Started 11/25

Forgot to start a new topic yesterday. My buddy and I are doing the diet together. I started on 11/25 and he’s starting today 11/26. We’re both just doing it for aesthetic reasons. Mostly just trying to lower our body fat percentages after three months of bulking.

My experience yesterday was that it was pretty easy. Not really feeling any hunger pains. The only problem I had were headaches throughout the day which I am guessing is because of a lack of carbs? I haven’t done a workout yet. I figured I would wait for my buddy to start today.

As far as the supplements the superfood tastes pretty gross. But I’m thinking the key is going to be looking forward to the peanut butter and chocolate shake and night. It really tastes like a peanut butter cup.

Going to try and take some pictures tonight to post some before pics.

Day 2 went fine. Didn’t really time my shakes out very well. Went 5 hours between breakfast and lunch. Got the first workout in. it was a little easier than what I have been doing but had a really bad time with cramps in my legs when I was pushing with them during bench. The only explanation I can think of is a lack of electrolytes because I drank 3 liters of water not counting what is in the shakes. Hopefully I’ll time out my shakes better tomorrow.

Keep it going man. And don’t forget to post some pictures!

Day 3 was fine no problems at all. Day 4 was a different story. Had my 2nd workout and didn’t go well at all. I have lost a lot of strength. I thought it might have just been a bad first workout but I think that’s just how it’s going to be on this program. I wasn’t expecting to keep all my strength but my bench has dropped from a solid 225 for 4x5 to barely able to finish 185 for 4x5. I don’t know if this is normal for others on the diet or not. Kind of nervous to see what my deadlifts will be on Friday. Have been able to do 405 easy for a few singles over the last couple weeks so I want to see what its dropped down to.

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