Started 4/11/2011


Just started today! I took my HOT-ROX and went for a 35-minute walk first thing this morning. Usually, I run, but I am sticking with the V-Diet training plan.

My first shake this morning was HUGE! I mixed in my Ninja blender with ice, and it made a huge amount! My husband asked, “You have to drink all of that in one sitting?” I guess the ice really added to it.

Anyway, I am sticking with all chocolate shakes today. Tomorrow, I will branch out into the other flavors. I have mostly chocolate, but I also have one can of strawberry and one can of banana, plus a couple vanilla.


Welcome! I’m a runner too (or I was before starting this). Will definitely miss it, but we’ll just enjoy it all that much more when we get back to it, right?

The shakes ARE huge! Usually takes me about an hour to sip it down. Chocolate is my favorite; wish I had ordered more of it.

Anyway, glad to see on you on board and look forward to reading about your experience.


Awesome! Keep us posted, and if you have any questions for me, be sure to post them in the <a href=""target=“new”>Ask Chris forum.


I too was surprised how large the shakes are. My first day, I planned to make mine in my Magic Bullet and once I started putting everything in it, I quickly realized there was no way it would fit. So my large blender has become a permanent fixture on our counter while I am doing this program. :slight_smile:

Best wishes to you as you start this program. It is awesome!


Thanks for the encouragement! The second shake was, of course, much smaller since I used my Blender Bottle at work. My fourth shake will also have to be shaken instead of blended because I will still be at work and don’t have access to a blender. But it’s all good. Not hungry now and even had to resist some ckae that someone put in the teachers’ workroom!

Just another hour until my next shake, but I will be busy grading papers, so that will occupy me.


Day one down, and ready for day two! The last shake was really big as well last night. I wish I could have blended my 4th shake yesterday–that makes a big difference. I am going to try the strawberry today. For my last shake yesterday, I used a scoop of vanilla and a scoop of banana, and that was good.

I think I need to lift heavier with my workouts. I am doing the advanced training workouts, and yesterday’s wasn’t really difficult. We will see how tomorrow goes. I got up and walked again this morning.

I did get a little hungry yesterday afternoon, but I drank some water and chewed a couple of Fiber Choice tablets. Those things are pretty good! I do miss solid food. I made my daughter the really awesome looking pasta for supper, but I couldn’t have/taste any. :frowning:

Gotta make my shake now!


Good for you. Keep going. I promise the reward is worth the sacrifice. I can relate to making food for the kids. I have had to do it too and it is hard to not eat any. Keep us posted on your progress.


I can only imagine how much more difficult it must be to be around/prepare food for others! I’m pretty solitary so I can avoid it, thank goodness. Even seeing housemates eat or smelling it in the house is difficult enough. I admire the resolve of people like you!

Good job so far. First week seemed a lot longer than the second week to me.


I cooked again last night! Tried some new recipes that I really wanted to taste myself.

Does anybody else feel a little sick to their stomach after drinking the morning shake and the last shake? There is so much that I get a little nauseous. Maybe I am using too much ice or something. I can barely finish it.

Two days down! But no Pizza Hut tonight. :frowning: Tonight is Wild Wing Wednesday, and my husband and daughter and I always go. I always just eat salad and no wings or pizza, but I am going to skip it tonight and wait until this weekend for an HSM.

Looking forward to the workout this evening. I like trying something new in the gym. It’s easy to get into a rut. I always chnage my workouts every 4-6 weeks anyway.


How fast are you drinking the shakes? The ones that call for 16 oz of water I can’t drink quickly…can take over an hour. I just sip it slowly.


I don’t drink them too fast. It’s just the larger ones–the ones during the day are fine.


Bleah. I had an endoscopy today, so I haven’t had my first shake yet. Still sluggish from the anesthesia. I am about to get up and make my shake. This is going to throw off my shake schedule today!


Okay, I am only 4 days in, and I am getting tired of shakes! I’m not hungry and not really craving solid food much, but sometimes I can’t face the thought of another shake! Any advice?


Ha, well, it’s a liquid diet so…yeah, this is it, lol. It sure ain’t fine dining. You can try mixing up the flavors, combining them, adding coffee, making them more/less watery, icy, etc.


Yeah, I have all that except the coffee! Sure am going to enjoy an HSM when I have one. Trying to wait until Saturday.