Started 1/7/16

I started VDiet on the 7th and things have been going well. 17 days in I have lost about 9.5-10 lbs and my lifts have gone up in strength so I am not losing muscle and might even be gaining some.

As far as the diet goes I am doing all the supplements on the list. In addition to the list I take ZMA and on training days I take 2 HOT-ROX and on non-training days I take 1.
My HSM’s have been either turkey and brussel sprouts, turkey and broccoli, turkey and broccoli and some sweet potato, or salmon and broccoli. I use several different spices but mostly salt, pepper, cayenne, garlic, and some ghost pepper salsa that has 1 carb/serving.

I drink a ton of water, sometimes Gatorade Propels, and occasionally water with lime in it.

The workouts are going well. First few were kind of weak sauce because I really didnt understand the rep scheme. I re-read the manual and then read the article on that rep scheme on T-Nation and it clicked so the last 4 workouts have been great.

My NEPA walks are the one place I am failing for the most part. I have only gotten the walk in 1/2 of the days. I think I fixed that today by finally getting my treadmill out of storage and making room for it. Now I cant really NOT walk. Rain, snow, sun I should be getting more movement in. Also looking at changing my gym membership so that I have access to another gym in the same chain that has a basketball court. I can play ball for days (doesn’t mean I am good just that I enjoy it).

I have not had any real energy problems with the food. Of course part of that is due to HOT-ROX but part is due to mentally accepting that I am on a diet so sometimes I will be hungry and stuff.

I started the diet at 315lbs and fully expect to get to under 295 by the time I am done. My post-diet plan is to then take 2-weeks “off” where I eat 2 HSM’s per day and potentially one cheat meal per week and then do another full round of the Velocity Diet.

My goal weight this year is 220-230. I did the Bod-Pod in December and it says I have 197lbs of lean body mass so if I can keep most of that or even add to it I think I would look somewhere between good and awesome in the 220-230 range. Of course if need be I will try and lose more but I really have no desire, or need, to be above 240 ever again. But that is all still a ways off.

Good luck to everyone else that is doing this or any other goals.

I have seen some people ask about the Plazma servings. The package says 20 servings but the meal plan says to take 2 servings on training days. Since we have 12 training days that of course would mean we need 24 servings. Not exactly rocket science but either buy some more Plazma OR take slightly less than 1 scoop per serving and extend your supply an extra 2 training days.

Just realized I never put anything about my size except for my weight. I am 6’-2" and wear a 48-50 suit so I have a good sized frame but seeing as how I am over 3 bucks it is overloaded with fat.

I see a lot of people putting out fairly elaborate HSM meals. My meals have been ridiculous simple.

I take broccoli, brussel sprouts, or asparagus and throw it in a pan with some olive oil and then dump some salt/pepper/cayenne on it and put the lid on for a few minutes. On training days, I eat after my workout, my plate is really high and on non training days my plate is not very high.

For protein I either heat up the pre-cooked turkey breast thing you can get at Costco, I weighed out how big a piece I can have, or I cook a piece of wild salmon that was pre-vacuum packed and is also from Costco. Again I use salt, pepper, cayenne, and sometimes some garlic powder.

The other day I bought some sweet potatoes so the past few meals I also take 1/2 of one, slice that up, and put it in the pan first with…some salt and pepper before dumping in my greens.

Aside from that I drink water like Bloomberg is trying to ban it.

My shopping list is stupid simple and cooking takes a whopping 10 minutes or so. Also it is yummy so there’s that. I will try and take some pics here in the next few days.

If you go through Velocity Diet two times and don’t break down and attack a buffet of any kind, or rob a Dairy Queen, or anything like that… I will post a picture of me bowing down to you.

Good luck. Godspeed. You’re a madman.

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Im down 17-18lbs so far with a few days to go. Hopefully I break 20lbs but really I would have considered anything over 15lbs a success.

On Saturday I am having a cheat day, works great cause I have a bunch of friends coming into town, and then I am going back on the V-Diet. I figure why mess with something that is working.

