Start of Velocity Diet

Hello everyone,
I have decided to post my progress with the velocity diet definitely for support and possibly to inspire another. I actually started Monday 8-31-09 yet was unsure if I was going to go
public with it. I felt I needed the accountability and support to complete the program.

Here are my measurements…
Height 5’10’
Weight 241
Neck 17
Shoulders 51
Chest - upper 45.5
Chest - lower 42
Waist - at Navel 41
Waist - at largest 42
Hips - 47
Upper Arm - L 16.5
Upper Arm - R 17
Upper Leg - L 29
Upper Leg - R 29.5
Lower Leg - L 17
Lower Leg - R 17
Ankle - L 11
Ankle - R 10.5

So I’m on Day 4 and hears a quick synopsis to get you to where I’m at currently

Day 1 Workout kicked my butt, I thought it would be easy but I vomitted immediately afterward felt much better though. Followed diet with appropriate supplements

Day 2 pretty much like Day 1 except my bowel movements are barely nonexistent…and the smell
is horrible!!

Day 3 Got through the Workout fine except bowel movements more frequent and definitely quite different than before. Had trouble sleeping so popped some ZMA and slept well. I think that’s what I’ll start taking to help me sleep better

Day 4 (today) started this morning very tired and nauseous, went for my NEPA walk and stayed about the same. I’m sure my body is just adjusting to the change…anyway i’ll update later

The extra supplements I’m taking are ZMA - Biotest Creatine - HOT-ROX - TRIBEX

Being someone who played college sports and a brief stink professionally in the past I just ate what I wanted and never had any consequences until about 7 yrs ago and really got bad 4 yrs ago when I went from 210 to 250. My weight has fluctuated between 240-250 since about mid 2006.

I’ve never had much discipline when it came to eating, and a lot of other things as well looking back realizing that the lack of discipline carried over to other aspects of my life. So this is more than just a challenge and discipline of diet and losing fat. I feel that this has more of a deeper meaning for myself.

Anyway just wanted to give everyone a little background. And please help keep me strong as I will do the same, as we’re all shooting for the same goal…a better physique and overall healthier lifestyle.

Kick this diet’s shit, man. Come up with a plan for your weekend–something to fill the time you would have spent at the grocery or going out to dinner. Keeping busy makes it more difficult to eat.

Welcome aboard!!

You look mean/muscly! :wink: This diet should do wonders.

And you are right… your body is adjusting to all of this.

Good luck!

Hey, i started the V-Diet the same day as you, though i havent had many side effects (ex: with bale-movements, sleeping, etc). Anyway, i just wanted to drop in and give you some support because were all going to need it! So keep strong and possitive and remember its only 28 days…well 24 now!

Good luck


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