulders 0.00
Chest- Upper 37.50
Chest- Lower 30.25 ( -0.25)
Waist - Naval 30.25 ( -0.50)
Waist - Largest 34.00 ( -1.75)
Hips- Largest 35.00 ( -0.75)
L- Upper Arm 11.25
R- Upper Arm 11.25
L- Upper Leg 23.00 ( -0.50)
R- Upper Leg 23.10 ( -0.50)
L- Lower Leg 14.50
R- Lower Leg 14.25
L- Ankle 8.50
R- Ankle 8.25

Workout #5 06/21/09
Front Squat - 90 lb bb
7 x 6 x 4 x 4 = 21
Lat Pulldown - 75 lbs
5 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 3
Dumbell BenchPRess - 30lb db’s (do you log this as 30 or 60?)
6 x 5 x 4 x 4 x 2
Ab-Wheel Rollout with barbell (I ordered one today LOL they are SO CHEAP!)

Workout #4 06/20/2009
29 minutes! I was really hoping to hit under 30 and my last circuit almost made me puke ! That is a pretty good challenge. Balance on those reverse lunge twists sure came into to play near the end and had to slow down a bit.

Workout #3 06/18/2009
I CAN"T FIND MY PAPER LOG!!! Hopefully I can update this when I find it…

Workout #2 06/16/2009

  1. Reverse Lunge - 30lb dumbells
    10 x 7 x 7 x 6 x 4 = 41
  2. Bent-OverRow - 75 lb barbell
    9 x 9 x 9 x 6 x 6 x 5 = 44
  3. Push Press - 45 lb barbell
    10 x 8 x 9 x 8 x 7 x 7 = 49 {note to self: UP THE WEIGHT!!}
  4. Barbell Curl - 45 lb barbell
    9 x 8 x 7 x 8 x 7 x 5 = 44
  5. Reverse Crunch

Keep up the good work,you’re obviously getting some good results already so just keep on going


I feel waaay better today. I;m glad I took measurements that day because I looked at them a few times yesterday during a not so good day.
I am really excited to keep going now! 10 days today and I have been adhering to the plan!

This is not only great for my body for my mind as well. Actually the changes in my brain are what I love so much about the velocity diet right now. I just can’t believe how diminished my cravings are!

I love the HSM but when it comes, it comes. I am not even really craving that! I am a former binge eater. I would eat good till about 8pm then chow down. I would workout like crzy to maintain my 155 lbs. I did the FLTS then this and this is so key to rapid changes in yourself and your body!!

female topic listed below (probably skip if your a guy unless looking for info for a chick)
I cannot believe I didn’t have issues on the time of the month! That is NOT like me at all. Normally when i am hormonal , I get up in the middle of the night and chow salt, chocolate, and cheese. I didn’t’ even crave it! ( I did crave the peanut butter and that was some discipline not to eat over my limit in my shake)
I did have all chocolate and banana MD though :smiley: Sooo tasty. Definitely my favorites.
I had some low energy and lightheadedness and took it easy. I took off the NEPA for my most hormonal day. Back to normal today and feel great. I am really glad I did not give in to those cravings and I can’t wait to take new pics to compare. I can tell in my clothes for sure!

congrats!!! hormones suck!!!

cant wait to see your results!

I CANNOT wait till my HSM tomorrow :smiley:
I have been so hungry since day 10.
I think because I had been working with some 3 year olds and boy they sure get your metabolism up at times …
I have been strictly following the V-Diet too with my NEPA and shakes. Had a great workout yesterday and look forward to beating my times on my V-Burn Challenge!
Goin strong still.

Nearing end of week 2!

Definitely think this was the hardest week. I had an easier time the first week due to excitement of doing something about my fat loss.

…this week I really have to take a few minutes throughout the day to refocus my motivations and just do it.
Heard a lot of
"if your taking in healthy solid food everyday , you can’t be healthy"

BS! That is why they are still struggling everyday to lose those 5 lbs and I did it already ! I think my nutrition is better then most people who are negative towards me on this diet anyways. How is eating French Fries and a hamburger better than my flax, pb and Metabolic Drive?

I reread Chris’s article on Toxic People in the tips section many times.

So my husband and I are going out for my HSM today :smiley:
(after I do the V Burn Challenge of course)

I am trying to find restaurants nutritional info in our area. I know that and dailyplate list them but I find it easier to just get a copy of the menu and bring it with me :smiley:
Planning is wonderful!

I found on the Outback Steakhouse’s website, they have low carb, high protein ideas!! I LOVE THIS! Just for their website, I am going to eat here. Plus it tastes good and they have a smaller steak since my appetite is smaller…

I am also finding if you ask about diabetic options rather than nutritional info, they are WAAAAAAYYYY more accomidating. I don’t know why people who want to know what they are eating are treated like crap unless there is a health condition.
I mean seriously that is why America is so damn obese in the first place. Crazy values… I could rant and post for days on this.

