Started 5 Days Ago, Quick Questions

Hi I started 5 days ago, I have some quick questions and below is my stuff i’ll post pictures when i hit the two week mark.

Question 1: The Hot-Rox is so hard on my body but i prefer to work out in the morning and if i take it after midday i won’t sleep because i’m super sensitive to stimulants. People keep saying take with food or on a full stomach (i haven’t yet) but what can i eat or take it with so i don’t ruin the V-Diet?

Question 2: I get shin splints if i’m not having alot of calcium can i use calcium supplements and if so when is the best time of the day to take them because their uptake is better with food.

Question 3: Why decline neutral grip dumbell press? (i like it because its different i almost never do decline) but what is this hitting? and should i be tucking my elbow when i press or is it a neutral grip with chicken wings?

Thanks for the speedy responses guys.

Velocity Diet Blog and Measurements

Info: ex-combat solider, l4-l5 spondy, recovering from inguinal hernia, run for an hr 3x a week,

I run 3x a week on non workout days, because I have to maintain a degree of running cardiovascular fitness just to maintain my bone strength.

Day 1: Measurements:

Weight 79.5
Height: 5â?? 9â??
Neck: 16.5 inch
Shoulders: 46.5
Chest upper: 41
Chest lower:38.5
Waist at navel: 36.5
Waist at largest: 37.5
Hips at largest (pubic line): 37
Upper arm L: 15.5
Upper arm R: 15.75
Upper leg l: 23.5
Upper leg r: 24
Ankle L: 8.5
Ankle r: 8.5

A sentence or two, worth of thoughts:
Pre-day: Ate my 3 favorite foods so I wouldnâ??t crave them
Day 1: This stuff tastes so shit compared to gold standard. Surge tastes like chemicals. I hope my taste buds acclimatize. Hot-Rox took 1 tablet 30 mins before workout (felt like I was on cocaine during my workout I have never sweated like that before, but man I worked out at 100% maximum)

Day 2: Hot-Rod felt bit better, everything still tastes horrible, annoyed that flaxseeds donâ??t come micronized.

Day 3: Took 1 Hot-Rox in morning before workout, (dry retched\vomiting water) at gym in the bathroom. The Hot-Rox was just way to extreme for me my body isnâ??t used to it but the energy is amazing and I was working hard. HSM today

Day 4: Took 1 Hot-Rox in morning, did the circuit took me awhile 20mins + -, largely because I had extremely sore muscles from previous day.

Day 5: Feeling very weak today and ill, not really sure why just feeling lightheaded almost. I took Hot-Rox 1 pill with lunch shake, it was much better tolerated later in the day. Otherwise i’ve moved from chocolate to strawberry, SOOOO MUCH tastier!

  1. One of of your Metabolic Drive shakes. You should never train in a fasted state anyway.

  2. That’s fine. Take with a shake. Time of day doesn’t matter with calcium.

  3. I didn’t write the training program, Coach Waterbury did. There should be a video of the movement in the V-Diet section.

Thanks for such a fast response.
I should correct myself i take HOT-ROX with a shake, Its still very hard on me. It feels like when i’m an exercise into the routine i’m bringing up this intensely sweet liquid.

Thanks again

I spoke too soon, body was awesome on HOT-ROX 1 tablet today. Think my body is getting used to it now

I was just about to suggest using only one capsule and working your way up (if needed). Glad to hear it’s working out for you!

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