My pictures so far do not look drastically different but there is some improvement. BTW this does not mean anything is wrong with the diet but that I started out as such a fatass that 15-20lbs is only a start. I mean 315 down to 295~ is a great jump in a month but I’m still way fat.

But the next 15-20lbs will be awesome. Not just from a health/fitness standpoint but I have pictures of me back in the 280 range and that visual is quite a bit different. Also I suspect the weight will start coming off even easier for a while as my metabolism should be changing a fair amount by now. I need to get in for some blood tests but with this diet I can basically guarantee that my insulin resistance is improving and all the goodness that comes with that.

Finally, at least for now, while I have lost over 15lbs so far I KNOW that I have gained some muscle. I have been a regular gym goer, sadly not to be confused with hardcore workouter, for a long time and really know where I stand on bench and lat pulldowns (I am fat so I can only do 1-2 pullups) and both of those lifts have improved noticeably. On a normal person losing 10lbs of fat and gaining 10lbs of muscle is a game changer on both a fitness AND a visual basis. In my case I still am packing too much for my visual to be overly noticeable but my metabolism almost has to be improving and my next 20lbs will be a lot more noticeable than my current 20lbs loss.

IDK I am happy, the V-Diet isnt really that hard to stick to cause its so structured, and for 3-400/month its only slightly more expensive than me eating crap the whole time but vastly better for me on a health, fitness, and attractiveness basis.

BTW-Banana’s Foster protein shake-take your 2-scoops of banana metabolic drive, add in a spoon or two of cinnamon, half a spoon of vanilla extract, water, and shake it and drink it.

So far the Velocity Diet has not been that hard for me. The workouts are hard enough and all but the day to day eating has not been much of a problem. I’ve had the occasional craving and things but nothing that half a gallon of water and a piece of gum haven’t been able to satisfy…enough.

I am fairly confident than the main reason is the highly regimented nature of the diet. shake, shake, shake, meat and vegetables, shake does not exactly give me much leeway. Not having a decision makes things a LOT easier to follow.

Coincidentally while on the diet I ran across the book “The Power of Habit” by Duhigg and everyone that is on this diet, at least the fat ones, absolutely HAVE TO READ IT. Its a useful book on many levels whether the individual, organizational, food, work, etc. But for me the best part was learning some of the better ways to break down why I do some of the things I do. I knew coming in that a big part of my eating is social, another part is to fill time, and yet another is that I dont really have a bottom in my pit of a stomach and never have.

Breaking it down however I am fairly confident that my main source of excess calories has been the part where I fill time. If I am bored I eat food, if I am busy I snack on food, if I feel like leaving my house I go get more food, etc. I can fit food into anything.

So now while still on the diet I am working on figuring out how to make sure that I recognize the triggers and then replace it with something else that is not eating food. So far I have been calling friends and business associates more often, going to the library, and if I cant leave my house (I work from home) I go do 20-50 kettlebell swings. Basically when I see my bad habit being triggered I am replacing it with a good habit.

IDK just more stuff to think about as you are dieting so that long term you have successful habits.

Great progress! Keep it up and keep us posted.

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So I lost 17lbs of fat and gained some muscle and lost 2.5 inches off my waist. For me anything 15+ was going to be a real win and am going right back on the diet next week. So I get a day or two of “cheat” but really I just need some leeway because I will be traveling and doing some stuff that wont let me workout.

I started at 315 and am now solidly under 300. My goal is 220-230 and plan to get there 15-20lbs a month and then transition to the “diet for athletes” thing. Basically HSM’s for most meals, protein and workout drinks, and then some other stuff with the occasional (think Thanksgiving/Christmas) bad meals. but really I am hoping to always eat healthy. We will see. I am 1 month into this thing and have a long ways to go.

Thank you Biotest. While I of course could have done it without you, you sure as hell made it 10000x easier and simpler and probably saved me a lot of trial and error and money. I will keep updating this as I go.

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