Funny how acceptable it is to be diabetic (I am not btw-- just looking for sugar and carb info in food) and NOT acceptable to be healthy and ask what nutritional info is in food prepared by a restaurant.

yay for HSM and gonna go kick ass on my challenge! Beat last weeks 29 minutes! GO ME!

Workout #6 06/23/2009

  1. Reverse Lunge - 30lb dumbells
    8 x 8 x 8 x 6 x 5 x 5 = 40
  2. Bent-OverRow - 80 lb barbell
    8 x 7 x 6 x 6 x 6 x 4 x 4 = 41
  3. Push Press - 50 lb barbell (up weight still)
    9 x 9 x 7 x 7 x 6 x 5 = 43
  4. Barbell Curl - 50 lb barbell
    8 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 3 = 42
  5. Reverse Crunch

Workout #7 (I always lose my deadlift one! I must put it somewhere in my gym when I am done!)

Workout #8: 06/27/2009
25 minutes!!!YAY! shaved off 4 minutes!

I am going to do measurements update tomorrow morning. I forgot the last 2 days…

OK so I measured anyways. This was after my first shake of the day and I ate my HSM last night.
I hope it is readable. I have an excel spreadsheet I am using!

I was getting down because I only lost 1 pound since last week then I took measurements! HOLY SH(#! I lost a total of 12.11 inches so far in 15 days without any strength sacrifice!

My husband was gone for the last 2 weeks and when he saw me not only was it totally awesome night but he asked for all the info on the V-Diet too! We both were those train like crazies but we only ate clean about 60% of the time and now we are gonna get ripped together!!! YAY! I am elated and my post is probably all jacked but now I have inspired someone else and my hard discipline is totally paying off.


Date 06/28/09 6/13-6/28
Weight 140.60 6.10
Neck 12.25 0.25
Shoulders 0.00
Chest - U 36.50 2.25
Chest - L 29.50 1.00
Waist Naval 29.75 1.00
Waist - Lgst 32.75 3.00
Hips - Lgst 34.25 1.50
L - Upper Arm 11.00 0.25
R- Upper Arm 11.00 0.25
L- Upper Leg 23.00 0.40
R- Upper Leg 23.00 0.50
L- Lower Leg 14.25 0.41
R- Lower Leg 13.75 0.75
L- Ankle 8.25 0.25
R- Ankle 8.20 0.30

total inches lost 12.11

Fantastic work,you must feel great and so proud.Keep going and we might see your face!!!

Day17 pics! WOW! I can’t even believe my pooch! Very motivating. I have a long holiday weekend with TOXIC PEOPLE! At least my HSM is on July 4th. If it wasn’t though, I would not stray-- This is totally working.

OMG!!! I am so motivated by your thread I can’t believe you lost 12+ inches only halfway through! I’m so glad I got all the supps instead of half-assing it like I did last year

I start tomorrow, my goal weight is 140 (i’m 157 now) by August 20 when I go to VEGAS yay


You look awesome - congrats on sticking to the program.

Today is 10 days for me and I am so impressed at my energy level and how fit, strong and toned I am getting. This is one of the best programs for reprogramming the mind about foods and taste buds.

Keep going,your results are awe inspiring.brilliant.

I was listening to a podcast FitMind, FitBody by Yuri Elkaim (epsiode #10) about reasons why you are doing this. Piggy back that with all of Chris Shugarts great articles and I felt like I needed to really write down my reasons why. I should have done this on day 1 but now it a good a time as any.

Sticking with the plan through transistion is harder because now I have choices of what to do. It is great but again at the same time I am missing the routine and ease of just making a shake. So to keep motivated and not totally binge on crap I keep this list in my pocket. Sounds kinda nerdy but hey it is working great!

  • I will get to goal of 135lbs and I can do it!
  • I will look like I should. I train a lot and it doesn’t show because of my diet.
  • I will get more out of my training
  • Regular bowel , most don’t like to discus this but the Vdiet totally made me regular.
  • I will accomplish something hard
  • I will prove to myself I AM SELF-DISCIPLINED
  • I will feel lighter when I run
  • I will fit in my hot jeans
  • I will not have to train 2 or more hours a day to make up for my shi&#Ty diet
  • I will have more time for other hobbies, tasks, family and friends
  • I will not be controlled by dieting and losing weight anymore!
    -I will get in there, lose the fat and get out and MAINTAIN!

well that is my short motivation list keeping me on track. I want to do it again in about 4 more weeks so I can lose the last 5. So far I gained only 2 lbs back (probably water ) but doing great and can’t say enough for the feeling of accomlishment.

If you have it in you, I highly recommend this , not only as a diet but a psychological change about weight loss in general. You don’t have to struggle for years (just 28 days ;o)

That last post is very inspiring.Where did you find the fitmind,fitbody???I think i’ll do the same with a list

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